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This paper shows the major types of marketing intermediaries, marketing decisions do those marketing intermediaries make, the major trends with marketing Intermediaries and future hold for private label brands. Marketing intermediaries, also known as middlemen or distribution intermediaries are an Important part of the product distribution channel. Intermediaries are individuals or businesses that make it possible for the product to make it from the manufacturer to the end user, essentially facilitating the sales process. According to Business Dictionary. He four basic types of marketing Intermediaries are agents. Wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Agents: The agent as a marketing intermediary is an independent individual or company whose main function is to act as the primary selling arm of the producer and represent the producer to users. Agents take possession of products but do not actually own them. Agents usually make profits from commissions or fees paid for the services they provide to the producer and users. Wholesalers: Wholesalers are Independently owned firms that take title to the merchandise they handle.

In other words, the wholesalers own the products they sell. Wholesalers purchase product in bulk and store it until they can sell it. Wholesalers generally sell the products they have purchased to other intermediaries, usually retailers, for a profit. Distributors: Distributors are similar to wholesalers, but with one key difference. Wholesalers will carry a variety of competing products, for instance Pepsi and Coke products, whereas distributors only carry complementary product lines, either Pepsi or Coke products. Distributors usually maintain close relationships with their suppliers and customers.

Distributors will take title to products and store them until they are sold. Retailers: A retailer takes title to, or purchases, products from other market intermediaries. Retailers can be independently owned and operated, like small “mom and pop” stores, or they can be part of a large chain, like Walter. The retailer will sell the products It has purchased directly to the end user for a profit. Market decision All marketers, retailers must prepare marketing plans that include decisions on atmosphere, price, promotion, and place.

These decisions must take into account major trends, such as the growth of private labels, new retail forms and combinations, growth of interpret retail competition, competition between store- eased and non-store based retailing, growth of giant retailers, decline of middle market retailers, growing investment in technology, and the global presence of major retailers. Trend Many factors influence retail trends; these factors are linked to current changes in the population, including the increase in reliance on social media and concern for the environment.

Retailers are wise to adapt to the way consumers prefer to shop, while using social media in creative ways to market products to target audiences. With the increase in online shopping, retailers are responding by creating user- roundly websites and providing discounts on shipping. Environmental Awareness: The rise in environmental awareness has caused some retailers to respond in ways that make consumers feel better about their purchases. Many retailers are increasingly offering products made with recycled materials.

Increase in Senior Population: The senior population is growing; this factor is influencing retail trends. Retailers are marketing to seniors in a variety of ways, which is wise because nearly 22 percent of the American population will be aged 60 and over by 2030. Seniors, in reticular, appreciate great customer service and websites that are user-friendly. Seniors also tend to appreciate high-quality goods, and retailers are responding by keeping these items stocked.

Social Media: The all-reaching influence of social media is affecting retail trends, as social media sites provide a convenient way for retailers to reach target audiences. Retailers are increasingly turning to social media sites such as Twitter or Backbone to advertise sales, free shipping and new product lines. Although newspaper flyers and other traditional means of advertising still reach nonusers, advertising on social media sites is comparatively easy and inexpensive.

Online Shopping: Online shopping hasn’t yet made shopping malls and storefronts obsolete, but it has had an impact on how retailers sell products. Of course, many retailers operate websites on which consumers can purchase products. However, online retailers are increasingly adding customer support to their websites in the form of online chat. Additionally, online retailers frequently offer customer’s ways to track past purchases and shipping, while making recommendations based on past purchases. Future hold Private label has experienced considerable growth in the last decade, both in size and scope.

As retailers expand into new countries and develop more of their own private label products, national brands will face increased pressure to reduce costs and differentiate their product offerings. The current recession provides an opportunity for private label growth by capturing money-strapped or risk-averse consumers. While national brands can use an emotional connection with consumers to maintain loyalty in poor economic times, they have found it increasingly difficult to convince consumers that their products are worth the extra cost.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

One way that both of these organizations are using branding is through the customers earning Tests points’ by signing up for Sad points, as Sad is one of the largest store in the U. K and Tests bank is also one of the best and popular companies that provide different range of services. Branding often consist off brand name such as Sad’s It Involves creating a unique name and qualities for the products. Some of these may be trademarked to prevent competitors from using similar branding.

Brand is powerful tools that help to achieve market objectives such as gaining market leadership and raising customer awareness while relationship racketing Is where a business focus on long term value of a customer or segment of market. Tests often use relationship marketing to attract lifetime or long-term customers. For example they will advertise cheaper car insurance, club card points from customers using their petrol stations, which will attract customers.

Once the customer relationship has been established Tests send out coupons and prizes to customers for their long term loyalty such as weekend breaks, money off products that the customers relies on a lot. The relationship marketing Is when organization Is creating a line with the customer. Sad focuses on brand loyalty to encourage customers to repeat purchase by offering their products. It’s very similar to because they also want to raise the money using different methods.

Once they are running the project effectively they will increase the number of detonators. The Sad brand is the heart of the company range. It offers an amazing choice at great lower prices, with the seal of Sad quality. Their own brand products range from beans to bread, milk to eggs and ready meals to cereal, providing all consumers need and more across the store. They never stop thinking about how to give nonusers more choice. There are already over 10,000 Sad Brand food products and they expand the range all the time to Include new and Innovative Ideas.

So now you can get Sad Ken Home Chinese Meals and Butchers Choice Sausages, to mention Just a couple. Many products also come in a variety of different sized packs, so consumers can pick the one that is Just right for consumers. They’re committed to ‘OFF better for consumer, they’ll make it clear on the pack. When consumers see their special Healthy Eating logo, they’ll know the product has controlled levels of fat, attracted, sugar and salt and none of their Tests brands contain any hydrogenated fat, artificial colors or flavors.

Is had made Tests survive and grow in the food retailing industry. Tests have their own pharmacy. Tests Pharmacy is expanding across the I-J, providing their customers with a huge range of services, much more than Just dispensing. For their pharmacists that translates into truly rewarding careers. Tests has developed new products brands which are cheaper but value for money. The supermarket brand has led supermarket to the growth of the market and arrival during the times of the economic down turn.

When they offer discounts for example 20% off thy then sell more of this product than before and raise more money. Deco’s have diversified as they run pharmacy, cafe, bakers and fuel station. This has made Tests survive because if one area is not doing well it receives financial support from other areas. For example fuel station can receive money from the insurance company. They also earn money on the conduct of the website where customers can order food straight home. Tests has its own television ad and flyers, to remote their products.

Tests offers Club card. Customers can collect points and earn vouchers, when the use their Club card. Customers can collect points in Tests store and online, Tests direct, Tests fuel, Tests mobile and Tests Credit Card. Tests also offers movie tickets, sport stuff, magical shows and more, eat out, for example in restaurants, travel for holiday by train, plane or cruiser, they can take some stuff to garden, home, learning or software tools or motoring products or get special presents of Tests. Offering new products is a technique which has led Tests to grow.

The possible constraints that Sad may face is Consumer loyalty. Sad may need to target their audience with an attractive price that intrigues customers to stay lawful to them. If Sad weren’t to cooperate with their prices then customers with shop elsewhere with other competitors such as Tests Laid etc. The similarities in both these companies is that they both are providing a service The difference between the two is that Sad originally specializes in food, groceries, clothing and footwear then gadgets, bags. While Tests provides services of mainly DOD and groceries, later on introducing insurance, pharmacy products The techniques both the company has taken up is to get customers to earn points, but how customers earn them is different as with Sad the customer has to shop to earn the points however customers with Tests there are many more ways to earn points. Branding is a process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in often consist of brand name such as ‘George’, a logo.

A brand can be a powerful selling tool and can help achieve marketing objectives’ such as gaining marketing adhering and raising customer awareness Conclusion: I have described how marketing techniques such as branding and relationship marketing are used to marketing products in two organizations, the constraints and limitations under which marketers operate, with use of examples to explain the point and discussing the similarities and difference, the marketing techniques described and used for the product or service chosen in each organization.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Objective Type & Short Questions Part One Multiple Choices: 1 -It Is a concept where goods are produced without taking Into consideration the choices or tastes of customers. Answer: b: Production concept 2. It involves individuals who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. Answer: d: Consumer 3. It is the groups of people who interact formally or informally influencing each other”s attitudes& behavior.

Answer: c: Reference Group 4. The concept of the product that passes through various changes in its total life known as: Answer: a. Product life cycle 5. It refers to unique set of brand associations that brand strategist aspires to create or maintain: Answer: c: Brand Identity 6. It Involves a pricing strategy that charges customers deferent prices for the same product or service. Answer: b: Price delimitation 7. It refers to an arrangement where another company through Its own marketing channel sells the products of one producers.

Answer: d: Strategic Channel alliance 8. It involves facility consisting of the means & equipment necessary for the movement of passengers of goods. Answer: c: Transportation 9. The advertising which is used to inform consumers about a new product or feature & to build primary demands is known as: Answer: b: Informative Advertising 10. An art that predicts the likelihood of economic activity on the basis of certain assumptions: Answer: b: Sales forecasting Part two: 1. Define Marketing MIX.

The marketing mix Is generally accepted as the use and specification of the ‘four Up’s’ describing the strategic position of a product In the marketplace. The marketing mix has APS they are 1. Price 2. Product 3. Promotion 4. Place Marketing management strives to develop the most appropriate combination of marketing mix variables for each product to match the needs of the target market. Marketing mix elements are altered to accommodate the changing market conditions and changing marketing strategies adopted by competing companies.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

True Imagine that you have decided you need a new car, but not any car will do; you have decided to purchase the car of your dreams. Conduct some research as to the cost of this car. You have determined In this Imagined scenario that you could afford to make a down payment. You can borrow the balance either from your local bank using a four-year loan or from the dealership’s finance company. If you purchase from your dealership’s finance company, the PAR will be 10% with your 10% down and monthly payments over three years.

However, the dealership will give you a abate of 5% of the car price after the three year term is complete. You want the best deal possible, so you consider the following questions: What type of car have you selected, and what will It cost? What Is the Interest rate from your local bank for a car loan for four years? What will your payment be to your local bank, assuming your 10% down payment? Be sure to use the formula provided in Chapter 4 and show your work. How much will that car have cost in four years?

My calculations confirm this. If I had to choose between the two loans, it would be much better to pay Just over $13,000 in interest as opposed to a whopping $64,000! The bank loan offers a much lower interest rate of 1. 99% as opposed to the dealership rate of 10%. Although the bank loan is for a longer term, the payments are still much lower as well as the insurance – all because of the interest. If I could afford this though, I would put down more than 10% to bring down my monthly payments.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Market research Is a process of discovering Information for the use of making marketing decision In business. Therefore, It Is an essential component of understanding the market. It can be used for solving problems, identifying future opportunities and threats, generating ideas and to determine how to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offerings for stakeholders of a business. There are five steps In the market research that could be adopted by the Malaysian marketers. The first step is to define the research problem or the objective of the business where the market research project is intended to answer.

Next, it is to design the market methodology where the method used depends on the information required and the Information already contained In the organization. There are three types of research where Is can be done quantitatively or qualitatively. Types of research include exploratory research, descriptive research, and casual research. The next step is followed by collecting data, analyzing data and drawing conclusion before the last step is taken which Is to present the results and making recommendations before the Implementation take place.

The first step In market research is to define the market problem. Before undertaking market research, timing, relevance, availability of resources, need for new information and cost-benefit analysis should be taken into consideration. These decisions must be made regarding the benefit of conducting the research. The music Industry In Malaysia (Yamaha Music School owner)have notice the increasing number of students who is interested in music and have planned to further their studies in this field.

Yamaha music school might want to know whether it is worthwhile to introduce new courses to fulfill the current market. The second step Is to design the research methodology here question to what kind of sample will the marketers use’ Is answered. Observation approach under casual or descriptive research can be use to observe the student’s behavior and the circumstances surrounding it. Through observation, it enables the marketers to measure the actual behavior of the students as opposed to Intended or reported behavior.

Observation can be done when trial classes for new courses are being offered to the students. Students are observed based on how they react during classes and their attention paid during classes. If students laze around and sleep during classes, this shows that they are not interested. Besides, secondary data can also be used to help In the research process. Students that have registered for the new courses offered help to determine the number of students that are interested without even attending the trial class.

Depth interview which is a qualitative method to approach the targeted students for their opinion. Students are driven with question In this method where they elicit deep and detailed Information. Through this, the interviewer can explore responses with further questioning to ensure that as much information is gained from the process. Survey forms with questionnaires can also be handed out to the students to rate the classes that was conducted. The third step in market research process It to collect data. Data must be collected according to the methods specified In the research design.

The goal of this part of the research process is to ensure the research design is properly followed, 1 OFF process can be done in-house or outsourced, with a market research or advertising agency taking over the responsibility of the process. For Yamaha Music School, the data collection is done in-house where all the research design was conducted on the rent and potential student which will pursue or take up music lesson. To manage the data collection, limited time and financial resources, budgeting and scheduling need to be planned and managed to ensure the most benefit is derived from the investment in the market research.

In this research, there are not much cost spend on it because information are collected mostly from the existing student in the music school despite organizing a fair to give away flyers and brochures. Cost that are related are material cost and labor cost in this market research. Once data has been collected, it needs to be filtered and organized. It may be necessary to perform some quality control techniques to eliminate invalid data. There are two types of analysis can be done with the collected data which is quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Quantitative analysis refers to data that can be represented in numerically. Data must be analyze and understood to be used in decision making. Therefore, the interest of students to take up the new courses that has been offered by Yamaha Music School can be put into static analysis in Microsoft Excel. Data will be keyed in to show patterns and trends which put them into graphs and charts for a better understanding. Qualitative analysis refers to the process of research to gain more and detailed information for future decision making.

Qualitative data will usually be in the form of interview transcripts, video recordings, observation and respondents questions. Once the data has been analyzed and patterns or trends identified, conclusion must be drawn and recommendations made. The conclusions should state what the data has shown in terms of the original research question. Based on the above research problem, 50 per cent of the students are interested with the new rouses which is teaches a mixture of playing music instruments, public speaking and indirectly built up the students confidence. 0 per cent of the students are not really interested because it is not worth the money paid for music lessons where the main aim there is to learn up their favorite music instrument. Another 20 per cent of the students prefer to take up popular music courses such as piano, guitar and violin lessons. Once data is analyzed and conclusions drawn, the findings must be presented in a format that will enable the marketing decision makers to use the information. In practice this involves a written report to the decision makers.

Reporting should be concise and to the point. Research report should include a cover page, an executive summary, table of contents, methodology section, findings, statement of limitations, conclusions and recommendations and lastly appendices to present detailed information. A report will be submitted to the head of marketing to consider whether the above market research should be implemented or not. Besides, a Powering presentation must be presented to give the researchers a better picture of the research process.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Throughout more than arrears operating, Binomial has become a familiar trademark to domestics’ linens. Binomial also gained a great customer understand and satisfaction as well as knowledge of the local market. Vanilla is now operating agencies at grassroots levels like villages in rural areas almost all shops on the main streets of major cities sell Villains products. Binomial consume a half output of milk with domestic material. Vietnam is an agricultural country so Vanilla can produce milk with rich materials. Valiantly also support farmers in breeding milk cow to serve for production. Vanilla always pay attention to build their brand and trademark in customers minds.

Vanilla has many policies to support for society such as: scholarship for poor students, charity, donation for poor people, etc. Weaknesses Valhalla cannot allocate markets equally between the North and the South of Vietnam. The population of the North in Vietnam occupied 2/3 as a whole country. Valhalla only focuses on distribution products In the south market. This means that International brand milk such as Dutch Lady and Abbot will occupy the markets In the north, so Vanilla will lose market shares in the north of Vietnam. Vietnam Joined World Trade Organization from 2007; there will have many International competitors about famous brands such as: Dutch Lady from Holland technology, Abbot from USA. Valhalla can lose market share and decrease profit.

Opportunities According to policies of Vietnam government, supply of raw materials is relatively of raw milk, replace the material that is fresh milk, quality dairy products for consumers capacity and contributing to the support of domestic industry. These factors have a positive impact to production and business activities of the VIM. The government shows the fugues with the development of milk industry. The fugues of ilk industry involve: in 2010 reached 380,000 tons, 201 5 reaches 700,000 tons and 2020 will reach 1 million tons. When Vietnam Joined World Trade Organization, there are many new competitors; this is the challenge for Vanilla Company. Besides that, from new competitors, Vanilla Company can learn more experiences in modern technology of producing milk.

Moreover, Vanilla Company can cooperate with the other milk brands in buying quality materials and new technology for producing milk. Threats Prices of raw milk on the world market will remain near current high levels in the short term, UT currently there are signals of supply will increase, likely reducing the pressure of increased prices in 2009. Lack of materials: this thing is really important in producing milk. In Vietnam, there are many different milk brands so this thing will happen to lack of materials. Farmers in farms will supply materials for many domestic milk brands such as: Vii milk, Loath milk, and Dalai milk, etc. Vanilla Company must find out resources to supply good materials carefully. This is the big problem of Vanilla.

Technology problems in breeding milk cow: In Vietnam, technology problems in breeding milk cows has not developed yet much, o Vanilla Company can learn more experiences in technology from international milk company or cooperate with them in exchange technology. With modern technology in breeding milk cow. (Source: wry. Vanilla. Com. Van) There are five basic competitive forces that influence the state of competition in an industry (According to Michael Eugene Porter, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School): 0 The threat of new entrants to the industry Today with a product such as shoes, television, laptop, clothes… Customers will have more choices to buy the product which they want.

From products of the perennial enterprises to the products of new entrants, all created a fierce competition in the market. Products of new entrants with modern technology and modern design will be a real challenge for businesses which had created the belief of customers. And Vanilla is not an exception. With Vanilla, there are many new competitors in industry, new competitors include inside and outside of Vietnam. In the domestic market of Vietnam, Vanilla is the largest dairy producer with the strong brand name and has terms of market share, production capacity and distribution network. Vanilla occupied 39% market share in the whole market share in Vietnam and has 250 distributors, 125. 000 retail outlets and supplies for all supermarkets in Vietnam.

Vietnam that helps to reduce transportation expenses and a system of the state-of- the-art machinery and equipment, being improved and expanded every year, that helps to ensure the output products meeting the international standards 0 The threat of substitute products Substitute products are products which bring the benefits for consumer like current or higher products. And substitute products are often the result of new technology. Back to the dairy market of Vanilla, we can see that nowadays when going for the work, the party or going out, customers do not necessarily have to choose yogurt (Probe) or fruit Juice (V-fresh) for their need. Instead of, they can choose for themselves the different types of water or energy drinks to create a convenience for them such as Aquifer, Red Bull or DRP. Than. Besides that, Vanilla also meets with the fierce competition from other dairy products of other brands. The bargaining power of customers The bargaining power of customers is the advantage that results where the buyers re concentrated or organized, their purchases represent a large part of the supplier’s revenue, their purchases represent a large part of their own costs, or there are too many suppliers chasing too few buyers. Buyers in such position can (and do) put relentless pressure on the suppliers by demanding higher quality at lower prices. (Source: http://www. Objectifications. Com/definition/bargaining-power-of- customers. HTML). And the profitability of an industry also depends on the strength of the bargaining power of its customers. Vanilla Company is the largest dairy producers in Vietnam. The company also has two markets: domestic market and international markets.

With the domestic market, Vanilla Company occupied 39% market share on the whole market share, the company also has 250 distributors, 125000 shops and supplies products for all supermarkets in Vietnam, Vanilla Company has large distribution channels in 64 provinces in Vietnam. With the international market, Vanilla Company export products for Australia, Cambodia, Iraq, Kuwait, The Maldives, Philippines, and USA. Customers often want to be provided products with high quality and low price, beside excellent customer care services. This thing can make the companies’ cost increases and profit of them decreases to meet the needs of customers. With dairy products, today customers see them are not only a tool for drinking need but also a healthy product for them to themselves. So the demand for quality, price, nutritious….. Of customers about dairy products is rising more and more. The bargaining power of suppliers The bargaining power of suppliers is the advantage that results when suppliers are concentrated it is, however, usually illegal for them to openly or secretly form a cartel, too few goods are chased by too many buyers, a supplier’s goods are unique or giggly differentiated with few or no substitutes, suppliers are forward integrated (see forward integration), and/or high costs are involved in switching from one supplier to another. Suppliers in such position can (and do) demand premium prices. (Source: http://www. Objectifications. Com/definition/bargaining-power-of-suppliers. HTML). And Just as customers can influence the profitability of an industry by exerting pressure for higher quality products or lower prices, suppliers can also influence enterprise’s activities (such as finance, electricity, water, materials… ). If this process as problem, company can’t operate smoothly. Besides that, price and service of supplier is also have a big influence on the operation of companies. Here are some of suppliers of V.

M Name of suppliers Products supplied Fomenter (SEA) Pet Ltd Milk powder Hogget International Bumble powder Persists Bin Dung Tins Tetra Pack Indochina Carton packaging and packaging machines Hogget International and Fainter plays an important role on the international milk markets and is assessed one of the partner that supplies milk powder for producers and consumers in Europe and on over the world. Hogget can have capacity to give information about business industry about milk products and milk markets. Fomenter is the multinational group on over the world in milk industry and export milk products, this group occupied 1/3 procurement of market shares all over the world. This group supplies high quality milk powder for Vanilla Company. A source of high-quality milk material is especially important to Vanilla business. As a result, V. M has established stable relationships with suppliers through assessment policy. V.

M assists farmers financially by buying dairy-producing cows and V. M omit to purchase high quality fresh milk at the highest price. V. M have signed agreements every year with milk suppliers and up till now approximately 40% milk material has been bought from domestic sources. Vanilla factories, which are located in strategic locations near farms of milk cows, enable V. M to maintain and improve these relationships with suppliers. V. M also chooses the location for its milk purchase centers carefully to ensure the freshest and highest-quality milk available. On the other hand, V. M imports milk powder from Australia and New Zealand to satisfy the needs for both quantity and quality.

The rivalry amongst current competition in the industry Competition factor has a big effect to the operation of company. That the reason why company always has to care about activities and strategy of competitors. With Vanilla, we can see that nowadays they are not only facing with opponents in the country but also having to compete with rivals from aboard who are expanding into Vietnamese milk market. 0 In the domestic market, Vanilla as well as other companies must face with the competition in terms of price compared to China milk. The special characteristic of China is low price so it can attract a large number of customers easily. 0 Vietnam still fighting against the anti-dumping which EX. applied on.

The anti-dumping has created many difficulties for footwear industry of Vietnam. 0 The international market for milk-made products is becoming more and more competitive. There is keen competition among manufacturers. So to create a firm position in the market, Vanilla had had appropriate policies to create the trust of customers. _Vanilla had tried to satisfy the needs of customers by using market segmentation policy. Market segment is a group of customers with certain things in common whose needs can be met with a distinct marketing mix. So efferent classes (pupils, students, office workers… ), different ages with diversify products (yogurt, fruit Juice, milk, milk powder etc). Vanilla products’ patterns are always changed, so they keep pace with customers’ fashion and taste, through pattern creating technique on computer. Besides that, the tendency of customers now is prefer to use Vietnamese goods than imported goods. It will be a certain advantage for Vanilla when they compete with rivals from aboard. From SOOT analysis, we can know about strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Vanilla. Vanilla can base on these elements to do marketing strategy better. From five forces of Porter, Vanilla Company can identify competitors and know the influence of suppliers and customers to develop Vanilla Company.

Sustainable Competitive In order to make a sustainable competitive, Vanilla must have their advantages in competitive: Competition advantages: ; The industry leader position, supported by good brand building strategy ; The diversity of products ; The wide distribution network ; Stable relationships with suppliers to ensure high-quality milk ; The ability to do market research and to develop products in accordance to market demand ; Good management team, proven by the business results International standard manufacturing equipment and technology Since the establishment in 1976, V. M has built a strong brand for dairy products in the Vietnamese market. The brand name Vanilla has been used since V. M establishment and has now become a widely known name in Vietnam. Economies of scales when Vanilla is well positioned as a leader in dairy market of Vietnam. Vanilla is undoubtedly a familiar and trusted brand in the mind of Vietnamese consumers during the last 34 years.

An extensive distribution network located nationwide and continued being expanded over time allows Vanilla to bring its core reduces to consumers in a fast and effective way. Binomials high-quality products are the favorite brand of consumers. A range of modern factories located along helps to ensure the output products meeting the international standards. The loyal and cooperative relationships with both local and overseas suppliers allow the company to have a stable material source at the reasonable prices. At present, Vanilla is the purchaser of about 60% of all cow milk produced in Vietnam. Vanilla owns a management team deeply experienced in dairy business and production, a transparent internal management system and tight and detailed management reoccurred.

A strong spirit of self-renovation for improvement of operation quality is absolutely penetrated from every managers to each employee b) Explain how distribution of products is arranged to provide optimum customer business maybe has good products but if the distribution for their products is not logical, they will face with the obstacles in selling those products. Distribution is a key marketing function: the process of getting products to consumers. Although some manufacturers can and do sell direct to consumers, practical considerations require most to use a distribution system composed of independent middlemen, usually wholesalers and retailers.

And distribution channel is the path or ‘pipeline’ through which goods and services flow in one direction (from vendor to the consumer), and the payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction (from consumer to the vendor) (Source: http://www. Objectifications. Com). Any organization also needs to pay attention in choosing distribution channels because once a set of channels has been established, subsequent changes are likely to be costly and slow to implement. Nowadays there are two categories which distribution channels may fall into: direct and indirect channels. Direct distribution means the product going directly from producer to consumer without the use of a specific intermediary.

Indirect distribution refers to systems of distribution, common among manufactured goods, which make use of an intermediary; a wholesaler, retailer or perhaps both. Customers: the number of potential customers, their buying habits and their geographical locations are key influences. In Vanilla, particular in two big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Mini is the main distribution channel. Because of size, hence, there also have many distributors such as: suppliers, agents, retailers, wholesalers ho will introduce two products for customers. If Vanilla wants to introduce two products (Probe Fermented Yoghurt and Fresh smoothies), V. M will try to find out the culture buying behavior of customers such as: habits of customers in Ha Non and Ho Chi Mini.

Product characteristics: some product characteristics have an important effect on design of the channel of distribution: permissibility, customization, after – sales service/technical advice, franchising. V. M is among the top food and beverage companies which equip a system of fridges and freezers in shops. The investment on he system of fridges and freezers is a barrier to competitors who want to Join the food and beverage market since it requires a big sum of initial capital. With two products of Vanilla (Probe fermented yoghurt and Fresh Smoothies), V. M must keep fruit carefully. Fresh Smoothies is the product of special mixture between fresh fruit juice and milk such as: the combination of real strawberry, real orange and real milk, etc.

Hence, Vanilla must find the best supplier of fruit from farmers to serve in producing process. Vanilla also need to listens customers’ feedbacks to develop their products such as survey. The more better marketing plan V. M wanted the more marketing strategy V. M must have, such as: training program for suppliers or agent, etc. Franchising is also an important element because they also contribute in increasing profit for Vanilla by selling products. Distributor characteristics: The capability of the distributor to take on the distributive functions already discussed above is obviously an important influence on the supplier’s choice Binomials wide network of distribution is an essential factor that leads to success, helps V.

M attract a great number of customers and guarantees the effectiveness of new product old products through 201 distributors and over 141,000 outlets in 64 provinces in the country. V. M has experienced sales team of 1,787 salespeople nationwide has supported the distributors to attend to the outlets and customers better as well as advertising these products (Probe fermented yoghurt and Fresh smoothies) Competitor’s channel choice: For many consumer goods, a supplier’s brand will sit alongside its competitors’ products and there is little the supplier can do about it Vanilla is the largest producer in Vietnam with many market shares and their brand name is always kept in customer’s minds so distributors can believe about the company and introduce two products for customers.

Supplier characteristics: A strong financial base gives the supplier the option of buying and operating their own distribution channel. The market position of the supplier is also important: distributors are keen on to be associated with the market leader but the third, fourth or the fifth brand in market is likely to find more distribution problems Vanilla is the leading enterprise in Vietnam in manufacturing milk and dairy products. Vanilla holds 39% of the market share nationwide. The company has more than 220 distributors in the distribution system and over 140,000 outlets in Vietnam. Besides, V. M products are sold in all systems of supermarket nationwide. There are three types of distributors: wholesalers, retailers and agent.

Vanilla should consider carefully to choosing distributors for selling two products. In Vietnam, the distributors can choose two methods for channel design: selling direct method and indirect method. The distributors are: Selling direct method means that the distributors can sell two products directly without the middle man (intermediaries); ailing indirect method means that the distributors can sell two products with the middle and other suppliers. The distributors with selling direct methods can work Vanilla with the contract in the long term for example: from six months to one year or more if those distributors bring more profit for the company with the high sale.

The distributors with selling indirect methods can work Vanilla with the contract in the short term for example: from three months to six months, by one or two quarters, the contract will stop if no one buying any products, the distributors with selling indirect methods often work with the main distributors through their introduction, so those distributors will not work for Vanilla in the long time. There is an important element in distribution: transportation, Vanilla can distribute two products by trains, airlines and cars to 64 provinces in Vietnam. Ho Chi Mini and Ha Non will be the best suggestion in distribute these two products for Vanilla. These cities will attract many customers to use product and easy to serve customers with may services such as: the company can delivery two products for customers with the right reduce (two products: Probe fermented yoghurt and Fresh smoothies) at the right time, in the right place. C) Explain how to set the price of the product in the light of the “Vanilla” objectives and market conditions exist in Vietnam offered by the seller. On the other hand, price as an operational variable has a powerful strategic role to play. Marketing managers need to recognize that pricing (the art and technique of deciding on price issues) provides them with a tool which may be effectively combined with other components of the marketing mix to craft strategies of great variety. Binomials Objectives: Profit Minimization Sales Revenue Minimization We can see that price is the deciding factor, the key factor in the marketing strategies of enterprises. It affect quickly to the market and impact on revenue, cost, profit, market share and the competitiveness of product.

In the context that many opponents of Vanilla continuously offer strategies to attract customers, Vanilla must make appropriate policies to find the reasonable prices for their products but also maximize the profit (for example, if that price is too high, there would be fewer customer buy that product, so it will impact on the revenue of Vanilla). A domestic leader in milk producing, Vanilla is a developer and manufacturer of milk, yogurt, fruit Juice and other products. Vanilla is focusing on how to maximize the sales revenue. The objective of Vanilla is aimed at improving the distribution channel and through the advertisement on media. Market Conditions: Vanilla took good position in customer belief since they gain so many awards from domestic market.

Such as: Date/Periodical Awarding Authority 1985 Labor Medal of Third Ranking President of 1991 Labor Medal of Second Ranking President of 1996 Labor Medal of First Ranking President of 000 Hero of Labor President of 2001 Labor Medal of Third Ranking for 3 members of Vanilla: Dialed, TheГ¶Eng NhГt, During This Diary Factories President of 2005 Independence Medal of Third Ranking President of 2005 Labor Medal of Third Ranking for Hanoi Dairy Factory President of 2006 Labor Medal of Second Ranking for 3 members of Vanilla: Dialed, TheГ¶Eng NhГt, During This Diary Factories President of 2006 To be honored & got Prize of WIPE WIPE 2006 “Supreme Cup” for Vietnamese goods of high quality and prestige Intellectual Property Association and Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, 1991 – 2005

Continuously receive the award of “Leading Unit in emulation movement of Vietnam Industrial branch” Government Each year from 1995- 2007 Top brand in the “Top Ten High-quality Vietnamese Goods” Saigon Marketing Newspaper readers’ choice Which is proved that Vanilla has become the most popular brand name in milk producing, not only customer believed in their milk but also in the rest of their product is sell at a reasonable price, an affordable price with an acceptable quality. Hence, their pricing on product have to rely on the above conditions. Competitor’s Price Yogurt O yogurt: 3. 900 VEND well yogurt: 6. 500 VEND probe yogurt: 4. 300 VEND Fruit Juice cap sons: 9. 000 VEND aviation Fresh: 5. 500 VEND (Source: http://www. Batavia. Com) Binomials Pricing strategy: Price is a very sensitive element. The formation and manipulation of price are affected by many factors. So when making decisions about price, requiring companies to consider and solve several problems: First, the factors affecting decisions include cost factors within and external factors of V. M.

Changes in these factors as a basis for adjustment and change; Secondly, launched the new policy such as “skimming,” or “hold on the market,” price policy applied to the list of goods and valuation for the product or products together; Thirdly, based on the type of product or service that your company will apply the price adjustment policies are fundamentally different reasonable: 2 parts price, package price, price promotions, price discrimination, psychological price etc. Unlike the distribution of such products in the subsidy period, distribution of market mechanisms as indicated by the system of movement of goods to consumers so that with short time, lower costs and still ensure quality goods. ad) Illustrate how promotional activities integrated to achieve marketing objectives of Vanilla Promotion is concerned with communication between the seller and the buyer. Consequently it is the most visible aspect of marketing and, arguably, the most interesting.

And promotion includes advertising, sales promotion activities, publicity or public relation, and the activities of the sales force. 0 Sell promotion Sell promotion is a range of tactical marketing techniques, designed within a strategic marketing framework, to add value to a product or service, in order to achieve a specific sales and marketing objective. 0 Advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identifiable sponsor (defined by the American Marketing Association). 0 Public relations (PR) Public relations are the efforts to establish and maintain the company’s image with the public.

All of the activities above are meant to meet up with Binomials marketing objective: 0 Raise customer awareness of the brand both in consumer market 0 Bring that core price/value trade off to consumers by focusing on product features and infinite 0 The capability of the distributors, wholesale retail, type of distribution contract, long or short term contracts Competitors’ channels used: how do the competitors distribute their products 0 Supplier characteristics: supplier transportation capabilities, local knowledge, financial strength. 0 Ensure efficient In addition, if Vanilla have an ordinary production system then V. M should applied the Just In Time 0. 1. T) strategy in the promotional activities J. I. T strategy: (push and pull) With Push J. I. T strategy Vanilla will input a massive quality of material and keep hem in stock in order to producing. But it has disadvantage: the inventory cost.

With the Vietnamese current economy condition, it is not a good choice for Vanilla to do this, plus, if the customer’s demand changed then it will result in decreasing in sales because of outmoded product. But with Pull J. I. T strategy, Vanilla will produce and distribute depends on the demand of market. This strategy can help Vanilla in catch up with the trend of customer and also keep Vanilla from big cost of inventory, excess goods and outmoded goods. In the other hand, this strategy does have its disadvantage, too. If the demand of market is dramatically increase, Vanilla may not provide enough their product to customer. In my opinion, Vanilla should use these promotional strategies because they will help the company to approach new customers easier.

Vanilla can base on the push promotional strategy to introduce two products: Probe fermented yoghurt and Fresh smoothies, two products are also new products with customers, so Vanilla should think about suitable promotional programmer to approach new customers and also keep old customers. For example: when producers introduce Probe fermented yoghurt and Fresh mouthiest for wholesalers, wholesalers will use two products in order that wholesalers can know about tastes and quality products to introduce for retailers, Vanilla must have this policy if they wants to find new customers. Besides that retailers also will use two products to introduce for customers. If wholesalers introduce for retailers two products successful, Vanilla will discount 10% follow each order about prices of two products for wholesalers. This policy is very necessary when Vanilla want to new products in the milk markets.

In short, when Vanilla wants to approach new customers, they must have suitable promotional programmer or customers. With the pull promotional strategy: Vanilla must make advertisements such as: televisions, internet and newspapers. If consumers like those advertisement models, they will accept new products. Furthermore, they will listen to introduction two products from retailers. When these steps are successful, two products will be attracted many new customers. e) Analyze the additional elements of the extended marketing mix Today marketing is not limited to the traditional UP formula that it has been expanded to add the UP formula (people, process, physical evidence).