Investigate the differences of the products - Essay Example

I will start by carrying out some calculations on the grid. So if I take the numbers that I have highlighted 5364=3392 and 54*63=3402 I have automatically realized that the different in the two numbers is ten. I need to know check that this answer is the same in other parts of the grid. So is the difference ten in this part of the grid? 19*30=570 and 20*29=580 My prediction was correct in this case. I then realized that it was now too early to try and do any calculations to solve a 2*2 number grid.

So I decided to try out other sized number girds. I started by changing just one of the values. The square that I am now measuring measures 23. 1144-1104=40 is the difference in this case. However what will be the difference when I change the length? A 34 Square 77*100=7700 97*80=7760 7770-7760=60 is the difference in this case, I can see a pattern starting to form, it seems to be going up by twenty, every time two is added to the area. Will my formula ‘L-110=D’ work will this type of square?

I need to test it out. 25 5-1=5, 5*10=50 by looking at my previous answer fifty does not seem to be the correct answer. I now needed to work out a different equation. In the previous the formula that worked was L-1*10=D, the answer now is greater so I need to add on some numbers to get a larger number. I did this by changing the formula to L-1*20 As the size of the square goes up so does the multiply number, so I could have done this by adding ten on each time.

To give L-1*20 +10 (the ten is added on as the square changes) Conclusion I think that I have completed my aims and achieved my goals that I set out. I have found out a formula to work out the square problem. I feel that I could have done a little more work investigation the problem but time was against me in this case. If more time would have been allowed I would have liked to investigate into more depth, this may involve working on 3d squares or a larger number grid.