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Marketing P - Essay Example

Introduction to Marketing Start date Deadline Assessor name Assignment title Purpose Know the role of marketing In the organization Scenario Ongoing from first assignment. As part of the evaluation, you are now asked to select one of the companies previously investigated and investigate its use of marketing research.

Task 1 Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two different organizations The description of the company should Include: A brief introduction to the two companies Both the companies should not vary much in size and business turnover A description of the types of the business of the company A description of the products of the company. This provides evidence for Pl .

Task 2 You need to describe the limitations and constraints under which these companies operate; This should include legal requirements and the use of voluntary codes and constraints. You have to relate these constraints to examples. This provides evidence for UP. Task 3 organizations use higher-level skills for comparing or finding the similarities and preferences between the use of marketing techniques in marketing products or services in the two organizations. This provides evidence for MI .

Task 4 You need to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of technique in marketing products in one of the organization from the two selected earlier. This provides evidence for Del . Further guidance: Refer to the following for as guidance material: a. PPTP and the hand out notes provided on the topics . B. You will need to visit the show the evidence of study I. E, Screen Shots,webzines in case of web based data. The paper cuttings, book name(along with page no) if taken reference. Use more than one source of information for one fact or data (for verification) Visit at least 2 outlets of the product: Name, address, designation and contact no must be provided Sources of information Books, Web, Notes, PPTP provided, You tube for product ads, online shopping websites, retail outlets , dealer/distributors of the product ,news paper, end users(customer)Books to be referred Business India , A& M,Brand Equity, websites like monoculture.