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Hope Cleaning Services will charge out clients according to the room varying sizes. We could offer cleaning services to small, mid-size or large rooms. Our company will seek the best way to build an excellent reputation and strong relationship between us and our clients so they could recommend us with no doubt. Hope Cleaning Services will coalesce with others more bigger cleaning companies with previous more rich than ours marketing experience. Sub-contractors will receive a demonstration cleaning of 1 hour carpet and deep domestic cleaning.

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Basically the sub-contracting company will share their job with us and at the end of every month we will divide the profits. Client meetings and demonstrations- The best way to convince new customers that your service is the best is by demonstrations and meetings. Our specialized employees could demonstrate our cleaning techniques so the potential client will be 100% sure that we are the best and the results of our work are significant. Most of the clients want to ask questions so on the meetings they we could show confidence so our clients will be ensure that their property is in good hands.

We also could relieve their worries by showing them that no matter we are new to the business we have thoroughly researched all dimensions of the cleaning business. Our clients will receive a 10% discounts on their first cleaning, 1 small room carpet cleaning if they have more than 4 bedroom house, one small mattress cleaning if they have more than 3 bedroom house, one two-seated sofa if they have more than 5 bedroom house. Hope Cleaning Services is full insurance company and the policy covers breakage/damage or poor service.

By having our company name and contacts on our company vehicles; promotional materials like leaflets, business cards, yellow page advertisements and website. In 2010, 30. 1 million adults in the UK (60 per cent) accessed the Internet every day or almost every day. This is nearly double the estimate in 2006 of 16. 5 million. The number of adults who bought or ordered goods or services online within the last 12 months reached 31 million in 2010.

So our first priority is to create professional good looking and often updating website and optimization in the social networks like Google, Yahoo so our potential clients could find us with just one click. Management and Organization Management Responsibilities: Miss Nadezhda Katsarova will be responsible for all duties in the company like monitor the performance, purchase equipment and supplies, maintain the website and bill customers. Miss Katsarova will hire three full time employees throughout the year. Operational Plan Methods of Service Delivery

Hope Cleaning Services offer one off, regular, fortnight cleaning at time suits to the client. On one off cleaning when teams will be working, after completing the job, the team will be monitored on quality of service by the owner. During the beginning stages, the supervisor (owner) will be at every site to help employees and to do quality inspection of their work. A detailed invoice including all the work and prices will be given to the client. Employees – Uniforms – All employees are required to wear uniforms with the company name and logo.

Hope Cleaning Services will pay the cost of two uniforms per person. Employees will be responsible for cleaning uniforms. Pay Policies – According to The National Minimum Wage (NMW) the minimum rate is  5. 93 per hour. Our employees will start out at i?? 6. 00 per hour and will be paid for overtime work. Hope Cleaning Services will offer a weekly payments. Employees showing extremely good working habits will be offered a raise each 6 months. Sales Forecast The first month will be used to advertise our business by leaflets, brochures, and website.

We will be able to give more information by phone, but we prefer to be able to get into our potential clients’ homes and speak with them. It provides us an opportunity to impress them so they could feel confident. The other way of advertisement is by sub-contractors. We could contact with some construction companies so after their work, we will be able to provide after building cleaning. The buildings include hospitals, schools, colleges, restaurants, shops, houses and offices. The second month will begin with more activity.

As a results of our advertising month we expect to have more jobs done by our trained team. If the jobs increase a lot, we could hire more employees and form a new team of cleaners. Having two teams of 2 cleaners and 1 carpet cleaner who will work with both of the teams, will be enough until month eight when two more people will be hire. The most demanding months for cleaning business are November, December, July and August. Around Christmas time most of the customers prefer to stay at home with their families.

On the other hand after that period there are a lot of jobs because everybody wants their house to be clean after the holidays. On July and August the work is poor because a lot of clients go for holiday for week or more. Equipment, Technology Hope Cleaning Services will use the majority of the resources for purchasing cleaning equipment, supplies and vehicle. Our company will purchase all cleaning equipment and supplies from Prochem, company with 35 years experience in professional carpet and domestic cleaning chemicals and equipments.

Suppliers carries over 5,000 products at each of their 80 warehouses in US, Asia and Europe. The owner will supply with technologies like computer, printer/copier, fax, telephone and web updating. The domain name www. hopecleaninglondon. webs. com for  35. 00 per month. The web hosting plan will include 10GB of memory (5-25,000 web pages), 500 business email addresses, free domain name, 24-hour free phone support, and additional web site enhancements. The owner will be responsible for all online actions including marketing and customer satisfaction.