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Market potential - Essay Example

Our potential market is based on the consumers’ needs, wants and demands. Our company plans to bring a variety of cell phones to please all different types and capacities of cell phone users. Mobile devices are becoming more and more advanced and intelligent, allowing users to do a variety of things on their cell phones, from watching movies, playing music, going online and so on. All of which require an increasing amounts of power. To prevent them from losing their connection or call, our company plans to keep that power with highly efficient, energy cell phones.

Each new generation of portable electronic devices incorporates new data acquisition and processing capabilities, and transfer speeds meanwhile have become fast enough to stream movies or sports games. But this comes at a price in terms of operating time-depending on the quality of the battery. We plan on using the concept of energy harvesting which refers to using light to generate energy. Our products of solar powered cell phones will allow for optimum and necessary energy, and convenience capabilities for all types of cell phone users.

Future efforts to optimize power supply systems for mobile phones will increasingly become more popular as size and style, along with power capabilities, does. In order to achieve maximum power utilization with the highest degree of efficiency, a system of intelligent power management is needed. The goal is to link the energy delivered by batteries and solar cells in a device. With this kind of system, a cell phone could switch to solar cells when the battery is depleted, and this in turn would be continuously recharged by the solar cells whenever light conditions were favorable.

Power management ensures that mobile phones always have an optimal power supply. Our company will carry three different options of these cell phones; one will be our X100, which is our “green” phone which is our phone for moderate users that are completely solar powered. They will have limited options, but optimal power. It will come with speaker phone and standard text messaging. Our full retail price will be $269. 99. It will be one of the first of its time.

For the moderate to heavy users we are creating a hybrid phone with both solar power cells and battery capabilities to create the ultimate power supply, called the X200. This phone will not only include a hybrid capability but speaker phone, advanced text and picture messaging, and Bluetooth capabilities. It will be sold at a full retail price of $389. 99. Finally we will be featuring our X300 that will also be hybrid, along with all the features from the X200 and more. It will include a 2. 0 megapixel camera, built in MP3 player and GPS capabilities.

This phone will have very easy access to the internet and all the features that anyone would need. This phone will be sold for $499. 99 at full retail price. Our variable cost for the X100 is $100, the X200 $175, and the X300 $250. Cell phones are ubiquitous in much of the world. There were approximately one billion cell phones in use worldwide. We will be trying to capture the national market first. In the United States, the number of cell phone subscribers increased from 340,000 in 1985 to 180 million in 2004. Now there are approximately 207.

9 million users in the United States today. Our goal is to capture 8% of the market share which would be about 16. 63 million users. Cell phones are expected to increase sales by about 3-4% each year with the growth of the population and the growing popularity of cell phones. Sales are drive by new subscribers signing up for new services, by subscribers purchasing additional phones, and by subscribers replacing obsolete cell phones. We hope to sell and compete with some of the highly technological cell phones in the market.