Futur advertising - Essay Example

These frames will be advertised from launch period. This will take place on very popular bike trial websites run by my friends including my own (www. merseytrial. co. uk). The website is visited thousands of times each month by fellow trial bikers looking up product reviews and general bike jargon. Another method of advertisment would be to send my frame to Mountain biking UK magazine for them to test and publicise it in their trials section of the magazine. A college of mine is the top uk trial rider, so I am going to be sponsoring him.

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This will invovle giving him my fames at trade price indstead off RRP. It will be aranged so that myself and him will be featured riding trials in MBUK and Trials Bike magazine. An assiociate of mine owns a very successful Extrem sports and trials video production business, ‘Polleneye’. We have previously worked together on trials videos for major bike companyies such as Identiti bikes. We will both be helping each other by working on a new trial video aimed at the trials consmmers around the world. This will mean that instead of paying to advertise the product the business will be gaining money.

Once the product is released to the market my company and Polleneye videos will be attending extrem sports and bike events such as ‘The Bike Show’ at the NEC. At these events the companies will sell the products. As I would be attending these events for enjoyment, expenses will come out of my personal account rather that the business account. All these methods are will not my business business a single penny but make more than pounds. Futur advertising Once the company has been astablished for a number of years, I am hoping that I can expand my business from just frame desiging and distributing to holding trial events.

This would invovle investing along side Polleneye videos. This would take place at a warehouse transformed into a trials park. At this park a new revonlusionary format of trials competition called ‘The World Freetrial Festival’ will be held. It would creat a great deal of publicity all over the world through magazines. Also at this time, pushing the event to be coverd by a television channel such as Extrem will be in process. 3)Distribution and sales Distribution will also be a no hassel and simple department of the business. Riders wanting to buy the frame will simply send a cheque to the company address.

Once the bank transaction has taken palce the frames will be packed and deliverd with a invoice to the customer by a parcel delivery company. Finding suitable distribution channels to enable the company to sell my product in other contries such as France, Spain and the USA will also be in process through out the first year of trading. My mum, who is a professional website designer and maker of merseytrial. co. uk will have a link on the website to the frames website. On this website there will be a printable order form for the frames.

This will also be backed up a by a telephone order number. The marketing budget is very cost effective. The only part of the plan, which will cost the business, will be the development of the frames. It will cost i?? 826 for two test prototypes. Sudden market change There is only one sudden market change possible which would affect the plan above. A dramatic lowering of the price of trials frames. This is not likely to happen dramatically but is likely to happen slowly over the next few years. The reason for this is many new companies are entering the market such as ZOO and Onza.

Competition between frame businesses is likely to become more and more fierce as the years move on. That is why the sooner the business can enter the market the better. As my company has low running costs I can afford to have a lower price unlike bike shops retailing competitor frmes, and other companies who employ many staff such as my sponsors, Identiti. If the prices did suddenly drop, the only factor advantage the frame would have over competitors would be the style, general quality, image, quality website/ promotional videos.

Research shows that Non-pricing stratergies are just as emportant as pricing stratergies. The only way other business such as ZOO could attract more and newer customers would be to improve style. This is done through employing younger and better quality fanatics of trials who also have experience with more advance markets such as skateboarding. At the moment virtually all the companies apart from Koxx and Planet-X do not seem to be looking at what is, and is not cool among young up and coming trials riders.