Free Sample: Marketing research shapes consumer needs and wants paper example for writing essay

Marketing research shapes consumer needs and wants - Essay Example

Market research begins with premise that Information plays a critical role In the success or failure of organizations. I believe marketing research shapes consumer needs and wants. Every business has the same goals. We all want to improve customer service, deliver more value to our customers, and find new customers without spending a fortune on marketing. Marketing research can help us reach Hess goals or it can be a complete waste of money.

It all depends on what you know before you start. Used wisely, marketing research can tell you why some consumers like your product while others hate it. It can tell you how much of your products are selling at what stores. It can tell you what factors are Influencing sales. And all shapes your products.. Also marketing research reflects the needs and wants In addition, market search can help In the development of new products and services.

Although sometimes two approaches take a position while grows in market. New technology, changing consumer attitudes in this case we have to combine those opinions. We have to analyze all situations. But mostly I believe marketing researches shapes consumer needs and wants. We have classified research into that which seeks to understand what is prevailing in the market.