ABB Inc.: SWOT Analysis - Essay Example

The potential audiences for this market plan would include: Abs’s shareholders, Financial Department, Project Management, Engineering Procurement Contractors (EPIC)- that supply engineering support, procurement and installation and integration in buildings, Original Equipment Manufacturers (MOM) that provide engineering, manufacturing, testing, logistics and support after shipment of the equipment. Moms also integrate power products with controls. Also included are Low and Medium Voltage equipment factories in Australia and their employees.

In addition to the Engineering firms contracted by Queensland Department of Transportation, Queensland Department of Transportation employees. The need of these potential audiences is to have the confidence to purchase from a company that brings technological solutions, can deliver quality products on timely basis and can build these products under Australia Standard and International Electromechanical Commission (SEC) Standards. Marketing segment The marketing segment is transportation, in this case it is Queensland Department of Transportation.

They have determined that the Australians need a better, cheaper, faster and massive way of transportation that would save energy (green), money and The Australians that lives in the island, any businessperson, and any visitor or tourist that will need to be transported from/to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. SOOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) ABA looks into the business unit to identify some of the Strengths and Weakness and reviews Australia’s environment to identify the Opportunities and Threats to meet requirements or mitigate risks.

ABA identified more than one Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat some of them are summarized and Figure 1: ; STRENGTHS: 1. Strong order book position. Huge installed customer base with long term contracts. 2. Well known for manufacturing consistent top quality products around the globe. 3. Broad product portfolio 4. Advance technology.