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Marketing - Essay Example

Most people now what sales is, considering it is the act of selling a service or good to a customer. What most do not fully understand Is what marketing really Is. While there are a lot of technical definitions of the term ‘marketing’, there are also a lot of interpretations of the definitions and all companies use marketing to a different degree and in different aspects. Marketing (In my pollen) Is advertising. It Is how businesses sell their services and/ or goods.

Businesses will come up with these catchy little phrases, commercials, and signs or newspaper advertisements that are meant to entice people to want their odds or services. This Is all a huge part of marketing. Each company has a different way of marketing, and getting their goods or services In the public eye. Marketing can be anything from word of mouth to commercials. Smaller businesses seem to rely on word of mouth mostly, because it is actually one of the best ways to get information out there.

If someone knows someone who knows someone that has received excellent service from a company, they are likely to refer someone else to that company. Larger corporations use newspaper, radio and television advertisements as heir marketing because they are well known and it is faster to get the word out about what they are offering. According to Forbes, marketing is many different things all rolled Into one. “Marketing Is an ad. Marketing Is a brochure. Marketing Is a press release. And more recently, Marketing is a Backbone page or a Twitter account” (Brenner, 2012).

This being said, Brenner conducted an extensive research looking for the meaning of marketing, and got many different answers, because marketing can be so many different things to deferent types of people. Brenner discusses how marketing can be anything from innovation to advertisement. He states that ‘marketing, to many business people is, selling at a larger scale’ (Brenner, 2012). Between reading this article, and the textbook, one can see that there are many Interpretations of what marketing Is.

According to the textbook, marketing Is defined as “The performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating customer or client needs and directing a flow of need- satisfying goods and services from product to customer or client” (Perpetual, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). The text explains in detail how marketing applies to all business types, both profit and non-profit. A particular part of the text explains what some executives feel marketing is compared to what it really is.

While a lot of executives think of it as must get rid of product, when in actuality marketing is how a company customers. There is a lot of useful information to be found in the text about the definition of marketing. All in all, marketing is advertising, taken up a notch. Rather than Just offering a product, companies are looking at the needs of the target clientele. There are so many different definitions of the term marketing, and they vary depending on who is asked for the definition.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Smart Q is an academic assistance company which specializes in language structure checking, rammer checking, collecting and analyzing research data. For this moment, Smart Q only focuses Its target market on higher education students In Penman such as SUM and private college. However, Smart Q is looking for opportunity to expand their business to Koala Lump. Smart G’s aim is to be one of the most preferred academic assistance which provide solution and assist the students In doing research and thesis.

The demand of checking grammar mistake and assist In collecting research data are increasing until Smart Q unable to cope with the high demand from customers. For that reason, Smart Q is looking for business partner who expertise and specialize in the field of Health and Engineering. As time passes, Smart Q faces some major challenges such as strong competition. Some low qualification company also offers the same type of service which offer lower price. In the future, Smart Q will develop more business partners and expand its business to foreign country.

For this moment, Smart Q is in the process of identifying a new plan to expand its business throughout the whole Malaysia and achieve sustain growth of profit for the company. II. Environmental Analysis Smart Q Is a commercial data broker that Involve In collecting and selling high quality data, specially customized service and reasonable price of services. In 17 November 2011, Professor Tee Tan Eng establishes the company and through his full-time commitment, he turned the company into a well-known commercial data broker company in Issuing Dud.

In the near future, Professor Tee Tan Eng will expand the choices of data and Improve their services level. A. The Marketing Environment 1. 0 Competitive force. The competition in a commercial data broker and checking services is very strong on international basis, but somewhat weak in local. The competition within the industry is very strong due to there are a lot of well establish and well known commercial data broker and checking services internationally but the competition in local is rather weak in local due to there are only a few commercial data broker and checking services that are available in Malaysia.

Therefore, Smart Q didn’t face much competitive force in the way such as price, quality and service war. 2. 0 Economic forces. In nationwide, many consumers surely will reduce their overall spending budgets as they face losing their Job during economic down turn or heir parents might cut their study allowances. Therefore, most of the consumers doing so is much more cheaper compare to seeking help from the second party. So, this might causes the demands on commercial data broker and checking services go down slightly. People’s willingness to spend on such services is lower during that time.

However, during economic boom time, many consumers will increases their overall spending budgets as they expect to get higher salary or increasing in study allowances. Therefore, consumers tend to spend more on such services because of their purchasing power is higher during that time. . 0 Political force. For now, there are no expected politicians influences or event that can affect Smart Q business. But in the future politicians influence might affect Smart Q business if the business somehow affecting students research and study. 4. 0 Legal and Regulatory Force.

Smart Q also faces some challenges when the governments try to enforces and tighten the act of privacy. This means that Smart Q cannot simply Just take data that provided by citizens and straight sell it to customers because if Smart Q do so it means that it go against the law and consequence to pay for it is very high. Besides that, act of copyright also make Smart Q cannot simply take data that available in website or pages and claims as theirs. Therefore, with this Legal and Regulatory Force collection data will become much harder. 5. 0 Technological Forces. As time passed, technology is getting more and more advance.

Therefore, Smart Q need to be aware of the advancement of technology so that it will help to improve Smart Q in term of data quality, checking service, choices of data and lowering the cost of obtaining data. Besides that, the usage of high speed internet and latest software will also help Smart Q to have data that is ahead of other competitor. 6. 0 Coloratura Forces. In today’s society, consumer’s behavior is no longer the same as the olden day. Now a day consumer prefers a reliable and quality in the service. This causes the industry must work the best to serve the customer.

Young generation also prefers to have latest quality data in a low price. The loyalty of the customer is hard to maintain and always need to come out with new ideas or extra services without charges to attract the customer to visit us again B. Target Market By focusing on commitment to service and quality, Smart Q has effectively implemented a marketing strategy on a target group. Smart Q targeted markets is between the ages of 20 and 60 who are currently still studying at SUM. This is because Smart Q is located nearby SUM and students can reach in walking distance.

Besides that, Smart Q targeted group will have a wide range of disposable income but willingness to spend on the service is high. This is because Smart Q had been providing an acceptable and reasonable price to customers. Other than that, Smart Q is suitable for all types of student such degree, master and Ph. D due to Smart Q offers a large variety of data and professional checking service. C. Current Marketing Objectives and Performances Smart Q marketing objective is providing a fast quality and reliability services to customer in an acceptable and reasonable pricing.

Besides that, enlarging their market shares by targeting a large target market and increases their goodwill so that Smart Q will not only well known in Penman but also well known in other states is also one of their current marketing objectives. Other than that, Smart Q currently is trying to develop a good relation with customer in order to maintain customer loyalty by out 10. This is because for the past few months, the income generated is able to cover the cost and earn profits. Besides that, almost everyday there are customer that come to Smart Q to look for its services.

However, during the peak season Smart Q might have to reject some of their customers due to highly demand and lack of human resources. Other than that, the feedbacks that gather from the customers past few months are good and the satisfaction of the service is high. From the feedbacks of the customers, they said that they will recommend their friends. Ill. SOOT Analysts A. Strengths Smart Q is a company that emphasize on team work where each teammate specialist at different field such as collecting data, analyzing data, spelling and grammar checking and language structure checking.

Low cost because Smart Q only need the knowledge and skills to complete the work. It is different from the other career/ Job such as logistics that need costly equipment to accomplish their work. Smart Q has a profit sustainable business because every year there are students that require Smart Q service to help them produce a good assignment in term of spelling and grammar. Low promotion cost required and efficiencies because Smart Q only promote through Backbone and promotion from customers to customers (word of mouth advertisement).

High service quality due to quick response to the customers. B. Weaknesses Workers in Smart Q are specialist from different field. If one of the teammates leaves Smart Q, then Smart Q might hard to find a replacement for that particular teammate. Lack of specialist in different career to fulfill the customization from the requirement of customers. High in labor cost due to every workers are specialist in different fields. Smart Q does not specialist in the field of engineering and health. Thus, the company may loss some of customers from those field. C.

Opportunity Number of students in higher education institute is increasing from year to year. It ensures that Smart Q has a large market share to achieve sustainable growth in profit. Students even lecturer from high education institute need assist in collecting data and grammar checking to complete their research project. Not all students are good in English Master Skills. Therefore, Smart Q provides service and helps them to correct their mistake in assignment. Now a days, burdens of students are increasing. Thus, the service provided by the company surely can lighten the burden of students.

For example, they may save some of their time for collecting data and spelling checking. D. Threats There might be too much of similarities in the assignment of students among the same courses. This will make them reluctant to seek Smart G’s service again. There are competitors in this type of work that compete in term of pricing although they are low in qualification. Reasonable price cause students afford to pay for Smart Q service. Thus, Smart Q can target different segments of customers. Number of students in higher education institute is increasing from year to year.

At the same time, Smart Q has teammate who specialist at different field such as collecting data, analyzing data, spelling and grammar checking and language structure checking. Thus, Smart Q has enough workforces to match the demand of customers. High service quality such as quick respond to customers results in customers’ satisfaction which allows Smart Q to achieve sustainable growth in profit. Smart Q is searching for more specialists from different field to fulfill the customization from the requirement of customers. Smart Q aces challenge in terms of pricing from competitors.

Smart Q achieves economic of scale as the demand on Smart Q service is increasing. Thus, Smart Q will change their strategy by lowering service price. At the same time, Smart Q will maintain to compete with other company. IV. Marketing Objectives Smart Q is in the business of offering academic assistance to the university students and makes them have a better performance in theirs assignments. Besides formulating a marketing-oriented and customer-focused mission statement, Smart Q should establish an objective to achieve 50% growth in net profits within the next 2 ears.

Based on the large population of students in Penman which include different students from different university and college, each and every one of them is the potential customers of Smart Q. Attractive promotion should be held from time to time in order to attract all these potential customers and to maximize profits. To accomplish its marketing objectives, Smart Q should develop benchmarks to measure the progress in order to stay alert and be competitive. The competition of collecting data, analyzing data, spelling checking and language structure checking eased on customers’ needs in SUM is expected to be increased in years to come.

Regular reviews of customers’ feedback will motivate the company to keep improving their services. The major marketing objective is to provide satisfaction to the customers towards their collecting data, analyzing data, skills checking and language Smart Q should establish customer database to help in making marketing decisions in the near future. The establishment of database can helps Smart Q to record the requirements and needs of the certain customer so that Smart Q can identify the customers’ needs and smoothly perform collecting data, analyzing data, peeling checking and language structure checking based on the customers’ needs.

Besides that, Smart Q can also make promotion for the customers such as performing point collection system that gives price reduction to the customers. V. Marketing Strategies A. Target Markets Target Market 1: SUM students Example: SUM students will always have assignment from theirs lecturer. Smart Q has been providing a very worth promotion to SUM students such as special discount to SUM students compare to other university and college students Target Market 2: Other university and college students Example: College students also have their own assignment from their lecturer.

Smart Q had been providing a fair and reasonable price to the other university and college students besides the SUM students. B. Marketing Mix 1 . Product: Smart Q is at academic assistance business which gives customers a satisfied collection data, analyzing data, spelling checking and language structure checking. Smart Q offer services such as: Data collection Data analysis Spelling and grammar checking Language structure checking 2. Pricing: Smart Q had been providing an acceptable and reasonable price to customers. Data collection Primary Data: Number of survey forms unit price (ARM) 1 -25 26-50 0. 85 51 -75 0. 76-100 0. 7 101 -125 0. 65 0. 6 151 -175 0. 5 Secondary Data: Depending to the type of data, number of years of the data and the source of the data. Data analysis: Depending to the type of data, number of years of the data and the source of the data. Spelling and grammar checking: ARM 10 per pages Language structure checking: ARM 10 per pages 3. Distribution: Smart Q is located in Issuing Dud, Penman which is near the target market, the students of SUM and the ANTI College can access to Smart Q services. 4. Promotion: Smart Q promotes by advertise in social networking websites such as Backbone, Twitter, Namespace and others.

Besides that, Smart Q will send a direct mail to their existing and prospective customers that were listed into their customers’ database. VI. Marketing Implementation A. Marketing Organization. Smart G’s marketing efforts will be organized according to the types of customers. We grouped the customers into few groups, namely Science, Arts and Hybrid. Each group will be headed by one retired experienced lecturer who will report to the Smart G’s CEO regarding their progress and revenue every month. In addition, each group will have full decision-making authority.

This represents the empowerment from the top organization to the rest part of the organization. This will ensure better decisions that will fully satisfy Smart Q customers’ requirements. The structure of Smart Q will enable the company to be more creative and flexible in fulfilling the customers’ needs. For example each group of the company may detect the changes in certain field and take corrective action to keep their resources updated. This marketing organization will give Smart Q a better opportunity to monitor the activities of the monitors and respond to them with more efficient marketing strategies.

B. Activities, Responsibilities & Timetables for Completion Smart Q planning to open a new branch in Koala Lump where many public and private higher education institutions like universities and colleges are located. Smart Q also planning to hold a short briefing in September 2012. This seminar is to explain the importance of mastering English skills to the new students. Thus, in the first three months of the company’s financial year, the company will carry out a survey investigation among the higher education students to identify the needs of them.

Marketing analysis will come out with the marketing plan and strategies based on the test market strategy. By exploring the new market, the company may forecast the response from their target markets. The company may offer the student with service at a lower price to attract the attention of the targeted customers. After the testing the target market, Smart Q will be having internal reflection section and identify the possibility to enter the market by opening new branch and also identify the ways to penetrate the whole market.

The last three months of the financial year, Smart-Q will implement the marketing strategies and start organizing the branch in Koala Lump. VI’. Evaluation and Control A. Performance Standard and Financial Control A comparison of financial expenditures with the plan goals will be included in the project report. The following performance standards and financial controls are suggested: The mission and vision statement should be compiled from various ideas and opinions from the upper management and board of directors.

These ideas should be evaluated at no fewer than three meetings before an outline is put in place. The final outcome must be approved by a majority rule. The budget allocated for implementing the marketing plan will be 40% of the total promotional budget. This will include all costs for plan implementation, plan revisions, and the evaluation of the marketing plan results. The following percentages of the budget will be spent on the specified marketing activities: 50% for plan implementation, 20% for revisions in the marketing plan, and 30% for the follow-up analysis.

The marketing director is responsible for reporting all expenditures related to the marketing plan implementation. They will also be responsible for meeting the timeline requirements for each task. Team members working with the marketing director will be responsible for keeping the director informed in a timely manner. They will also be responsible for reporting their expenditures, personal and in any other way, related to the marketing plan implementation. B.

Monitoring Procedure To analyze the effectiveness of Smart G’s marketing plan, it is necessary to compare its actual performance with plan objectives. To facilitate this analysis, monitoring procedures should be developed for the various activities required to bring the marketing plan to succeed. These procedures include, but are not limited to, the allowing: The project management concept will be used to evaluate the implementation of marketing plan by establishing time requirement, human resource needs and financial or budgetary expenditure.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Advanced unit aimed at developing strategic decision making skills with particular reference to marketing. This unit presents the philosophy of integrating market planning into the strategic planning process to cope with an ever changing and challenging business environment characterized by unparalleled technological developments and intensifying competition.

Strategic market planning enables managers to undertake a process of market analysis and identification that will determine what business direction it wants to achieve, and how to proceed in a systematic way to turn specific opportunities into profitable businesses. This unit presents a set of normative procedures, which may be utilized to generate a varied angle of innovative strategic options and provides a basis for choosing a rational programmer for action.

Introduction In an effort to cope with a dynamic and challenging environment, modern companies use two key processes to build their future. The first is strategic planning which enables top management to determine what corporate direction it wants to achieve. The second is marketing planning which enables the company to systematically identify and develop specific opportunities into profitable businesses. This unit presents the conceptual idea of integrating marketing planning into the strategic leaning process.

Unit Learning Outcomes Graduate Attributes addressed On successful completion of this unit students can: 1 Explain the concept of strategic market planning and its role within a strategic business unit 2 Conduct information search, aggregation, and data analysis based on business–related data from secondary information sources to analyses customers, competitors, environmental trends, marketing characteristics, company capabilities, and cost dynamics 3 Apply critical thinking through the use of strategic planning tools including SOOT (;{strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats)}- analysis,

TOWS matrix, portfolio analysis, experience curve, PIMPS (;{profit Impact of Market Strategy)}- and game theory 4 Formulate goals and objectives for a strategic business unit based on an evaluation of the current and desired situation 5 Recommend innovative marketing strategies to achieve desired goals and objectives Curtain’s Graduate Attributes Apply discipline knowledge Thinking skills Information skills (confidence to investigate new ideas)}- Communication skills Technology skills International perspective Cultural understanding (value the perspectives of others)}

Learning how to learn (apply principles learnt to new situations)}- (confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems)}- Professional Skills (;{work independently and as a team)} (plan own work)}- Find out more about Curtain’s Graduate attributes at the Office of Teaching & Learning website: act. Curtain. Dude. AU Learning Activities Lectures The purpose of the lecture is to describe some of the principles in the unit and the application of those principles. A lecture does not cover all there is to learn about a topic. You will need to read and study further those topics covered in the lecture.

Similarly, it is not possible to cover in the lecture all the unit material contained in the prescribed text. However, all relevant material in the prescribed text, whether covered in the lecture or not, forms the subject matter of discussion in the tutorials and may be examinable in the final examination. Tutorials The purpose of the tutorial is to provide a forum for learning and applying decision making, written and oral communication skills; assess your knowledge and skills; provide an opportunity for you to raise questions with your tutor about the unit (e. G. Faculties experienced with textbooks, or with tutorial tasks)}.

Tutorials commence in Week 1. Your tutor will keep a record of your tutorial attendance. The tutorials will also allow your tutor to guide you through your Strategic Marketing Plan project on a step–by–step basis. It is important to attend tutorials in order to keep abreast with Page: 2 of 13 Learning Resources Essential texts The required for this unit are: Gain, S. C. , Haley, G. T. , Viola, R. , & Hickman, M. (;{2012)};. Marketing Planning and Strategy. South Melbourne, Victoria: Coinage Learning. (eBook available here: http://www. Gingerbread. Mom. AU/shop/en/AU/storefront/ gobo! –817630209? MD=coeducational&entryPoint=storefront&lSBN=9780170189392&messageType=c depreciatingly)}; Recommended texts You do not have to purchase the following textbooks but you may like to refer to them. Gain, S. C. , & Haley, G. T. (;{2009)};. Marketing Planning and Strategy. Mason, Ohio: Coinage Learning. Moravian, T. A. , Matter, K. & Ring, L. J. (;{2012)};. Strategic Marketing. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson. Cravens, D. W. & Pierce, N. F. (;{2009)};. Strategic Marketing. New York, NY: McGraw–Hill Irwin. Hunt, S. D. (;{2010)};. Marketing theory: Foundations, Controversy, Strategy, Resource–Advantage Theory.

Armonk, NY: M. E Sharpe, Inc. Porter, M. E. (;{1980)};. Competitive Strategy. New York: Free Press. Page: 3 of 13 Assessment Assessment schedule Task 2 3 Value % Date Due Unit Learning Assessed Case Study Analysis 30 percent Week: See Schedule Day: See Schedule Time: See Schedule Strategic Marketing Plan Day: Friday 30 May Time: pm Final Examination 40 percent Week: Exam Period Time: Exam Period 13,5 Detailed information on assessment tasks 1. Case Studies There are two case studies. Each case study is worth 15% culminating in a total of 30% for this assessment component.

The case study answers must be typed 1 font Arial, 1. 5 spacing)}- and must be no more than 1200 words each case (excluding references and appendices)}. The case study must be submitted in person to the tutor at the beginning of the tutorial AND via Turning in Blackboard at the beginning of the week (refer to the Program Calendar for the Turning submission dates)}. A case study example will be discussed during class two weeks prior to each case study submission. Students are encouraged to read and prepare for the case study examples as this will assist them in preparing for the case duty submission.

Case Study Example 1 Red Bull: Rampaging through global markets (Gain, Haley, Viola & Hickman 2012)}; Answer ALL Discussion Questions Case Study Analysis 1 Whatever happened to Premium Peter? A Pure Blonde case study (Gain, Haley, Viola & Hickman 2012)}; Answer ALL Discussion Questions Case Study Example 2 Strategic marketing and the church: Never the twain shall meet? (Gain, Haley, Viola & Hickman 2012)}; Answer ALL Discussion Questions Case Study Analysis 2 Kentucky Fried Chicken and the global fast–food industry (Gain, Haley, Viola & 2. Strategic Marketing Plan

Part of the learning for this unit involves working effectively in a team, and managing the process of preparing a Strategic Marketing Plan. The exercise is partially designed to enable the individuals within your team to develop and demonstrate their interpersonal skills, personal leadership, negotiation, and organizational skills in addition to their academic qualities. In Week 1 (Tutorial)}- students are expected to form into groups for the Strategic Marketing Plan Project. A group will not consist of more than 4 students. The topic for the Strategic Marketing Plan will be provided by he Tutor in Week 1 in the tutorial class.

The Strategic Marketing Plan project consists of developing a strategic marketing plan for an organization, industry or product. The submitted projects are expected to be of high quality and follow the report structure provided in Appendix 1 . Each student in the project team is expected to contribute equally to researching and writing up the project. Students who do not contribute, or who contribute significantly less than their teammates, will be given a mark that directly reflects their contribution. Projects are to be submitted by pm 30 May into your tutor’s pigeon box even for the Strategic Marketing Plan project. 3.

Final Exam There will be 6 case scenario questions in your final exam, of which you will choose 4 questions to answer. Each question comprises of various parts requiring short answer responses and will involve a combination of topics rather than Just a single topic. Please note that it is important to thoroughly understand the concepts learnt in the textbook as well as the lecture notes, and how these concepts relate to each other, or can be integrated, for you to do well in the final exam. You have 2 hours to complete the exam. Students are advised to take in a non–programmable calculator to the final exam for this unit.

There may be some questions that involve simple multiplication, division, addition or subtraction calculations. If you do not have a non–programmable calculator, these calculations are simple enough to also be performed by manual hand calculations. Page: 4 of 13 Fair assessment through moderation Moderation describes a quality assurance process to ensure that assessments are appropriate to the learning outcomes, and that student work is evaluated consistently by assessors. Minimum standards for the moderation of assessment are scribed in the Assessment Manual, available from policies. Curtain. Dude. U/policies/ disenfranchising. CFML Late assessment policy This ensures that the requirements for submission of assignments and other work to be assessed are fair, transparent, equitable, and that penalties are consistently applied. 2. 3. 4. All assessments which students are required to submit will have a due date and time work will be determined by the unit coordinator or Head of School and will be specified on the Unit Outline. If late submission of assignments or other work is not accepted, students will receive penalty of 100% after the due date and time ii a zero mark for the late assessment.

If late submission of assignments or other work is accepted, students will be penalized by ten percent per calendar day for a late assessment submission (Keg a mark equivalent to 10% of the total allocated for the assessment will be deducted from the marked value for every day that the assessment is late)}. This means that an assignment worth 20 will have two marks deducted per calendar day late. Hence if it was handed in three calendar days late and marked as 12/20, the student would receive 6/20. An assessment more than seven calendar days overdue will not be marked.

Work submitted after this time (;{due date plus seven days)}- may result in a Fail Incomplete (;{F–IN)}; grade being awarded for the unit. Assessment extension A student wishing to delay the completion or submission of an assessment task after the original published date/time (Keg examinations, tests)}- or due date/time (Keg assignments)}- must apply for an assessment extension using the Assessment Extension form (available from the Forms page at http://students. Curtain. Dude. AU/ administration/)}; as prescribed by the Academic Registrar.

It is the responsibility of the student to demonstrate and provide evidence for exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevented them from completing/submitting the assessment task. The student will be expected to lodge the form and supporting documentation with the unit coordinator before the assessment date/time or due date/time. An application may be accepted up to five working days after the date or due date of the assessment task where the student is able to provide an acceptable explanation as to why he or she was not able to submit the application prior to the assessment date.

An application for an assessment extension will not be accepted after the date of the Board of Examiners’ meeting. Additional assessment information Pass requirements Students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 50%, and pass overall with a minimum of 50% for the unit. Referencing style The referencing style for this unit is Chicago. More information can be found on this style from the Library web site: library. Curtain. Dude. AU. Plagiarism Plagiarism occurs when work or property of another person is presented as one’s own, without appropriate acknowledgement or referencing.