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Apple Corporation - Essay Example

“Apple Corporation is a pioneer in the field of consumer electronics. With their innovative designs, Apple products have been setting new standards to which other technology is compared. In 2007, Apple revealed the iPod, changing the face of touch screen technology. ” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”) Technology that Steve certainly did pioneer was “Siri”, Apple’s speech recognition. Siri isn’t like any traditional voice recognition software that requires the user to remember key words and speak specific commands. Siri understands the user’s natural speech, and asks questions if it needs more information to complete tasks.

Rival companies tried using speech recognition technology in the past but failed miserably due to all its flaws. On the other hand going from Apple’s track record they never release anything until its perfect which is what they did with Siri. It set standards that opposing companies could never match leaving Apple on its own road to success. Another of Apple’s great technological advancements is their retina display, something never created by any company before, an advancement in technology that completely changed the way a display screens are portrayed now a days.

“Apple’s Retina Display, however, changed the mobile phone industry forever. It did so by using a distinctive combination of three features, never tried before. High resolution and high pixel density and special liquid-crystal display technology which greatly enhanced both its on and off-axis image quality. ” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”) Apple has changed the face of our everyday technology creating ground breaking progress that many other companies cannot match up too, leaving the competition stranded to create mock-up products to seem equivalent to Apple’s standards.

They use this upper hand in order to perfect their technology to reach goals of success and build revolutionary products surpassing everyone expectations creating immense consumer demand. Apple creates its demand by building products never seen before filled with technology and intricate features that always improve every so often making the product that much better, and unique to many individuals. Changes from the inside and out are what people want in Apple products, and that is what they get.

Apple is known for its continuous release of new products without major notice to the public, which makes it unpredictable to the consumer to have their latest product. Although that doesn’t stop them from buying them, the demand that exists when a new product comes out is enormous. A prime example of demand would be from the release of the iPhone 5 that came out recently. “Apple said demand for new the iPhone 5 set a record and has already surpassed its initial supply, with some customers who pre-ordered the device now having to wait until October to get their hands on the slimmer, lighter new smartphone.

” (Guglielmo, “Apple Says iPhone 5 Demand Outstrips Supply As Pre-Orders ‘Shatter’ Previous Record”) Having the latest most intricate product developed with cutting-edge technology and features are the base of Apple’s motives, something many companies can never really achieve successfully, it simply comes naturally to Apple giving them more opportunity for sales. “The Apple iPad 2 represents a significant upgrade to the original iPad in terms of pure processing power, with a dual-core A5 chip reported to be as twice as fast.

The iPad 2 also includes an enhanced graphics processor and both front-facing and back-facing cameras. ” (Ehrett, “Apple’s Impact on Technology”). A lighter, thinner, new design and a sharp look is always the heart of Apple’s new launch process to catch the consumer’s eye. The public strives on a completely new, sharper, crisp, clean look to be satisfied and mainly a surprise to get then all wired up. It’s something Steve had been able to master in order to achieve such massive demand leading him to the top. “Distinctive design—clean and friendly and fun—would become the hallmark of Apple products under Jobs.

In an era not known for great industrial designers, Jobs’ partnerships with Hartmut Esslinger in the 1980s and then with Jony Ive starting in 1997 created an engineering and design aesthetic that set Apple apart from other technology companies and ultimately helped make it the most valuable company in the world. ” (Ehrett, “Apple’s Impact on Technology”) Changes done from the inside and out of Apple’s products are a constant fight against opposing companies in order to benefit the demand received, but without doubt they continuously manage to keep their position as one of the best in the industry.

They relentlessly continue to impress and surprise their buyers with new products never thought possible giving them the demand they desire. Apple being a multi-billion dollar company would without doubt be considered successful. Apple has not only developed products in constant demand but they have reached levels of success never heard upon any company in such a short amount of time, they have gone beyond the point of excellence in their field and continue to impress the world with what they radiate every single day. Having a product is one thing, and knowing how to sell it is another.

No surprise Apple has mastered marketing to an art form; they know how to captivate the public’s attention with ease and influence them to buy their product without them knowing it. They talk very highly about the product but keep it to a minimal letting the user go out and buy the merchandise, allowing them to explore and discover things they feel they were missing out on according to the rumours Apple were spreading. “Much has been said about the marketing tactics they used in introducing the iPad, the MacBook Air, and the iPhone.

The common thread we hear is that it is a masterful combination of hype, sagacious timing, exclusive “sneak” previews, and extremely effective presentations that give these products such successful launch. ” (Chene, “Apple’s Incredible Efficient Growth”) Other than those marketing techniques, Apple has many other secrets to their madness they do not discuss in order to keep private from opposing rivalry. Steve Jobs has conquered and mastered how to run a very efficient and productive company due to the selected staff and knowledge of his brand.

He had to learn how to fight those who bring a negative side to his company and turn it positive, not show any blemishes behind his brand and stand tall as he succeeds in the eye of the public. “Ignore your critics; turn the ordinary into something beautiful, justify your price, communicate in the language of your audience, extend the experience, build a tribe, Become “The Name”. ” (Chene, “Apple’s Incredible Efficient Growth”). Insofar as Steve grasped his brand and made it what it is today, the heart of the company runs on the motto of a user-friendly and simple product.

He fuels his development on a product that forms everything easily and accessible with the touch of a button creating a tranquil atmosphere, confusion and complexity is Steve’s worst nightmare, he envy’s everything as user friendly. “Apple’s stylish, user-friendly products fostered a greater willingness to spend time online, to blog, to tweet, to have constant access to a handheld computer. Mr Jobs did more than create the demand for Apple products; he drove entire markets.

” (Friedman, “Steve Jobs’s impact goes beyond technology”). Apple is built on their success, and is given all the necessary tools making them unstoppable and overwhelmingly the best at what they do. They seem too often surpass everyone’s knowledge and expectations for the company and keep reliving to their attainment as a worldwide brand. Success flows through Steve Jobs’s hands like it’s nothing; he has achieved such high levels of ingenuity and accomplishment with perfection that he has created an empire within the Apple brand.

Company’s struggle all the time to achieve attainment in their products, Apple makes it seem like they coast through it overnight and plan ahead for multiple decades of intelligence with ease. Apple`s successful evolution and upper responsiveness have created intense consumer demand on a global scale. An analysis of the company`s achievements and advancements explains its considerable success. Apple is without doubt its own brand that has created a technological shift for the better, changing how we use our everyday technology. They stand loud and proud fashioning a movement everyone follows leading them to success.