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Advertising and branding - Essay Example

Our design is going to follow the typical Ray-Ban message “colorize”. Basically what we are going for is a colorful theme, be it on television, using infomercials or even on the print media. The objective of having a bold color theme is to encourage our customers to make bold choices. Having colorful adverts promote self expression which is all what Ray-Ban is all about. For the purpose of this campaign, we will be using three important medium. These medium are the television, print advertisement in the newspaper as well billboards located in strategic areas. Television

Our campaign will be seen on Dubai one because according to our research, Dubai one is one of the most popular television station in United Arab Emirates. The campaign will comes immediately before and after the popular television program “the bold and the beautiful”. We choose Dubai one because the programs features on this station are both in English and Arabic language. UAE is a diverse country with over 100 nationalities. Using a television station that broadcast both English and Arabic programs means wider reach for our product. On the downside, it is expensive and most advertisements on the television are only for about 30sec.

Newspaper Our products would be advertised in both Gulf newspaper and Al Alam. We choose these two newspapers because of their credibility and also because gulf news write in English while Al Alam is in Arabic. Also, we are doing this to reach as many people as possible. The disadvantage of using this medium include; advertisement space are usually expensive, advert usually have short life span because newspaper are red once and then discarded, with increasing popularity of the internet newspaper is facing declining readership and market penetration.

Billboards Finally, our campaign will be on billboards in major places across the United Arab Emirates. The places where will have our billboards include sheik Bayed road, emirates roads and all other major roads in UAE. Billboards are the least expensive medium we will be using to advertise our products. Also, they are easy to see and they also grab people attention. The disadvantage of using the billboard includes vandalism. IV. MARKETING

There are lots of advantages that telemarketing has such as two way communication, immediate feedback, very flexible medium, most productive medium and cost effective medium. Telemarketing will help to our company to keep potential and loyalty customer also it helps to increase their sales and enhance their business productivity. Telemarketing is the easiest way and inexpensive way to offer our sunglass to customer. It has many steps that if we know how to do it, we will achieve to our goal easily. Telemarketing has two to offer our sunglasses which are inbound calls and outbound calls.

In the inbound call which is reactive telemarketing, consumers call to company to order or inquire, clarify or request assistance, get information about price and make pledges and contribution. In the outbound which is proactive telemarketing, ray-ban Company calls to customer to generate news sales, new product introductions, reactivate old customers, serving present accounts, serving customers and members and voters. By calling to our customer, we can give some information about our new sunglasses and we can give good price to motivate our customer to buy our sunglasses or we can give a gift to them by buying our products.

Also if they have any problem with our sunglasses, we can get their suggestion to fix our product which it is good for our company because our customers will understand that their information is important for the company and it will effect to customer to buy more products from our company. The other way that today most companies use it to give information about their new product is SMS. SMS is good way because there are some customers do not like to call them and talk about our products but we can send them SMS to get information about our new product or new offer with good prices to motivate them to come and buy our new product.

Telemarketing is one of the best to reach customer and we can sell our sunglasses by just calling them and motivate them to buy our sunglasses. Internet marketing is the marketing that we can sell our ray-ban sunglasses over the internet. Marketer call internet marketing also web marketing, search marketing, online marketing and E-marketing. Today most of the people use internet every day which is very good for our company to advertise our product. Advertising in the internet is much cheaper than TV and Radio. We can advertise our sunglasses through internet.

There are lots of famous websites that many people check them every day and they go through that websites many hours which is good for our company to sell and show our product in that websites. We can advertise our sunglasses in the famous social websites such as Face book, Tweeter and MySpace. By advertising our product in the internet, we use good price for our sunglasses or give good discount or give a gift to motivate our customer to buy our sunglass. People can see the colors of our sunglasses or different models of our sunglasses and if they like to buy it, they will choose it.

Ray-ban can give good price for people who want to buy their sunglasses by internet, for example if the price of one sunglasses is 150$, they can give it 130$ that customer can save his money. Also internet marketing is good way to purchase our product because there are lots of people who do not have enough time to go and buy for their fashion. Most of these people use internet to buy these kinds of things, by having good internet marketing, they will choose our brand to buy their sunglasses. They are lots of sites that people can sell or buy product through internet such as EBay and Amazon.

Also in United Arab Emirates, there is one site which it calls Dubizzel that we can sell our sunglasses in this site which is very famous. We can sell our sunglasses with a good price in this site and everyday lots of people look out to this site. Also we can create special site in the internet in the Middle East that people can buy our product in the internet by online. Today internet is growing through sell and buy but there are lots of customer that prefer to sell and buy their product through telephone conversation.

It is better for ray-ban to sell their product through internet than telephone because they cannot answer hundreds or thousands of telephone and they cannot handle it very well every day and also selling by internet is much cheaper than telephone for ray-ban Company. Further more direct mail marketing is that companies used sell their product such as CD’s, Catalogue or mail or send brochures or paper to the house which is not using a lot in these day by growing using internet and telephone. Selling by internet, direct mail and telephone has advantages and dies advantages.

By selling internet have advantages such as it is fast, customers can see our sunglasses. Our store is open in 24 hours and customer can buy our products in anytime. Consumer can see our new product by using internet but also it has disadvantage such as it is live conversation also it is not free. Direct mail marketing, internet marketing and telemarketing has the same goal but the way that companies try to sell their product is different and through the time each of these is changing and now using internet is more common but maybe for many years later, there will be something new that even internet will be useless.

Our company can use all three different type of marketing because all of the consumers have different wants so they can sell their wants by different way of marketing. Our sunglasses is wants for people so we can advertise our sunglasses by using telemarketing, internet marketing and mail marketing but in United Arab Emirates using internet to sell our sunglasses is more better because most of the people have credit card and people do not like to buy product by phone and it is not common in the Middle east and the best way that we can sell our sunglasses is using internet to advertise our new sunglasses and sell them.