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Advertising affects on humans - Essay Example

For this report I will simply be studying to see if advertising affects humans, l have collected data to see if video games advertising on TV actually has an effect on people to purchase more video games. The data I have collected is the amount of adverts shown on TV per month about video games and the amount of games sold per month, since the amount of games sold in the entire UK or London will be very hard to find out, I will be finding out the amount of games sold in Streatham (a fairly average town in London).

Finding a correlation will prove and justify, companies spending millions on advertising there products on TV adverts and show it has an affect. The final result may convince people that TV adverts actually do have an effect on people, showing TV adverts can influence people to buy products, this very effect in my opinion makes this exercise worth doing. Showing the data in statistical form will hopefully give a more clearer picture if a link is present.

Data Collection

I have collected 58 pairs of data from various internet search engines these include Google, AltaVista, Lycos and government statistic sites like I decided to use the internet as it is a great source of information especially for statistical data and it makes it easy to get large sets of data easily and quickly. To ensure that the data was of good quality I did not just collect the data from one source, I gathered various statistics about the data from multiple sources to hopefully get a better spread of data. In total I managed to collect 58 sets of data, I think it is appropriate to include all the data since it is from various sources making it a good set of data. Carrying out a hypothesis test using a 5% significant level reveals that there is a positive correlation between the numbers of TV adverts shown and video games sold.


By looking at the scatter diagrams and calculations it is safe to say that the variables being examined are roughly positively correlated. The calculations I carried out avoid any uncertainties about the relationship between the two variables by revealing that the two variables are directly proportional. Finally I can conclude that you can see that the correlation coefficient, r, is pretty high and close to +1 so it is safe to say that there is a positive liner correlation between the amount of video game adverts shown and the amount of games sold. Again in my hypothesis H1 was proven to be correct which further strengthens the argument which we set in my aim, that advertising does have and effect.

This exercise was worth doing because I find that indirectly influencing people or convincing people to do things which they may not normally want to, like buying certain products, is not really good thing, I hope by providing this statistical data that people can see how advertising influences then and start to view things they see with a more head strong opinion and not get pushed around. Accuracy and refinements Restrictions and Possible sources of error.

Due to the topic that was processed in this exercise being very large, I think the data I collected only represented a small portion of the whole thing, another restriction was that I would have liked to obtain the data my self from individual high street stores, etc but since there are to many this is not entirely possible so I had to use other means of obtaining this data like the internet. Another possible error could be the data obtained the date which it was recorded was not noted, so it is hard to say which time period it fits into, as the adverts and video game sales may be different at different seasons of the year.


This exercise in my opinion can be carried out in much greater accuracy and detail if the time period it was recorded in was much larger. Another improvement could have been to contact the TV companies to get a timetable of what type of adverts where shown at what time, so a much more accurate overview can be obtained. Then last of all this exercise processed video game sales in general it would be interesting to have done work on an individual product, this in my opinion would have been much more accurate and convincing.