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Virgin Mobile customers have exclusive access to MAT, VHF and Nickelodeon based content. This strategy appeals to the youth since most of their customers are MAT followers. Besides that, MAT networks Is home to some of the most recognized youth brands In the country which is a perfect match to Virgin Mobiles target market. Customers are given easy ways to vote for their favorite videos on shows such as Mats “Total Request Live” through their phones. They can also personalize phones by adding new characters like graphics, ring tones, text alerts and voice mail.

In addition to the MAT-branded content, Virgin Mobile provides text messaging, online real-time billing, rescue ring, wake-up call, fun clips, the hit list, music messenger and movies. Text messaging Is an Important selling point to youth. Kids prefer to text rather than make phone calls. Even when they are in class, testing with friends is common. It is also a private way of communication for them since parents cannot know whom they talk to. So the amount of text messages will be huge. Online real-time billing provides customers a ay to see call details and track monthly bills.

Rescue ring is a new function, which may surprise customers. Nowadays, many young people do not have an alarm clock, they use cell phones to wake them up. Various wake-up calls will be favorite among youth. Ring tone shows a persons taste of music and personality, It Is used frequently by young customers. And other features such as fun clips and the hit list give a user quick ways to get updated news and connect closely with friend circle. Such value proposition would likely to generate additional usage and create customer loyalty in youth market, which would be very profitable for Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile has unique channeling and merchandising strategies that are more closely aligned to Its target-market selection. Most cellular providers sell their products in own retail outlets: malls, high-end electronic stores and so on, but Virgin Mobile distributes in channels where youth shop like Target, Sam Goody music stores and Best Buy. These places are cool shopping places in young people’s views. Also Kids have habits to buy consumer electronic products in these stores.

So instead of snacking In a locked box behind counters, Virgin Mobile creates a clear and see- through package where consumers can choose the phone without the harassment by salespeople and purchase It Like the way, as they are other consumer electronic products. It also creates large point-of-sales displays to feature the new packaging. The Starter Packs would be available at retailers such as Sam Goody, Circuit City, Media Play, and Virgin Megastars.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Because they are retailers for professional electronic games, they may focus more on customers who like to play computer games. Raze is good at producing almost all kinds of products which are necessities when players are competing. And this company introduces a new product. It is a headset called Raze Tama 7. 1 . In this report I will Introduce this product In detail with relating concepts of segmenting, targeting, positioning strategies In Raze. I will also analyze this product by explain APS (Product, price, place, promotion) and ACS (Customer, cost, nonviolence, communication).

Segmentation Strategy In order to build better relationships with right customers, Raze divides the market Into a clear segmentation and focus on their particular segment, which may lead to better strategies for their company. Geographic segmentation: Geographic segmentation calls for dividing the market Into different geographical units, such as nations, states, regions, counties, cities or neighborhoods. A company may decide to operate in one or a few geographical areas, or to operate in all areas but pay attention to geographical differences in needs and wants.

Generally speaking, sales are usually conducting in first-tier and second-tier cities. Because this sport Is more depend on computers and networks, and Raze may think that products will get more responses in big cities. Demographic segmentation: Demographic segmentation consists of delving the market Into groups based on variables such as age, gender, sexual orientation, family size, family life cycle, Income, occupation, education, religion, ethnic community and nationality.

Although there is no limitation to consumers’ age for Razes products, consumers are often repressions players who are generally young people. Products are all appropriate for men and women; there Is no Limit to gender as well. Eraser’s points of sale always build in electronic centers or near high-grade residential area in this city, for any a product is a little expensive for Raze compared with the same kind of product of Cryptographic segmentation: Cryptographic segmentation divides buyers into groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics.

Raze thinks that there is no necessary correlation between social classes and playing e-sports. But as a professional player, they are surely not belonging to upper social class. In order to train e-sports, they should stay in a room for a very long time, so their lifestyle is completely against with upper social class. In order to adapt to this character that professional players may work for many hours, Eraser’s products are basically designed by the precondition that these products can efficiently work during enough long time.

Behavioral segmentation: Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a product. Many marketers believe that behavior variables are the best starting point for building market segments. Raze is a very famous brand in games’ world. Although Raze sells mice, keyboards, headsets and other equipments for computers like mouse pads, but they have a very great limitation. Raze mainly produces professional players’ necessity, so Eraser’s goods are high technological and professional from the design, high performances and high level of guarantee from the quality.

Some players buy it because Eraser’s design is ere cool, some purchase Raze products by professional reasons, and still others buy this brand because of seeing many people use this brand, Raze. Actually, Eraser’s marketing is more like niche marketing. Niche marketing means that adapting a company’s offerings to more closely match the needs of one or more subbasements where there is often little competition. For example, Mark Warner succeeds by selling to distinct holiday niches: all-inclusive family waterspouts holidays in southern Europe to northern Europeans, and no-kids holidays for older people who want some peace and quiet.

For Raze, because they do not sell simple electronic products, they sell gaming electronic products which is one part of electronic products. And all their marketing mix is almost for customers who need good electronic products for playing games. Yet professional players are very few; if Raze Just sells products to them, Raze cannot exist. So Raze well designed its products, make them more fashionable and cool, to attract ordinary people following the fashion.

Targeting Strategy According to the investigation of Raze, more and more people buy Eraser’s keyboards ND mice now. This is because the target segment of Raze is very special. Segments that Raze products focus on are professional player’s segment and a segment that people prefer their modeling and quality, and in these two segments, Raze is a very ideal brand. Just because Raze entered this market very early, there is not too many company can compete with them, which means substitutions are very few.

Not only would like to buy Raze for better play and also for cooler. So we should be able to think that the segment size for players will continue expanding. Therefore, we can say that they have very strong business strengths. Positioning Strategy Eraser’s product positioning is basically about that game-players are the core of developing products. Because Raze constantly stresses itself excellent and characteristics in both game software and hardware, which makes people’s known to Raze developed as that is expected by developers.

Consumers may think that Raze represents the high-grade keyboards, mice, headphones and mouse pads; and firmly believe that Eraser’s products can get quicker responses, better quality and better appearance than the similar electronic products of other brands, for they may think that Raze makes electronic products is for game players victory in e-sports, with outstanding effects of hardware, participants is more stable even more outstanding when they are in the competition.

Thus people may think that the brand Raze cannot be replaced in the world of games. In fact, the understanding of Raze to people basically comes from the advertising by Raze. Eraser’s advertisements always come up scenes that related to e-sports, and from different angles (testified and dark) dressed that they make products as the standard of racing games. This is the so- called USPS (Unique Selling Proposition) which is invented by Rouser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. As to ACS Products to Customers In APS theory, the “Product” means that according to the target market need, enterprises make the planning and decision making about the product development. Its main content is: design the function of products, quality standard, characteristics, packaging design, product brand and trademark, sales and service, warranty, and product life cycle in each stage of strategy, etc. O meet users’ needs.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Classic will look to heir internal marketing team as a resource to find possible solutions that will allow them to fix the company. Classic Airline’s approach to their problems will be assessed using the 9-step model. The 9-step model will allow this company to identify the problem by Identifying the Internal and external pressures that are contributing to the drastic decline In Classic Airlines. This model will also help Identify opportunities to rebuild their business, Identify problems, develop solutions, display ethical dilemmas, and measure solutions.

This will help them attract new members in hopes o increase consumer demand. This paper will discuss Classic Airline’s problem and apply a problem solving process to resolve their crisis. Problem Solving Process Classic Airlines will need to follow the 9-step model to assist them in resolving the current decline they are experiencing in customer return. The following steps are needed to make this process successful: The first step is to identify and define the problem. Classic Airlines need to determine the exact problem in order to define it.

Within this organization the problem is that the rising costs has created a hindrance or growth. The rising costs within this organization also Include labor cost and fuel cost, which has forced the company to cut budgets In many of their departments. This has resulted In a decrease In the company shares as well as fallout of the shareholders which has resulted in a decline in employee morale. Classic is also experiencing a decrease in their frequent flyers which may be the result of the increased rates or they have decided to patronize another airline.

Classic Airline’s second step will consist of a need to measure the problem and then collect data on t. According to the airlines customer service rewards program, only 44% of their customers are happy with the company while the other 56% are unhappy and all of the customers are unhappy with Classic Airlines redemption options (University of Phoenix, 2013). The data also revealed that 46% of Classic Airlines customers were going to the competition and 68% would not refer their friends or family to fly the airline because they did not like the programs they currently offer their frequent flyers.

Currently 15% of the employees are experiencing low morale because they are uncertain of their Job security. The shareholders are also uneasy because the alertness market share has decreased by 10%. Classic Airlines will need to measure these Classic Airline’s third step will consist of a need to decide the end state vision for the company and set a goal and mission for the company. In order to remain the world’s largest profitable airline, Classic will need to measure their profits by the profits of their competitor airlines. The goal of Classic airlines is to increase their market shares and bottom line profits.

Classic will need to compare the market shares of the revises year and implement a marketing campaign allow them to regain their customers as well as attract new ones. To make this happen the company will need to revise their rewards program and still have the ability to cut costs. They will accomplish this goal setting by utilizing the company’s budget cut report and profit data (University of Phoenix, 2013). Classic Airline’s fourth step will consist of a need to determine the root cause of the problems they are currently facing.

They will need to analyze their current process in order to determine what processes are working and to working for them. There are internal pressures that are the result of the cause of the company’s crisis. In the past the company has used cut backs on production and overhead instead of investing in creativity and creative ideas that could possibly increase revenue within the company. The CEO and executives have failed to keep their customers and marketing top focus when making decisions. The executives increasing customer satisfaction is too costly and takes away from other programs that they feel are more beneficial to the company.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

After undergoing a strategic analysis of Its product portfolio, the Co-operative bank Identified the tertiary sector as a promising market segment from which It could build an exciting new product offering specifically aimed full time tertiary students. Some demographic characteristics of this targeted segment include: males and females aged between 18 and 28 who have decided to further their education in a tertiary institution. Typically consumers in this segment have relatively low income when compared to a consumer with a full time Job.

This segment is, tech saws,’ by this we mean that they are constantly keeping up with technological advancements and purchasing the newest models of laptops, smart phones, tablets and or similar devices. 2 Critique 1 Overall Communication strategy The overall communication strategy is conveyed through the use of specific marketing strategies and select media channels such as television to try and increase brand equity of the tertiary sector over the next year by promoting and implementing a tertiary package aimed directly at full time students.

The marketer’s incorporate the key message of, ‘100% NZ owned’ and ‘driven by your prosperity, not our profit’ into advertisements to distinguish The Co-operative bank from Its competitors. 2 Key Message The key message the company is trying to convey to its targeted segment of full time tertiary students is summed up by the tertiary package slogan which is to, “help students when they have a bit of money and when they don’t” (The C)-operative Bank, 2014). This refers to the tertiary packages specific products which comprise: 3 Brand Associations

The brand associations used by the Co-operative bank include a combination of brand attributes and brand benefits. Some non product-related brand attributes are conveyed to the full time tertiary student market segment. For example, the Interest rate (which we assume is a form of price within the banking industry) is a non- product related brand attribute which is utilized to convey positive brand associations. Brand benefits specifically the way the Co-operative brand is positioned in terms of functional needs It attempts to provide solutions to full time tertiary students unifies capable of solving their problems that the Co-pop posses.

For example, the Co-pop tertiary package is aimed at satisfying the functional needs of full time tertiary students banking requirements whether it’s saving, borrowing or spending money. 4 Media Strategy The Co-operative bank utilizes several media strategies to communicate its message to their various targeted segments. Firstly, a television commercial was created titled, “bank like you own the place,” which started to air on the 7th July 2013 during the national news at pm on TV this was supported by simultaneous marketing ammunitions in the form of print, outdoor and online advertising.

For example, “the bank has largely focused on print advertising since the rebind, with a campaign centered around its New Zealand ownership and the fact that its 100% owned by its customers, as well as a series of print ads showing collectors with their various hauls” (Fay, 2013). However, these promotional activities were for the Co- operative banks entire product portfolio and were aimed at increasing membership and not specifically for the purpose of targeting full time tertiary students.

Therefore he most effective media strategy implemented by Co-pop for their tertiary package was the point of purchase (POP) advertising they conducted. For example, within each branch, posters and brochures were displayed to inform full time tertiary students of the specific tertiary package and its content. This encouraged impulse purchase decisions for some full time tertiary students who opted for the tertiary package at the POP. The media strategies implemented were appropriate for the Co-operative bank overall as evident from the increase in customer base from the last financial year.

The media channels such as TV and print advertising used to communicate with the public resulted in many new members for Co-pop and inadvertently increased brand equity for the organization in terms of more market share and greater brand loyalty. The point of purchase advertising done in-store (branch) through the use of brochures and posters to promote the tertiary package and its benefits to their target audience can be seen as somewhat effective because staff were able to persuade some full time tertiary sector students to sign up to the bank.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

The package holiday as advertised by Thomson will also have restrictions set out in Thomson A-Z guide books. And customer should read Thomson A-Z guide and these terms and condition carefully, before customer booked there holidays. In all task, Thomson need to consideration about PESTLE analysis, stockholder analysis, market segmentation, pricing strategy, extended marketing mix, promotional mix, marketing research, marketing planning, and sustainability of Thomson holiday. Thomson holiday fits in travel and tourism Industry- Thomson holiday Is a most famous and big tour operator.

Tour operator means who can operator the whole tour of tourist that called Tour operator. And the whole operator means, to do operator of whole Travel, Tourism and Hospitality component. The component of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is given below So Thomson as they work for tour operator then it Is Intermediary or middle man organization. Thomson do transportation by their own plain, cruises, buses, cabs etc. They provide accommodation which is including with nice accommodation, quality food, and high quality services. And they have excellent location or destination which Is very attractive for customer.

Brief description of Thomson Organization At Thomson, we understand that it’s the little things that make the big difference. That’s why Thomson has employ nearly 18,000 people to make your holiday special and batter form other. Thomson started up back in 1965 with the aim and making foreign travel accessible to all. Instead of soggy trips to the seaside, customer began jetting off to the Continent for a dose of sun. Fast forward 40 years and they are still going strong. Thomson has got more staff based around the world than any other travel company, and a huge collection of holidays to choose from.

So whether you’re after a cruise or a 5-star hotel, Thomson will help you find a break that’ (Ref- www. Thomson. Co. K) Stakeholder- Stakeholder means who has interest in the business directly or indirectly. Stakeholders are the people and Groups who may be influenced by, or may influence operation’s activities. Some Stakeholders are internal, for example the operation’s employees; others are external, for example Customers, society or community groups. Some external stakeholder has a direct commercial relationship with the organization, for example suppliers and customers. Ref: Engel Slack, Fifth edition 2007) Moreover, it can be address that the growing popularity of stakeholder analysis reflects an Increasing recognition of how the characteristics of takeovers – individuals, groups and organizations -? Influence decision;making processes. This paper reviews the origins and uses of stakeholder analysis, as described in the policy, health care management and development literature. Its ‘OFF evolved into a systematic tool with clearly defined steps and applications for scanning the current and future organizational environment.

Stakeholder analysis can be used to generate knowledge about the relevant actors so as to understand their behavior, intentions, interrelations, agendas, interests, and the influence or sources they have brought – or could bring – to bear on decision-making processes. This information can then be used to develop strategies for managing these stakeholders, to facilitate the implementation of specific decisions or organizational objectives, or to understand the policy context and assess the feasibility of future policy directions.

Policy development is a complex process which frequently takes place in an unstable and rapidly changing context, subject to unpredictable internal and external factors. As a cross-sectional view of an evolving picture, the utility of takeover analysis for predicting and managing the future is time-limited and it should be complemented by other policy analysis approaches. PESTLE analysis of Thomson holidays Political-?political factor means how and what government degree in economics. So Thomson should also know about the government policy of this country.

It’s also including with goods and services, which is government provide to the Thomson tour operator. Specifically, political factor are include such as, labor law, environmental law, taxation, tariffs, tread law, local council law etc. Economic-Economic factor means owe Thomson operator and take decisions. For example, money interest rate affects a cost of capital in firms. So economic factor is including with like, interest rates, economic growth, inflation rate, and money exchange rates etc.

Social-social factor means what are the cultural aspects, population growth rates, life style of social people, age distribution, Thomson also make sure about thus kind of factor. So is including with cultural festival, demography, geography, languages behavior, religion festival etc. Technological-Technological factor is including as R and D activity. It is very important to know about latest Technology. Because, digital technology can provide to Thomson, quick and good services. Thomson allows use high speed internet services, and then Thomson can give services to their customer very quickly.

For technology product quality has well, more productivity, time saving, good impact for Thomson tour operator etc. Environmental-let is another importance element of Thomson tour operator. Environmental factor including with, ecological aspects. For example, weather, climate, local waste issue, etc. So Thomson has attention with environmental factor. Legal-Legal factor means what is legality of Thomson. It is including many law or legality likes, Employment law, customer law, discrimination law, and health and safety law etc. So Thomson has also policy to full file thus law.

The main marketing issues facing the Thomson organization at the moment There are many marketing issues facing Thomson organization such as, The C Analysis is considered for be a very helpful in analyzing in the market environment. Thomson needs to be consideration the competitor’s position within the industry. Business analysis both the current and capabilities of a competitor in order to be prepared against competition. This is the main purpose of competitor’s analysis. Thomson needs to be identifying competitors, and assessment of competitors.

Thomson tour operator use customer’s analysis method. Like, demographics Customers’ needs and wants, Income level of customers, Distribution Customers’ behave. Etc. Thomson needs to do company analysis like; companies goals and objectives, what is the mission and vision? Company need to be achieve their goals. Companies, performance, and product line all thus think Thomson try to achieve. For understand the Thompson business climate, there are many issue can be affect in a business, if researched well, and then it will contribute to a company.

For climate analysis is also known the PEST analyses Collaborators are very important and useful for Thomson tour operator, as they allow for creation new idea. Many kinds of collaborators in Thomson tour operator. Such as, agencies, distributors, suppliers, partnership etc. This is the main marketing issue facing Thomson and other organization current moment. So Thomson doing consider about this. Segmentation targeting positioning- Division the total market into the smaller groups, segmentation refers too process of dividing a big unit into small units that is the market segmentation.

Evaluating each segments attractiveness and selecting one or more on which to focus. Developing a competitive position for the product and an appropriate marketing mix. (Ref- lecture note) Thomson has some sort of plan in order to find out market segmentation targeting positioning (STEP). Because, without market segment company cannot make any plan about Demographical, Geographical, cryptographic and customer behavioral. For example if company don’t have any idea about their market segment, target and position then company may lose their goals and target. So it is very importance for Thomson holidays.

The main product of Thomson holiday Basically, Thomson is a famous and largest tour operator in the world. Where customer fill secure and comfort. The main product of Thomson is making holiday packages, which is including with Transportation, accommodation, attraction, destination, extras etc. For their holiday packages they have different type of packages like, Adult holiday Family holiday Luxury holiday Adult holiday-Thomson Couples is a collection of holidays designed Just for adults. Properties in this range are strictly child-free and are part of the Thomson Premium Collection.

What’s more, they all boast stylish interiors, inviting pool scenes and fantastic settings. And you can also look forward to fantastic, stylish restaurants and relaxed entertainment. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) They have more adult holiday packages like, Thomson gold, Sensation, chic and unique, entity holidays, small and friendly, spa holidays, all inclusive holidays, premium collection, villa holidays, long stay holidays etc. Family holidays-Keeping the whole family happy on holiday can be tricky but our brand new Thomson Family Resorts collection is designed to make things simple.

We’re not Just talking about properties with kids’ pools and playgrounds. We’ve thought about all the details like children’s buffets and interconnecting rooms. And all properties in this collection are 4 or 5TH – to keep the parents happy. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) Other hand they have some more family holidays like, Florida and Walt Disney, Disneyland Paris, Lapin, Florida holiday etc. Luxury holidays- The Just for adults’ tag is what really sets Thomson Couples apart. Perfect setting for luxury holidays these properties offer smart interiors and inviting pool scenes.

And double beds and tables for two mean they’re geared-up for great peoples’ holidays. Being part of the Thomson Premium Collection – Thomson Couples also comes with little extras to make your holiday special. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) In luxury holiday Thomson has like, A la Carte holidays, Platinum holidays etc. Flight- Thomson has domestic and international flight. They have Thomson airways. They do flight to Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey which is for international. For domestic flight Thomson do in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Alton, Norwich etc.

Where ever customers like to go they can book to Thomson airways. Hotel-Len Hotel and apartment deals they do like ROI Park Hotel in Costa Blanch. AT FEB., which is 19 Novo-14 DCE 2012. Form EYE up. Savoy Gardens Hotel in Madeira. 4TH HOB. This is 19 Novo-14 DCE 2012. For EYE up. Jazz Miracle park in Egypt. 4TH AL. 22 NOVO-14 DCE 2012. Form EYE up. Top place right now in Thomson, like club Canada in turkey, Atlantic Imperial Resort, Grand Hotel Flora, Atlantic Oasis, Hotel Falsies etc. Destination- Thomson has very attraction destination. Thomson allows bring to customer very best destination from around the Globe.

In Europe they are doing in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus etc. And they also are doing in Caribbean like, sun, smiles and stunning beaches. For Africa, they do in the city or on safari. And Indian Ocean, The Americas as well. And Thomson has cruises as well. That is all product of Thomson, which is very quality full where customer can enjoy and satisfy by using Thomson product. This is all about their product and services, facility, and description. Pricing strategies- Every organization use main three pricing strategy for setting price their product or services.

Basically there are three main ways for setting the price of product or services. Such as Based on product cost -How much does it cost for making the product or services. And add price in order to make profit. Based on customer pricing- How much customer going to pay for this product or services, and can customer afford this price or not. Based on competitor pricing-The price has to be balance with competitor price or market price. Price should not be higher than competitor or market. Thomson do customer and competitor based pricing strategy.

Other way many ways for price strategy like, Penetration pricing Premium pricing Predatory pricing Contribution margin-based pricing Psychological pricing Dynamic pricing Target pricing Absorption pricing High-low pricing Value-based pricing Under the customer and competitor pricing strategy Thomson increase their market. Thomson knows the customer and competitor pricing strategy is very importance for why Thomson tries to understand the customer need and want. Thomson knows that if the price volume is high then sales volume will be low and if the price volume is low then sales volume will be high.

Competitor is another importance part of pricing strategy. Because price has to be similarity with competitor or market price. We know that market is so competition. If Thomson does not fallow the competitor pricing strategy then they may will lose their business. Promotional mix of Thomson- Promotional mix is an important part of marketing mix. Develop the product; promote the business doing some advertising that called promotional mix. Once a product is developed, its price is determined the next problem comes to its sale I. E. , creating demand for the product. It requires promotional activities.

There are five main element of promotional mix, such as, Promotional mix model (Luther note) Thomson tour operator uses the all promotional element, and promotes their service ND product many ways. But Thomson focuses few of thus elements. How Thomson promote itself- 1 . Advertisement- Advertisement is one the important element, which Thomson uses for their organization. Thomson advertisement has lot of element such as Television Radio Newspaper Magazine Billboard Cinema Social network 2. Personal selling-personal selling means face to face sales with customer. Or it can be by telephone.

For Examples: Sales presentations, sales meetings, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary salespeople. When customers booked their holidays, they call to the company. 3. Sales promotion-let could be media or non- media communication . For Examples: Coupons, sweepstakes, contests, product samples, rebates, tie-ins, self-liquidating premiums, trade shows, trade-ins, and exhibition. 4. Public Relation-Thomson always try to make relation with public. Every company has got some plan to build up relation with public. Public relation is paid media. Thomson has some sort of plan to make relation with general public.

Such as, Direct Marketing-Direct marketing means, to do marketing with customer directly that’s called direct marketing. Thomson do direct marketing like, e-mail, telephone inversion, send to the customer voucher, send leaflet or later to the customer home. Thomson has got customer relation management. Thomson has some salt of form; by this they can easily have customer telephone number, e-mail address, home address etc. And for this reason they can do direct marketing with any customer. Marketing mix Every organization needs to do marketing mix for promote their business and introduce their product or services in the market place.

For this reason organization need to focus on marketing mix. Marketing mix is all about APS for any organization. Every organization need to thing about 7 As before and after fit the organization. So the APS is stand for, Product Place Promotion Process Physical evidence People. Process-process transfer to the method and process of providing a good service. For example, Thomson allows use high speed internet for providing quick and first class services to their customer. And Thomson has good communication connection their each branch and existing customer, which is only for their good process.

Physical evidence-physical evidence one of the most important part of Thomson tour operator. And it is expensive for any organization. Physical evidence means furnishers, lighting, and air condition etc. It’s all about organizations decoration. So almost all customers’ first impact depends on Thomson Physical evidence. And as we know that first impact is always good for any organization. People- People refers to the customer, employee, management and general public or everybody else who is involved in Thomson tour operator. So as extended marketing mix of Thomson, it is very importance to ensure about those people.

Thomson knows customers are most important part of their business, so they always take care their customer. Employee is he very essential element part of Thomson. They can leave at any time. As 2012, Thomson has 100000 employee of their organization. Thomson tour operator always give them training, Job rotation, Job enrichment, motivation Etc of their employee. For management level they give them good opportunity. Marketing research-Marketing research is very important for any organization. Thomson always needs to do their marketing research.

Marketing research means to find out about market size, geography of the market, customer behavior, market segment, customer profile, further potential market, competitor marketing police etc. That called marketing research. There are two kind of marketing research 1. Primary research 2. Secondary research Primary research means analysis a workplace a survey or by interview. Data collection form new research. Analysis form laboratory or literary or historical text. Secondary research means secondary source which is including form books, article about political issue, medical issue, and literary works.

And internal resource of organization. The scope of marketing research Thomson Marketing research can be following element like, Market research Product research Promotion research Motivation research Sales research Competitor research Customer research Etc. 1 . Marketing research-let means to find out the market size or target market. Need to be known about geography area of market. And analyses the customer profile. It is importance in marketing research. Investigation of new uses for existing product. Packaging research of Thomson product. Research of product development and pricing policy. . Promotion research-Analysis of the promotional activity which is effectiveness. For example advertising, directing marketing, sales promotion, personal selling, and sponsorship research etc. Copy and media research. 4. Motivation research- It means analysis of motivation of customer responses. And customer perception of value. Analysis of Thomson employee motivation. 5. Sales research- It is more value in marketing research. It is including like, evolution of sales methods. Planning of sales calls of Thomson. And analysis the distribution system of Thomson.

Identification of suitable outlines. Thomson selling activities by intermediary, agencies. 6. Competitor research- Research the activities of competitors. What kind of policy they are following. Market shares, trends and unique selling point. So competitor research is very importance of Thomson. 7. Customer research- Analysis the customer behavior. Different types of customer research. Identify the customer expectation. Find out the customer demand. Customer research is very needed for Thomson holiday. Thomson holiday allows focus of those planning in order to do their marketing research.

The process marketing research There are some stages of the market research which is Thomson allows follow. Those stages are Stage 1. Definition of the problem- This is the first stage for any marketing research project is to find out the problem. And before launching a research, it is importance to clarify the type of required information. It is involves of discussion with the decision makers, analysis of secondary data, perhaps, and qualitative research. Stages. Investigation of secondary sours of data- When the primary researches done then come to the investigation of secondary sours of data.

The main sources include government publication like, the yearly social trends, organization research, trade associations and professional bodies etc. Secondary data should be handled with carefully. Stage 3. Selection of primary data collection- Basically there are three mineral method of field research to collection of primary data. Surveys Experiments Observation Thomson holiday organization need to survey generally way. Like, value of marketing research which is depends on its accuracy. Primary research is time-consuming and costly. After surveys need to do experiment of the information. Need to do verify the marketing research.

And last of all observation, it is very importance to do observation that what is going on in the market. Stage 4. Decide on details of research techniques-Len this stage would be formulation of questionnaires method. Stage 5. Analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the- It is very importance to draw conclusions after collecting the data. Then it can be of value in designing marketing strategies. That is the main process of marketing research. Thomson holiday follow this marketing process. In order to achieve the research objective of each stage of marketing process Thomson need to be focus on every single stage.

Specially questionnaires and deciding on sampling methods. Thomson holiday focus on it like, Thomson holiday ask every single customer who is traveling with them to fill a holiday experience as Excellent Fair or poor Sustainability and corporate social responsibility Thomson is the part of sustainable aviation, a UK initiative bringing together airlines, airport operations, aircraft and engine manufacturers and air traffic management providers, which seeks to minimize the impact of flying on the environment and society Thomson tour operating has high responsibilities towards the society at all the time.

Thomson holidays they do motivation their employee with high respect and more than average remuneration. The organization is giving more environment friendly tourism and giving awareness to its clients regarding this. Thomson designed many tour packages and they have given maximum priority to the environment and nature friendly tourist approaches. Thomson also helping to many other charity organizations from the income derived from their business. The Thomson holidays is committed to work with the stakeholders for their convenience and happiness with friendly.

There are many way Thomson doing there sustainability and corporate responsibility Publications Event Newsletters News releases Other social network Publication- In publication section Thomson throws their annual report. It is very social responsible as well, where people can get more information about Thomson holidays. Other hand Thomson publishes many books for every year, which is A-Z guide for Thomson holidays. The some books name is Premium collection, Florida, Lapin etc.

Event- Thomson has many activities like, they have wedding event, AT Favorites event etc. People can get many comforts with this all event. Event is very needed part of social responsibility. Newsletters- Thomson annual report any new thing comes to the business they throw in newsletters. Where people can have clear idea about their Thomson holidays. In this Newsletters section Thomson use progress report, technical papers etc. News releases-elf any new thing comes to the Thomson holidays then they releases it by news releases.

This is another sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Other social network- In this part Thomson doing some interesting thing and make social network like, face book, twitter yahoo etc. Thomson throws their information or news by social network. Conclusion- After scanning the all task, it is clearly understandable that Thomson always fellow the situation analysis, marketing report, marketing research and sustainability and report social responsibility and many other thing.

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France has a favorable innovation climate, which is reflected in the large number of patents received. In 2010, the total number of patents received from the US Patent and Trademark Office (SPOT) reached 124,723, which indicates the country’s strong support for innovation and R. The government’s interventionist attitude, as seen in the case of Internet advertising, and the ongoing withdrawal of business-friendly schemes Like the Young Innovative Company (YOGIC) concept will affect Industrial growth, and could reduce Investments In the country. Legal landscape

Foreign investments increased by 22% in 2010, with 782 projects leading to nearly 32,000 jobs, an increase of 6% compared to 2009. Many of these projects were related to the renewable energy sector. In 2010, foreign companies based in France created two million Jobs. Many of the government’s tax and labor reforms have been met with cynicism and public protests. The government is planning to increase weekly working hours to 39 from the current 35 and abolish the wealth tax.

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The company also owns Score stores, which It Is now undertaking to convert to the Pick n Pay brand and specifically, to its Family Franchise store format, where a local community member is owner-manager of the store. Question 1 A marketing gap refers to an unmet need, where people might require a certain product, or type of product or service, there is no business that is selling the product 1 OFF entrepreneurs to produce the goods or services which is not yet available to consumers. The market gaps can be classified into 5 categories namely; space gap, time gap, information gap, ownership gap and value gap.

Space gap The space gap refers to how the company distributes their products around the country to reduce the chances of stock shortages between the different stores. Companies use warehouses to distribute products between different stores. Pick n Pay closes the space gap by using depots and warehouses to distribute products between the different Pick n Pay franchises throughout the country. Time gap The time gap refers to the company importing products or keeping a products in excess throughout a certain time period to reduce the chances of certain products having a stock shortage due to the change in season.

Pick n Pay uses their warehouses to keep stock of certain produce. Pick n Pay is South Africans number one retailer, which consists of 20 hypermarkets, 162 supermarkets and 127 Family Franchise stores. The produce is stored in temperature controlled room to fit the needs of the produce to keep them fresh and up to quality standards. Pick n pay signed an agreement with the WFM and the ASSAI to transform their fresh, frozen and canned seafood products with aims to restore over- exploited fish stocks to sustainable levels, while maintain and improving other stock.

Pick n pay is one of out Africa first retailers to sign an agreement, the three year agreement is worth 6. 1 million rand Information gap The information gap refers to giving the consumer information about the different products. Pick n Pay closes the information gap by providing the consumer with relevant information on the products they sell to the consumer Ownership gap The ownership gap refers to an entrepreneur purchasing a franchise and following the rules and requirements of the franchiser. Pick n Pay is an Associate Member of the Franchise Association of Southern Africa. Membership No.

OFF/0234. The entrepreneur profile for a franchisee is an existing store owner or manager, or an entrepreneur with previous retail management experience. Pick n pay provides a training program for new franchisees which is 67 days which is an initial training programmer for the owner, and ongoing training and support for operating a successful business. Its important for the franchisee to buy a set of Operations Manuals at a cost of RE 000 once a future store has been set up. The franchisee has to pay one percent of gross actual turnover. This fee is payable with post-dated cheeses.

The franchisee makes use of the Pick n Pay brand on till packaging, promotional signage, uniforms and name badges. These are Just some of the rules and regulations for a new franchisee to follow when opening a new Pick n Pay franchise. Value gap The value gap refers to the price at which the company decides to sell their products to the consumers and whether the consumer agrees with the price. Pick n Pay inspire customer loyalty through loyalty cards such as the smart shopper loyalty card, which allows customers to allocate shopping points which can be used to pay for Pick Pay items after a certain amount of points is acquired.

The BEEBE gap refers to how a company complies with the scorecard. The recommended approach is for the companies to use the scorecard calculator to establish a baseline that reflects the company’s current BEEBE status. Pick n pay has a level sic BEEBE status which is two places away from being non-compliant. Pick n pay shows 3. 76% in black ownership and 0. 37% in black women ownership. This ownership is Question 2 Marketing activities refer to the activities of a company associated with buying and ailing a product or service.

Primary marketing refers to the transportation of the products from the supplier to the consumer in the fastest and safest way. Transportation Pick n Pay makes use of Unitarians Freight and Logistics to handle all its transport, warehousing and delivery needs, while Unitarians supply Chain Solutions designs and implements supply and logistics solutions for customers. Services include transportation, warehousing, distribution and clearing. Sourcing and Supplying information This refers to the retailer knowing where potential consumers are and how the detailer is going to attract the consumers.

This marketing activity can also be related to market research which is the collecting and analyzing of information relating to consumer needs to introducing a new product into the market. Pick n Pay uses different forms of media to advertise their products to their target market. Pamphlets are often used in weekly newspapers to give consumers prices and discounts on Pick n Pays prices. Other media such as television is used to promote Pick n Pays prices as well as promoting their loyalty cards and outreach programs such as the pink rive which inspires customer loyalty.

Standardization and grading This refers to the retailer acquiring the best quality oft products at the best price in large quantities which in retrospect benefits all the parties involved in the economic process. Pick n pay signed an agreement with the WFM and the ASSAI to transform their fresh, frozen and canned seafood products with aims to restore over- exploited fish stocks to sustainable levels, while maintain and improving other stock. Pick n pay is one of South Africa first retailers to sign an agreement, the three year agreement is Roth 6. 1 million rand.

Storage Refers to the company importing products or keeping a products in excess stock shortage due to the change in season. Retailers use the storage activity to close the time gap. Pick n Pay uses their warehouses to keep stock of certain produce. Pick n Pay is South Africans number one retailer, which consists of 20 hypermarkets, 162 supermarkets and 127 Family Franchise stores Risk-taking The retailer takes out insurance to secure the company from certain loses. , property insurance provides protection for the company against most risks to property, such s fire, theft and weather damage.

Bad debt insurance is payment protection Insurance which is designed to protect the company from being unable to make payments to creditors. These are Just some of the types of insurance that Pick n Pay can take out to insure their assets from loss or damage. Question 3 Market orientation focuses on providing products that respond to both the needs and wants off target audience. These orientations can be classifies into four concepts namely; production, sales, marketing and societal marketing-orientation. Consumer Orientation

The market is characterized by a number of products, a diverse customer group and stiff competition. Marketing with the consumers in mind has become a necessity to business today. Marketing managers are moving their focus from selling a product to make a larger profit margin to providing goods and services for the consumers, but at a price that is both affordable, which keeps the consumers satisfied and ensures that the companies make a profit at the end of the financial year. One of the key factors of Pick n Pays consumer orientation strategies is inspiring customer loyalty, Pick n

Pay uses their loyalty cards to inspire customer loyalty to the Pick n pay brand. The smart shopper card is a loyalty card that allows customers to accumulate points when they shop at Pick n Pay stores. Once the customer accumulates enough points, the smart shopper card can be used to pay for the products at the Pick n Pay store thus helping the consumer save money after a certain period of time due to the point system set up by the loyalty card scheme. “Smart shopper has been designed as an easy three-step process of signing up, swiping the card and switching points to

Rand once cardholders have collected 1000 points. When switching their points, customers can elect to donate to a charity or environmental cause instead. The only till transactions that don’t earn smart points are third party payments such as household service bills, traffic fines, tobacco products, Pan gift cards, Lotto, money transfers, financial services, fuel or prescription drugs. ” Pick n Pay set up the Pink Drive program which is a program aimed at education women in informal areas about breast cancer, Pick n Pay use two trucks which consists of an abele staff who re educated with the program.

The staff provide free mammograms and clinical breast checks to all women in the community. Which inspires customer loyalty and attracts potential investors. Online shopping is another scheme set up by Pick n Pay shopping scheme allows customers to browse through the Pick n Pay catalogue which provides the products price and description which lets the consumer know more about the product, the catalogue provides the price and picture of the product. Pick n Pay also has a delivery service which transports the products that the consumer researched over the internet to the area of the consumer. Hose are the ways in which Pick n Pay inspires customer loyalty to form a consumer orientated market which is aimed at providing products to the consumer at an affordable price which inspires customer loyalty but at the same time provides a good profit margin for the Question 4 With relationship marketing, customer profile, buying patterns, and history of contacts are maintained in a sales database. , and an account executive is assigned to one or more major customers to fulfill their needs and maintain the relationship, legislation marketing gives the company the opportunity to grow with both revenue and profit.

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The objective of this study Is to offer both theoretical and practical insights about the deregulation recess In Nigeria from a management violent. TLS study theoretical framework Is embedded In three aspects of the literature: deregulation, strategic management and competitive forces. These three perspectives are used in order to assess emerging effects, challenges and prospects of deregulation of the industry and the changing strategic landscape arising from the deregulation exercise.

The theory of competitive forces provides and understanding of the industry structure and the interactions between competitors, while Innovative management Is needed in order to assess Industry processes and capableness. Summarizing and Integrating these viewpoints formed a hypothesized understanding that reflected the effects, challenges and prospects of deregulation-An empirical analysis of the study required a constructed research methodology that is based on quantitative and qualitative methods.

A non-probability sample approach with a dichotomous questionnaire (of TEST/NO responses) was self-administered in Baja, Lagos and Port Harcourt to represent three geographical areas in Nigeria; the target population of fifty persons from each state was chosen using purposive sampling method. Furthermore, an open-ended questionnaire was self-administered on two managers from Forth Oil, one manager from Indo PL and one manager from Total PL. The manager’s views were sought in order to have an industry professionals opinion on the deregulation of the downstream oil and gas industry.

The presentation of result followed a statistical test of hypotheses on the effects, challenges and prospects of the deregulation of the downstream Industry. A Porters five forces model was also utilized to analyses the competitive forces In the Industry. The analysis performed indicated that respondents are concerned that deregulation could have numerous effects on the country and there are yet many challenges ahead. However, there is an overwhelming consensus that there are great prospects for the downstream sector to be improved by deregulation.

Overall, the result shows that many Nigerian are of the opinion that deregulation will deliver positive effects, reduce the challenges In the Industry and also create better prospects and opportunities. The study reveals that the previous regulated regime of the downstream oil and gas industry has become more competitive and market driven. Nevertheless, it also indicates that the industry is not fully deregulated to enable the market mechanism to determine product prices; rather the government has been fixing petroleum product prices. The study further revealed that deregulation program is poorly implemented by regulatory agencies.

Hence, In view of the lapses revealed, this implementation, evaluation, monitoring and control is required to drive the success of deregulation of the downstream oil and gas industry. Abstract: Purpose: To examine the extent to which deregulation of the Nigerian Petroleum downstream effectively and efficiently promotes petroleum product distribution. Design/ Methodology/Approach: This study was carried out by reviewing the organization of the Nigerian deregulated downstream provision with reference to the products and services, major players, traits and inherent tensions.

Further, an analysis of determinant forces in the sector was performed using Porter’s five forces with particular focus on fuel retailing. We were able to identify key issues in the effective management of an oil and gas supply chain. The study further goes to proffer rabble recommendations to tackle these tensions and issues inherent in petroleum product distribution in a deregulated regime so as to enhance competitive advantage.

Findings: In view of the data extracted from both primary and secondary sources, it was discovered that fuel retailing was key to a company’s supply chain as it largely went ahead to determine the application of other products. Also, partial deregulation of the Nigerian petroleum downstream has failed to address most of the challenges in the sector, and thus, until total deregulation of the sector, these problems would continue to be experienced.

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Children are encouraged to grow as they state. Goodliest Learning however, is a much higher competitor. Goodliest Learning is a nationwide known organization which is run by non-profit organizations, such as, Mission Australia, Social Ventures Australia and the Benevolent Society. Goodliest Learning would be a significant threat/competitor to any new establishing child care centre, these reasons being that it is nationally known, parents and families know what is expected as a whole with this organization and the learning standards.

If a family was to move states, New South Wales to Victoria for example, taking their child room a Goodliest Learning Centre and program to another foreign program might cause them difficulties with their learning habits, though being placed into a similar environment and learning structure the transition will be much easier due to the reputation Goodliest learning has squired. Goodliest learning would also remain a high competitor because of their reputation of being good and extensive.

Children are taught about the environment and how to sustain it, through making vegetable gardens; they experience music of different cultures as well as arts. Map of the Area Map of Child Care Centers in Oak Park and Gleeson (neighboring suburb). Summarized Analysis. The data given in this report to Knowledge Plus Property Group regarding the potential investments into Child Care funds will help determine the potential risk/no risk outcome of the decision.

The data shown shows clear comparisons of population records, as well as a sound competitive analysis, the visual maps and table show clear indication of the surrounding areas of schools. Graphs indicating a potential rise in population due to the significant age group at 25-29 years of 9. 1% of the local population, thus inducing a new generation is most likely. Recommendation.

The recommendation concluded from this data report would be that investing in a Child Care Centre would not be a financially viable risk to undertake in this particular area. The Justification of this would be due to the fact that the suburb of Oak Park and surrounding demographics. The population does not have a sufficient percentage of the targeted aged group to successfully accomplish as a new establishment. Having a local operation and a nationally known organization as competitors it would not be a profitable investment.

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Tie Is Ireland’s one of Ireland biggest formal wear shop and rental specialist. Black tie has numerous stores throughout Ireland including one in Limerick in O Connell Street. Black tie has been in the formal wear Business for the last 25 years. Here is the Soot Analysis Limerick Formal Wear has carried out on Black Tie. Strengths: Black Tie has twelve branches all over Ireland including on in Limerick City.

Central Location They have been around for the last 25 years so they have developed a large customer base of loyal customers. Rental Facility They do special group deals They have a detailed online site which provides customers with a lot of information about the company. They have a Backbone account which Informs customers of their latest deals and offers. They offer discounts to their customers when they like them on Backbone.

Black Tie has an online catalogue that you can purchase items on. They have a store Locator They get good feedback from the local Community It offers good customer care by having a special section on their website for customer enquires Offers appointments to anyone who wishes to get professional help and device from the staff Weakness: High Prices Premises is small – Little floor space Shops in the crescent shopping centre have an advantage over them because of the free parking facility.

Opportunities: They are a well-known formal wear company throughout Ireland for the last 25 years who have the potential to expand globally. Expand the premises Stores such as Penny’s Dunes and Tests are making copy cats for a lower price. New entrants to the market During the recession even loyal customers may switch to cheaper alternatives.

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What are the main obstacles to international expansion in this business? Is the service mobile, with competitive advantages (Offs and Sacs) Intact? America Online Is one of the largest providers of online services In the world. Beginning in the united States as Quantum Computer Services in 1985, America Online has grown substantially in the United States and internationally. In the early stages of America Online, before it was even named America Online, the company only had a mere 100,000 members.

By 1994, America Online had reached the million- ember mark; by 1 995, America Online became the largest provider of online services and began to put their foot in the International market door. The dream of entering International markets proved to be very difficult for the New Market Operations unit in AOL international. Originally, all of the services America Online provided were geared towards the American market. Changing their services to fit the new international markets was a very difficult task. America Online began making agreements with other companies to help make the process run smoother.

America Online partnered with HP to make AOL the default setting on HP computers shipped In the united States and many other countries. America Online also signed an agreement with China Internet Corporation (ICC) to allow them to market, promote, and distribute AOL services to Hong Kong. This was a big start for America Online because if Hong Kong is successful then it could possibly give them access to the rest of China. Even though no other company offered the same services as America Online, the level of competition in the International markets was huge.

America Online had to compete with other Internet providers, telephone and cable companies. And also the local papers, radio and television stations. The constant increase in new technology continued to bring more competitors into the market. Once America Online had made the leap into international markets like China, many more problems began to come to light. With America Online already being a massive competitor in the United States, the international side of America Online seemed to constantly be placed on the back burner and ignored. This made it dulcet for the

International side to communicate with each other and accomplish their goals. Another Issue was with the ICC, they were always falling behind schedule and neglecting certain key issues that needed to be solved. There are many more obstacles that America Online was forced to face when they took the leap into the international markets. Changing their services to fit the international markets and getting the help they needed from the already established United States branch proved to be very difficult. Video 1: Services in the international market.

America online was originally designed for the American market. Meaning all of their services were in English and fit the needs of the American consumers. AOL now has to redesign their services for the new markets they plan to enter. This includes determining the layout of their homepage or how to price their product so It is attractive to the new consumers. When AOL entered these new markets they also had translate their services to the help Jump AOL into these new markets they made an agreement with HP. Every computer HP shipped would automatically come with AOL as the default.

Video 2: Competition in the international market is fierce and rapidly growing. Even with the economic problems in the Asian market it was still very favorable for many new companies. The constant increase in new technology helped continue to bring more competition into these markets. Even though no other company provided the same services as AOL, the level of competition they faced was huge. AOL was constantly competing against Internet providers, telephone and cable companies as well as local paper, radio, and television stations.

Video 3: AOL was thriving in the United States, at the same time they were trying to penetrate new international markets. This made things difficult for the international division of AOL Communication between the New Market Operations and the upper level management of the United States division became difficult causing many problems for the New Market Operations group. The upper level management was more concerned with the problems in the United States division rather than what was happening internationally. With a lack of sufficient communication between the two groups deadlines were much harder to reach.

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This entry into a country deemed to have their ‘biggest market anywhere in the world’ y co-founder Guy Livingston (Dumas 2012), offers opportunities for Tough Muddier within new potential market segments. This report addresses this Australian expansion, identifying these potential markets, and the key marketing implications and issues involved. This is achieved through presenting solutions to the following four case study problems: The marketing environment Market segmentation Marketing research Consumer behavior The Australian marketing environment is approached with a macro-environmental scan utilizing a PESTLE analysis.

The main opportunities and threats that emerge for Tough Muddier are then outlined. A key opportunity revealed by this scan is presented in the market segmentation analysis: two potential female market segments referred to in this report as ‘The Average Australian’ and Young and Free. ‘ A market research plan, combining exploratory and descriptive research designs, utilizing mixed qualitative and quantitative methods, has been developed for Tough Muddier to explore the potential of these market segments and investigate the variables which describe their consumer behavior.

Dean has stated his objective is to make Tough Muddier a household name so hat when a man turns to a woman at a bar she knows what Tough Muddier is (Generally 2012; Laptop’s, 2013). In furthering this goal, Tough Muddier is expanding globally, having recently entered the Australian market in 2012 (Dumas 2012). This report addresses Vesicle’s (2012) Tough Muddier Case Study and aims to integrate solutions to the case study problems posed, as they relate to Tough Madder’s expansion into Australia. The scope of this report subsequently covers a macro-environmental scan, market segmentation, marketing research and consumer behavior.

In doing so, it will be argued that the key potential market segments wrought which Tough Muddier can realize its marketing objectives are “The Average Australia” and muffing and Free” female markets. Furthermore, Reference Group Theory is put forward as an effective consumer behavior theory for driving a targeted marketing strategy to these potential market segments. 2. 0 CASE STUDY PROBLEMS: TOUGH MADDER A macro-environmental (PESTLE) analysis has been conducted for the marketing manager of the Tough Muddier event (Table 1. 0), using a low-medium-high scale for projected probability of impact.

Based on this analysis the main opportunities and hearts facing Tough Muddier in Australia are presented in Section 2. 1. 2. 2. 1. 1 Macro-environmental Analysis Table 1. 0 PESTLE Analysts: Tough Muddier ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS IMPACT Probe. Political-Legal: Complex Negligence tort laws system (Bug, 2006) This impacts Tough Muddier through high legal, public liability insurance, and risk management costs (Laptop’s, 2013) High Economic: Low consumer confidence While Australia not as hard hit, the SGF lowered consumer confidence resulting in restrained consumption (PAPAW, 2012; Marketing, 2012). High Demographic: The Average Australian

Australian trends in sport participation 37-year-old Australia-born woman, married with two children, living in the suburbs (not 29-year-old male of fifty-years-ago) (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2013; small, 2013) ABS (Bibb) states: 65% participated in sport at least once between 2010-2011; Higher participation rates in capital cities; Those most likely to participate are actively involved in social groups and those who have daily contact with family and friends; Employed people likelier to participate than unemployed; Highest rates for professionals and advanced clerical/service workers.

Average time spent on physical recreation has decreased with increased time spent on audio/visual media; while physically active Australians are engaging more in fitness activities and less on sports (Service Skills Australia, Bibb) Main motivations for participation: ‘health and fitness’; ‘enjoyment’ (ABS, 2007). Main constraints: insufficient time due to family for women aged 25-44 years; work/study commitments for men Marginally lower than men’s (64% and 66% respectively); Highest participating age ranges are 25-34; 35-44 (males: 18-24 years); More likely to participate in fitness than men (ABS Bibb) High

High Coloratura: Experience-based consumerism; Post-Materialism Changing needs of Australian women High obesity rate Consumers easily access information and communities online through social media (Keating and Smith, 2012). This means consumer feedback can instantly go viral Generation Yes consumer behavior more ‘post-materialist’: more spent on experiences and connectivity (PAPAW, 2012) Friends important and influential; worry about weight, finances; face time constraints due to family, work; want more time for friends, fitness (Bait, 2013). Seek a fit, healthy and natural’ aesthetic (e. G.

Megan Gale) (Remuneration International 2012 pop) Australia the world’s most overweight nation”. Due to increased inactivity; raises awareness of weight issues (E’, 2012, p. 39) High Med. Technological: Extension of National Broadband Network (N.B.) Increased consumer access to social media in regional and rural areas (PAPAW, 2012), increases Tough Madder’s exposure to potential markets but also that of competitors’ Ecological: Rise in natural disasters (flooding, bushfire) could result in cancellation of events (Keating and Smith, 2011). May be mitigated by holding events in milder Australian limited zones Med. . 1. 2 Opportunities and Threats Key opportunities: Strong potential market opportunity with women who fit the ‘average Australian’ profile: women keen to balance family and work commitments with social activities. They are concerned about their weight and keen to participate in fitness activities they can fit into busy lives. They also hold an ‘Amazonian’ physical ideal – a beauty based on strength, fitness and health. Also strong opportunities exist with Generation Y women (25-34) who have the highest female sport participation rate (followed by he typical’ Australian aged between 35-44).

They also prefer fitness activities and want to balance work commitments with socializing with friends. Furthermore, they have a preference for experience-based consumption. Key threats: Low consumer confidence has led to more conscientious consumption behavior focused on value and quality. Tough Muddier could position itself as a good investment in fitness and social bonding but needs to ensure entry fees are perceived as affordable and value for money. Tough Muddier also faces likely future participant death and critical injury (Laptop’s, 2013).

This may lead to negative publicity, expensive lawsuits and the event being deemed insurable (Caving, 2012). To mitigate this Tough Muddier invests greatly in safety and participants must purchase an additional insurance fee and sign a ‘Death Waiver’ (Tough Muddier AAA), which can be used in its defense should they be sued (Dizzy 2012). This ‘Death Waiver’ also presents an opportunity by encouraging viral marketing: participants’ “humiliating” on social media on completing a ‘dangerous’ event (Dizzy 2012; Generally 2012).

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Could use in order to effectively measure customer satisfaction for the new product launch. Choose the most effective method, and suggest one (1) process that the organization could follow In order to implement your chosen method. Justify your response. Upload a short (one to two [1-2] minute) video using Cultural to share your ideas. You may use an Pad, cellophane, laptop, desktop, or traditional video recorder to record your discussion response.

You may embed your video or Include the link In the discussion board. Note: Your video must be professional and of academic quality. Discounts and Loyalty Programs are perfect ways to keep customers satisfied and Interested In new products. A discount depending on the size of the discount can grab the attention of new customers and continue to entice excellent customers. Discounts are great because the customer and the business are getting attention.

The customer Is getting a new product for a fraction of Its Orlando cost and the business Is getting rod-of-mouth advertising from consumers who feel the product Is great. Not only Is the product great but it looks a lot better with a discount. Since many senior citizens are becoming tech saws and purchasing computers more a discount specifically designed for seniors will benefit the senior community. Another group will benefit from the discount and the group is called students. Students and student parents spend millions of dollars annually on laptop computers and the accessories.

Loyalty Programs work wonders because it engages customers to shop on the company’s Bessie more often. Loyalty Programs also offer customers incentives such as upgrading hotel rooms upgrading flights free flights and discount tickets for places like amusement parks for children. Loyalty Programs work well for a business In the sense of forcing members to surf the company’s website more often. If you can get the customer on the website more often it is a great possibility consumers will spend more.