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Contemporary Marketing - Essay Example

Marketing Plan Latish Smith Everest University Distribution Strategy Currently, Live is marketed through distributors only. Most distributors keep product on hand and they each have their own personal website so customers can purchase directly from the distributor or online. Over the next five years Levee will need to expand distribution to various retailers. I personally would love to see our products on the shelves of major retailers such as Wall-mart; however we are unsure

If this would be beneficial or harmful to our success. We are currently using a direct channel; the use of a direct channel allows us to get the product straight to our users. As business continues to grow, we will need to switch from a direct channel to a dual distributing channel. A dual distribution channel will allow us to get products to our targeted market through more marketing channels. We have chosen to switch to a dual distribution channel because we are aiming to get our product to users as quickly as possible.

We would also like to expand to a more public online purchasing system but also keeping our distributors and their personal websites. We would like for any and everybody to be able to find and purchase directly from the website this will allow us to reach even more consumers. As of right now if you don’t know a distributor for Live or someone who knows a distributor then there is no way for you to purchase the product. Reference Kurt, D. L. (2012). Contemporary marketing. (1 5th Deed. ).