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Luggage space is limited Air travel is an easy way for government to raise revenue Customer services aren’t a priority Seats aren’t located Preferred timeslots are pre-booked, so most easy flights are off-peak Lack of airspace, or airport capacity Disturbances to air travel as extensive checks are carried out Airlines stagnant- slow development Too much competition with other low-cost airlines Opportunities Easy jet has been expanding continuously, by launching new routes, buying more aircrafts, making available more destinations.

Easy jet offers jobs and good career opportunities New aircrafts are used to increase economy and to reduce pollution. The take over of go-fly airline has reduced competition from one rival, it has also benefited the airline long term Threats Airport tax to compensate for the environment Low-cost airlines may introduce lower fairs to more popular destinations High competition from other low cost airlines, as a result of continuing liberalization of the European Union air transport market. As easy jet it a smaller company compared to other competitors. Although easy jet has cut costs dramatically compared to its rivals, major threats such as marketing tactics being used on easy jet from a larger company could result into hardship.

Fuel prices have adverse effects on profits High speed rail links may cut down on air travel The company’s marketing strategy Segmentation The entire market broken down in to segments, to help focus on every aspect of the market without looking past it; this enables easy jet to find their target customers. Easy jets core market is leisure and business too, as low fares are attractive to frequent travellers.

Targeting Identification, evaluation, and selection. Targeting customers varies as easy jet offers a variety of destinations, and everyone has their own preferences. Main targets would be under 45years of age as people from around this age tend to travel for leisure. Positioning Creating and maintaining a place in the market to benefit themselves and their products. Easy jet achieves this by maintaining their ‘no-frills’ policy and keeping travel fares low, by offering no free food, no paper tickets, limited luggage.

Growth Developing more routes, branching out to more airports. Easy jet, along side its rival Ryan air could be placed at maturity stage, as both airlines are yet expanding. Current Stage: The marketing mix As easy jet is a company where the customer chooses the price, targeting a specific audience is hard. The marketing mix consists of four basic stages for success. Which are also known as the four Ps (product price place and promotion?)

Product Low-cost flights to various popular destinations, easy jet also offer other services such as easy jet hotels, which is appealing, as customers could put together their packages. Price As the customer chooses the price, after eradicating extra costs such as free food, extra luggage, no seating order, no processing tickets and paper work as most is done on computers. Making products more affordable doesn’t necessarily mean the public would be attracted as some people associate high price with quality.

Place With 289 routes to various places, and a continuous growth in destinations easy jet remains an attractive airline to turn to. With internet bookings, easy jet is available anywhere and everywhere. Promotion Promotion is making the product known to the public, in a positive manner that’d increase passenger numbers. Easy jets best tactic used was by having a documentary/ soap broadcasted on ITV. Easy jet also has a lot of ‘word of mouth’ publicity. They have build customer loyalty through promotional techniques.

Easy jet is well established, with it’s no frills policy, which is the reason for easy jets continuous success. Although easy jet relies on fewer profits they believe that till pay off long term, which in its current state seems to be working out well. Low cost airlines seem to be putting the major players out of business, as British airways is stepping back form 20european companies, Evidence Easy jet already hold one third of the market share. 95% of all seats are sold online, with 81% of all flights on time and 94% of flights that arrive within an hour; with such great punctuality, loyalty of customer’s lye with easy jet.

Future prospects The easy family has continuously tasted success; and wishes to one day take league in the market, this seems to be well on the way as their techniques to lure customers in never seems to tier itself out. As fuel prices are on a rise, easy jets profits will be further reduced as their tactic is to transport as many passengers as possible then bringing in profit, because they believe this’ll be benefiting long term.


Looking deep into easy jets marketing sector it can be concluded that easy jet had brought a new trend in the airline industry that stiffens competition, with low cost flights. The market easy jet is categorized under is one of the most aggressive of its kind, as costs are cut dramatically, and profits are purposely reduced just too out do the competition. Easy jets clever use of marketing mix, economy friendly approach, and macro and micro environmental, held the upper hand in this competitive industry.

Operations, management and pricing tactics, contributed to the expansion of this airline. Easy jet would have to become more alert as this industry is rapidly developing, the company would have to put to use strategies that would suite the era. Becoming more alert would help to stay ahead of competition, as Ryan air runs close lines alongside easy jet because both offer similar products and services.