A key Marketing strategy - Essay Example

Growth in the core UK: As UK is a biggest market and core of the busienss tesco has so many companies to competitve with e. g Sainsbury, ASDA, and Morrisons. Tesco has to make sure they get as many customers as possible to their business in order to get many customers tesco has to give good products and serivices to all its customers. The aim of any businesses is to expand without expension there is no point spending so much money on the business. Tesco aim is to expand in different countries e. g in Asia, Afracia, USA and so on.

As we all know Tesco is a big company their one major aim is to provide satisfication to their customer by statisfication I mean their products should be good and (Cheap) affordable by people. If they provide good products and service to their customer there will be more chances for them to expand in overseas then if they do not. To be as good in non-food as in food: this simply means offering the same great quality for non-food products as they provide for food. The example of non-food prodcts Tesco is selling are CD player, DVD, Digital Camera, Mobile phones, Furniture, cloths, computres and so on.

They are providing so many different ranges of products to their customers. Retailing services: Tesco aims to bring simplicity and value for money for its products, and value to complex markets due to change in every day life of customer’s life style. Tesco meets their (Customer) needs by introducing new products and services. Tesco vouchers: the aim of these vouchers is to make customer to stay with Tesco longer e. g tesco sends these vouchers to customers every 3 months. These types of vouchers help customers to save little bit money, which is obviously great

Tesco always have been successful after 1996 when it beat Sainsbury in sales in 1996. After 1996 Tesco always have been the market leader. The reason for this is that they always provide good customer service to customers, and they also ask regulary their customer for ideas how to improve the service. They do not only proivde Food to its customers but they are also providing clothes, electrical goods, and furniture. They provide so many products to its customers. “One in seven customers buy from our clothng department each week”.

They are selling 3 millon mugs a year. By looking at these sales it is fairly easy to say they are making profit in every field e. g this mean if 70 customers visit one of tesco branch each week that mean 10 of them will defintely buy cloths. It is easily understand able that Tesco is taking cloths shop business. It has opened more than 120 stores this year 2005 and it expects to have 1,000 across seven countries by the year-end.

A key strategy or objective for tesco is to boarden its Tesco.com online business and new Tesco Direct catlogue service which will give customers to access more then 8000 products, and as part of this, it will aim or goal to provide its highly lucrative non-food business which has generated the sales of around i?? 3. 5 billon for the first half of this year. I am going to show a graph explaning Tesco Five Years Fincicial Summary. This graph will show which year has been proved to be good for Tesco. Evalauation: In my view goals can only be achived if they are SMART and I belive all the goals tesco has set are achiveable. They should be able to achive all the goals they have set this year.