Customers’ expectations - Essay Example

The Gantt chart has been used to plan out the stages of Pinkberry’s launch into the UK. It illustrates the necessary sub-projects and their relationship with one another allowing for a continuous time scale to best utilise resources effectively. This plan gives a strict timescale of when each sub-project should be started/completed by. Control

SERVQUAL (Parasuraman, Zeithalm and Berry) is a widely used instrument within the service industry to provide measurement of the service quality an organisation provides against perceived service level of consumers. Service quality is measured using five dimensions by a 22 item questionnaire containing two sections regarding the expectations and perceptions of the customer. The five dimensions include reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness.

Based upon service received and expected at Pinkberry, the reliability of service depends upon accurate performance; assurance is based on competence, courtesy, credibility and security; tangibles encompass the appearance of physical elements; empathy includes the easy access, good communications and customer understanding; finally, responsiveness highlights the promptness and helpfulness of the staff. A comprehensive investigation of service needs provides an invaluable tool to give insight into improving service quality.

The SERVQUAL measurement provides detailed information about customer perceptions of service, comments and suggestions, and service performance levels as perceived by the consumer in terms of expectation and satisfaction. Point Based Loyalty Cards Pinkberry loyalty card is used to store points when a customer make a purchase. This will promote the brand loyalty of the customers and make them visit more often to pinkberry. Studies have shown that it is easier to increase the sales of existing customers than to attract new ones.

Loyalty program help Pinkberry to attract and retain customers, provide valuable marketing opportunities, and influence consumer behaviour. Customer Feedback Customer feedback will be taken regularly to maintain the quality of service. Further Customer Feedback gained can be used in training activities to help employees to address customer-related grievances more competently and resolve queries and complaints more quickly. Analysis of detailed customer feedbacks provides pinkberry customer intelligence that can be used to spur innovation efforts, research and development of various and new product development initiatives.

Gap model of Service quality Gap model is essential for organizations to measure management and minimize their problems. Customers’ expectations have been shaped by word of mouth, their personal needs and their own past experiences. Gap will be increase if there are large distances between customer’s perception of the experience and the customer’s expectation. Routine transactional surveys after delivering the customer experience are important for an organization to measure customer perceptions of service. Therefore, Pinkberry have feedback from to get the dates and evaluate their comments.

Moreover, online feedback ( e. g. facebook, twitter )also is one of the methods to measure the customers satisfaction of their services and decrease the opportunity of gap enhanced. 1 Pinkberry. (2011). 100th Store Opening. Available: www. pinkberry. com/100ways. Last accessed 20th March 2011. 2 Los Angeles Times. (2006). The Taste that launched a 1000 Parking Tickets.

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