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Marketing - Essay Example

It is claimed by a great number of people that the relevance of marketing to business needs is becoming less, since the role of the marketing function in many organizations is diminishing, whereas others suggest that marketing is still connected with the needs of business even though it has experienced a reduction in its significance. Indeed, this essay will argue that marketing is still relevant to the needs of business from the points of view that it has evolved into a service-centered paradigm and made a new relationship with consumers.

It Is claimed by some people that marketing Is becoming irrelevant to the needs of business since Its diminished role In organizations. According to McGovern (2004), there Is a growing number of US companies tend to spend less time In discussing marketing and customer-related Issues. The declining role of marketing has led to the closure of some corporate marketing departments, which has greatly reduced business’ dependence on marketing.

There is a “credibility gap” for arresters, and high turnover of Chief Marketing Officers (Cosmos); therefore the functions of the marketing department have been redistributed, often resulting in little direct responsibility for marketing activities (Webster et al, 2005). In addition, it was suggested by Keith (2004) that marketing professionals are being marginal’s, since most marketing managers have limited knowledge In the fields of finance and accounting, which Is has been cited as one of the most significant factors leading to the decline of the marketing function.

It was proved that the role of marketing Is learning, and It has little Influence on business; as a result, It seems clear that the relevance between marketing and business Is In decline. However, there are some other people who argue that marketing is still relevant to the needs of business today, as it is evolving into a new way of thinking.

The shift marketing experienced was from the exchange of tangible goods toward the exchange of intangibles, specialized skills and knowledge, which meant that marketing could provide customers not only with goods or service, but also offerings through which they ender services and create value (Gumminess, 1995. P. 250). Although marketing has undergone a crisis regarding the threat to its role in organizations, it can still satisfy the consumers’ needs and retain its relationship with business.

Carol and Kettle (1 999, P. 162) stated “Marketing moves toward dynamic exchange relationships that involve performing processes and exchanging skills or services In which value Is co- created with the consumer. ” This clearly demonstrates that the service-centered logic Is a customer-focused marketing, which Is connected closeness with business since It aims to expanding the market by assisting the consumer in the process of value needs of business since there is a new relationship with customers.

As Hacker (1999) suggested, even though it is the customers who determine the relationship between customers and firms, the interaction between them deepens with the evolution of their relationship. Therefore, the connection between marketing and business needs is still relevant. According to Sheet and Cissoids (2005), as marketing has shifted to a more service-centered function, marketers have changed their approach from attempting to direct or manage consumers to supporting them in the creation of value.

Hackle (1999) suggests that successful firms have moved from “make-and-sell” to “sense-and-respond”; that is, producers determined value in the past, whereas it is determined by consumers in contemporary marketing. A good example of this is the brand Mini USA, which is co-designed with consumers, and which is viewed as a helpful way to deepen the relationship between marketing and business needs (Elliott, 2006). In addition, Sheet and Usual point out that with the development of the customer relationship, co-production and co-design, as an extension of co-creation activity, are demanded by both firms and consumers (2007.

P. 305). Therefore, the new relationship with customers is considered to be a significant factor facilitating the relevance between marketing and business needs. In conclusion, this essay has attempted to argue that although some people claim that the declining role of marketing in organizations has caused marketing to become increasingly irrelevant between consumers and businesses, it has been demonstrated that marketing is still elevate to business needs, since it evolved to a service-centered mode of operation and created a new relationship with consumers.

Indeed, on the one hand, these two reasons are considered to be the main factors that have helped the marketing function to retain its importance to business needs. On the other hand, it is true that the declining role of marketing has had little impact on the relationship between marketing and business needs. Therefore, it seems clear that even though marketing as a process is constantly evolving, it is still relevant to the needs of business today.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Nova Health System is Virginians leading healthcare provider, with 10,000 employees consist of services for three hospitals, seven outpatient centers, and long -term -care facilities and also with home nursing . First of all I want to start the investigate with recruitment . According to Byers and rue recruitment Is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.

Recruitment is one of the critical and important outcomes of HRS planning. In nova health system there are familiar with centralized and decentralized recruitment forms. In centralized recruitment all the decisions are taken by the head office for the recruitment and man power planning of whole company. The authorities to take decisions based on recruitment remain at the top management of the company.

According to Nell and Bins, Geography 88 Decentralized recruitment means the devolution of ‘decision-making powers to the lowest levels of government authority to promote democracy and participation, such that local people are directly involved in decisions and developments which affect them personally’ There is some problems occurred in decentralized recruitment are listed below- High cost?let Is costly because It has been under gone In duplication of functions In past year such as advertising expenses of $500,000.

Competition among branches for selecting best fit to the for same position in same labor market is Just wastage of time such as units competing with one another to recruit from the same labor market. Candidates Interested In jobs common to several facilities needing to apply parallel at each faculty In this case both has to make same kind of documents for jobs like nursing ,so these are the unnecessary costs needs to be cut down in order to have more profit in the organization.

Also there is absence of internal mobility for current workers across units due to less awareness of vacancies ,because of this there can be a miss out of internal transfers or promotions. Company also misses out the chance of boost the morale of work force. Company should have proper method of recruitment in order to get rid of some of the problems encountered . 2) Do you think you would choose to centralize the recruitment function? Why or why not? I would Like to choose centralize recruitment function by looking at below points.

Centralized recruitment procedure can be more cost effective than a decentralized system. This is because a centralized method requires a committed HRS staff that works entirely for recruit employees for all the branches. And also this can cut down duplication of advertising expenses as well. Where only the head office advertise the advertisements. If they advertise repeatedly for the same Job criteria wrought newspapers, internet, magazines, radio & TV etc, candidate have a doubt 1 OFF only the head office do the advertise part ,they could not on require Job vacancies and put them straight away.

Centralized recruitment finds it easy to find a good employee for each and every position because they have good relationship among department and branches. They maintain better communication & less conflicts with subordinates so the HRS staff knows about the required candidate very well (they get the Job order clearly).. Mainly this centralizes recruitment boosts and allows personal dervish inside the organization. Normally it enhance quick action, achievement of organization goals and objectives and also active marketing techniques example such as twenty-four-hour Jobs hotlist .

Centralized recruitment also allows flexibility and adaptability of the company to the improved environments. Additional work is controlled with the staff at head office. Example such as Working better with computerized resume-scanning and tracking system. Improved quality of work is there because head office thorough with organizational policies, good supervision and use new equipments. Centralize recruitment gives better coordination among several activities. Direct control and supervision are gives better outputs in low probability of problems of duplication of work and authority . Example such as improve the ability to measure recruiting effectiveness or keep accurate Equal Employment Opportunity / affirmative action statistics because of varying record- keeping systems across units and reduce duplication of advertising expenses. 04) If you centralize recruiting, what benefits would you anticipate for (a)the company and (b) the applicants Reduces costs- In centralize recruiting company having benefit of reducing cost & wastage of time is less.

Expenses occurring for recruiting can be minimize when only the head office doing it. Every branches can ask head office do the candidates work over there without having redundancy of data (like having same C.V. every branch can be minimize) Better utilization of specialists Expertise people of Head office HRS staff will short list best fit to the required position of inconvenience they are facing for. Uniformity in recruitment Uniformity in action is proven entire company because of central administrative intro.

The same supervisors & their work and also they use same kind of office tools are used which confirm steady performance of activities Interchangeability of staff Staff is getting opportunities to work in different environments when they do internal mobility across branches and also they can have promotions by this companies getting benefit like less turn-over and absenteeism in order to achieve promotions. Reduces favoritism Promotions and transfers are not done in personnel so each and every employee get chance of having better career development. So they like to perform well to the company.

Transparency Applicants having benefit of them to have clear path of applying for Jobs. When every branch started to do the advertising for same position, candidates get confused and they are having doubts why they are advertising for same position of same company. Better career path Employees have internal source of recruitment method when there is an opening , so they have chance of getting promotions as well as they are getting train them to go for promotions. Also when there is an opening in outstation branches employees get n exposure of different cultures as well. So employees like to work for the company.

Job security When company has a good name applicants automatically get the guarantee about the Job. 5) What barriers might you encounter in implementing a centralized systems? We have founds all the benefits of centralization, but it is also important to be aware with the problems before putting the idea into outcome. A centralized administrative system gives way to inequality via the initiation of undue rules or firm approval to official norms/beliefs which is redundant or bureaucratic ND that delays decision-making and also activities to be done. Employee is always expected to work according to what manager says.

No worker at the middle level is getting the power to take a decision on a specific problem, in the absenteeism of the lead. This causes psychological hesitancy and the workers see no development or motivation inside the company and then results loss of the Company. Delay in work because they got lot work to do so they get lots of staffs time for recruiting for single position in each branch, when they get hurry to do recruitment hey get problem of quality(whether it is up to standard) Managers can’t supervise easily because they have more work to do with in a time line, so the activities are done under less supervision. It’s hard to recruit externally cause information flow easily ,every branch is aware about the opening so company having disadvantage of less chance to outsiders. They have less probability of recruiting innovative employees externally. In centralization they are not thorough with the important work they has to do as in all the recruitment are at head office.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Most people now what sales is, considering it is the act of selling a service or good to a customer. What most do not fully understand is what marketing really is. While there are a lot of technical definitions of the term ‘marketing, there are also a lot of interpretations of the definitions and all companies use marketing to a different degree and in different aspects. Marketing (In my opinion) Is advertising. It Is how businesses sell their services and/ or goods.

Businesses will come up with these catchy little phrases, commercials, and signs or newspaper advertisements that are meant to entice people to want their odds or services. This Is all a huge part of marketing. Each company has a different way of marketing, and getting their goods or services in the public eye. Marketing can be anything from word of mouth to commercials. Smaller businesses seem to rely on word of mouth mostly, because it is actually one of the best ways to get information out there.

If someone knows someone who knows someone that has received excellent service from a company, they are likely to refer someone else to that company. Larger corporations use newspaper, radio and television advertisements as heir marketing because they are well known and it is faster to get the word out about what they are offering. According to Forbes, marketing is many different things all rolled Into one. “Marketing is an ad. Marketing Is a brochure. Marketing Is a press release. And more recently, Marketing Is a Faceable page or a Twitter account” (Brenner, 2012).

This being said, Brenner conducted an extensive research looking for the meaning of marketing, and got many different answers, because marketing can be so many different things to different types of people. Brenner discusses how marketing can be anything from innovation to advertisement. He states that ‘marketing, to many business people is, selling at a larger scale’ (Brenner, 2012). Between reading this article, and the textbook, one can see that there are many interpretations of what marketing is.

According to the textbook, marketing is defined as “The performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating customer or client needs and directing a flow of need- satisfying goods and services from product to customer or client” (Perpetual, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). The text explains In detail how marketing applies to all business types, both profit and non-profit. A particular part of the text explains what some executives feel marketing Is compared to what It really Is.

While a lot of executives think of it as must get rid of product, when in actuality marketing is how a company customers. There is a lot of useful information to be found in the text about the definition of marketing. All in all, marketing is advertising, taken up a notch. Rather than Just offering a product, companies are looking at the needs of the target clientele. There are so many different definitions of the term marketing, and they vary depending on who is asked for the definition.

Free Sample: Marketing paper example for writing essay

Marketing - Essay Example

Smart Q Is an academic assistance company which specializes In language structure checking, rammer checking, collecting and analyzing research data. For this moment, Smart Q only focuses its target market on higher education students in Penman such as SUM and private college. However, Smart Q is looking for opportunity to expand their business to Koala Lump. Smart G’s aim is to be one of the most preferred academic assistance which provide solution and assist the students in doing research and thesis.

The demand of checking grammar mistake and assist In collecting research data are Increasing until Smart Q unable to cope with the high demand from customers. For that reason, Smart Q is looking for business partner who expertise and specialize in the field of Health and Engineering. As time passes, Smart Q faces some major challenges such as strong competition. Some low qualification company also offers the same type of service which offer lower price. In the future, Smart Q will develop more business partners and expand Its business to foreign country.

For this moment, Smart Q Is In the process of Identifying a new plan to expand its business throughout the whole Malaysia and achieve sustain growth of profit for the company. II. Environmental Analysis Smart Q is a commercial data broker that involve in collecting and selling high quality data, specially customized service and reasonable price of services. In 17 November 2011, Professor Tee Tan Eng establishes the company and through his full-time commitment, he turned the company into a well-known commercial data broker company in Assuaging Dud.

In the near future, Professor Tee Tan Eng will expand the choices of data and improve their services level. A. The Marketing Environment 1. 0 Competitive force. The competition in a commercial data broker and checking services is very strong on international basis, but somewhat weak in local. The competition within the Industry Is very strong due to there are a lot of well establish and well known commercial data broker and checking services Internationally but the competition in local is rather weak in local due to there are only a few commercial data broker and checking services that are available in Malaysia.

Therefore, Smart Q didn’t face much competitive force in the way such as price, quality and service war. 2. 0 Economic forces. In nationwide, many consumers surely will reduce their overall spending budgets as they face losing their Job during economic down turn or heir parents might cut their study allowances. Therefore, most of the consumers doing so is much more cheaper compare to seeking help from the second party. So, this might causes the demands on commercial data broker and checking services go down slightly. People’s willingness to spend on such services is lower during that time.

However, during economic boom time, many consumers will increases their overall spending budgets as they expect to get higher salary or increasing in study allowances. Therefore, consumers tend to spend more on such services because of their purchasing power is higher during that time. . 0 Political force. For now, there are no expected politicians influences or event that can affect Smart Q business. But in the future politicians influence might affect Smart Q business if the business somehow affecting students research and study. 4. 0 Legal and Regulatory Force.

Smart Q also faces some challenges when the governments try to enforces and tighten the act of privacy. This means that Smart Q cannot simply Just take data that provided by citizens and straight sell it to customers because if Smart Q do so it means that it go against the law and consequence to pay for it is very high. Besides that, act of copyright also make Smart Q cannot simply take data that available in website or pages and claims as theirs. Therefore, with this Legal and Regulatory Force collection data will become much harder. 5. 0 Technological Forces. As time passed, technology is getting more and more advance.

Therefore, Smart Q need to be aware of the advancement of technology so that it will help to improve Smart Q in term of data quality, checking service, choices of data and lowering the cost of obtaining data. Besides that, the usage of high speed internet and latest software will also help Smart Q to have data that is ahead of other competitor. 6. 0 Coloratura Forces. In today’s society, consumer’s behavior is no longer the same as the olden day. Now a day consumer prefers a reliable and quality in the service. This causes the industry must work the best to serve the customer.

Young generation also prefers to have latest quality data in a low price. The loyalty of the customer is hard to maintain and always need to come out with new ideas or extra services without charges to attract the customer to visit us again B. Target Market By focusing on commitment to service and quality, Smart Q has effectively implemented a marketing strategy on a target group. Smart Q targeted markets is between the ages of 20 and 60 who are currently still studying at SUM. This is because Smart Q is located nearby SUM and students can reach in walking distance.

Besides that, Smart Q targeted group will have a wide range of disposable income but willingness to spend on the service is high. This is because Smart Q had been providing an acceptable and reasonable price to customers. Other than that, Smart Q is suitable for all types of student such degree, master and Ph. D due to Smart Q offers a large variety of data and professional checking service. C. Current Marketing Objectives and Performances Smart Q marketing objective is providing a fast quality and reliability services to customer in an acceptable and reasonable pricing.

Besides that, enlarging their market shares by targeting a large target market and increases their goodwill so that Smart Q will not only well known in Penman but also well known in other states is also one of their current marketing objectives. Other than that, Smart Q currently is trying to develop a good relation with customer in order to maintain customer loyalty by out 10. This is because for the past few months, the income generated is able to cover the cost and earn profits. Besides that, almost everyday there are customer that come to Smart Q to look for its services.

However, during the peak season Smart Q might have to reject some of their customers due to highly demand and lack of human resources. Other than that, the feedbacks that gather from the customers past few months are good and the satisfaction of the service is high. From the feedbacks of the customers, they said that they will recommend their friends. Ill. SOOT Analysts A. Strengths Smart Q is a company that emphasize on team work where each teammate specialist at different field such as collecting data, analyzing data, spelling and grammar checking and language structure checking.

Low cost because Smart Q only need the knowledge and skills to complete the work. It is different from the other career/ Job such as logistics that need costly equipment to accomplish their work. Smart Q has a profit sustainable business because every year there are students that require Smart Q service to help them produce a good assignment in term of spelling and grammar. Low promotion cost required and efficiencies because Smart Q only promote through Faceable and promotion from customers to customers (word of mouth advertisement).

High service quality due to quick response to the customers. B. Weaknesses Workers in Smart Q are specialist from different field. If one of the teammates leaves Smart Q, then Smart Q might hard to find a replacement for that particular teammate. Lack of specialist in different career to fulfill the customization from the requirement of customers. High in labor cost due to every workers are specialist in different fields. Smart Q does not specialist in the field of engineering and health. Thus, the company may loss some of customers from those field. C.

Opportunity Number of students in higher education institute is increasing from year to year. It ensures that Smart Q has a large market share to achieve sustainable growth in profit. Students even lecturer from high education institute need assist in collecting data and grammar checking to complete their research project. Not all students are good in English Master Skills. Therefore, Smart Q provides service and helps them to correct their mistake in assignment. Now a days, burdens of students are increasing. Thus, the service provided by the company surely can lighten the burden of students.

For example, they may save some of their time for collecting data and spelling checking. D. Threats There might be too much of similarities in the assignment of students among the same courses. This will make them reluctant to seek Smart G’s service again. There are competitors in this type of work that compete in term of pricing although they are low in qualification. Reasonable price cause students afford to pay for Smart Q service. Thus, Smart Q can target different segments of customers. Number of students in higher education institute is increasing from year to year.

At the same time, Smart Q has teammate who specialist at different field such as collecting data, analyzing data, spelling and grammar checking and language structure checking. Thus, Smart Q has enough workforces to match the demand of customers. High service quality such as quick respond to customers results in customers’ satisfaction which allows Smart Q to achieve sustainable growth in profit. Smart Q is searching for more specialists from different field to fulfill the customization from the requirement of customers. Smart Q aces challenge in terms of pricing from competitors.

Smart Q achieves economic of scale as the demand on Smart Q service is increasing. Thus, Smart Q will change their strategy by lowering service price. At the same time, Smart Q will maintain to compete with other company. IV. Marketing Objectives Smart Q is in the business of offering academic assistance to the university students and makes them have a better performance in theirs assignments. Besides formulating a marketing-oriented and customer-focused mission statement, Smart Q should establish an objective to achieve 50% growth in net profits within the next 2 ears.

Based on the large population of students in Penman which include different students from different university and college, each and every one of them is the potential customers of Smart Q. Attractive promotion should be held from time to time in order to attract all these potential customers and to maximize profits. To accomplish its marketing objectives, Smart Q should develop benchmarks to measure the progress in order to stay alert and be competitive. The competition of collecting data, analyzing data, spelling checking and language structure checking eased on customers’ needs in SUM is expected to be increased in years to come.

Regular reviews of customers’ feedback will motivate the company to keep improving their services. The major marketing objective is to provide satisfaction to the customers towards their collecting data, analyzing data, skills checking and language Smart Q should establish customer database to help in making marketing decisions in the near future. The establishment of database can helps Smart Q to record the requirements and needs of the certain customer so that Smart Q can identify the customers’ needs and smoothly perform collecting data, analyzing data, peeling checking and language structure checking based on the customers’ needs.

Besides that, Smart Q can also make promotion for the customers such as performing point collection system that gives price reduction to the customers. V. Marketing Strategies A. Target Markets Target Market 1: SUM students Example: SUM students will always have assignment from theirs lecturer. Smart Q has been providing a very worth promotion to SUM students such as special discount to SUM students compare to other university and college students Target Market 2: Other university and college students Example: College students also have their own assignment from their lecturer.

Smart Q had been providing a fair and reasonable price to the other university and college students besides the SUM students. B. Marketing Mix 1 . Product: Smart Q is at academic assistance business which gives customers a satisfied collection data, analyzing data, spelling checking and language structure checking. Smart Q offer services such as: Data collection Data analysis Spelling and grammar checking Language structure checking 2. Pricing: Smart Q had been providing an acceptable and reasonable price to customers. Data collection Primary Data: Number of survey forms unit price (ARM) 1 -25 26-50 0. 85 51 -75 0. 76-100 0. 7 101 -125 0. 65 0. 6 151 -175 0. 5 Secondary Data: Depending to the type of data, number of years of the data and the source of the data. Data analysis: Depending to the type of data, number of years of the data and the source of the data. Spelling and grammar checking: ARM 10 per pages Language structure checking: ARM 10 per pages 3. Distribution: Smart Q is located in Assuaging Dud, Penman which is near the target market, the students of SUM and the ANTI College can access to Smart Q services. 4. Promotion: Smart Q promotes by advertise in social networking websites such as Faceable, Twitter, Namespace and others.

Besides that, Smart Q will send a direct mail to their existing and prospective customers that were listed into their customers’ database. VI. Marketing Implementation A. Marketing Organization. Smart G’s marketing efforts will be organized according to the types of customers. We grouped the customers into few groups, namely Science, Arts and Hybrid. Each group will be headed by one retired experienced lecturer who will report to the Smart G’s CEO regarding their progress and revenue every month. In addition, each group will have full decision-making authority.

This represents the empowerment from the top organization to the rest part of the organization. This will ensure better decisions that will fully satisfy Smart Q customers’ requirements. The structure of Smart Q will enable the company to be more creative and flexible in fulfilling the customers’ needs. For example each group of the company may detect the changes in certain field and take corrective action to keep their resources updated. This marketing organization will give Smart Q a better opportunity to monitor the activities of the monitors and respond to them with more efficient marketing strategies.

B. Activities, Responsibilities & Timetables for Completion Smart Q planning to open a new branch in Koala Lump where many public and private higher education institutions like universities and colleges are located. Smart Q also planning to hold a short briefing in September 2012. This seminar is to explain the importance of mastering English skills to the new students. Thus, in the first three months of the company’s financial year, the company will carry out a survey investigation among the higher education students to identify the needs of them.

Marketing analysis will come out with the marketing plan and strategies based on the test market strategy. By exploring the new market, the company may forecast the response from their target markets. The company may offer the student with service at a lower price to attract the attention of the targeted customers. After the testing the target market, Smart Q will be having internal reflection section and identify the possibility to enter the market by opening new branch and also identify the ways to penetrate the whole market.

The last three months of the financial year, Smart-Q will implement the marketing strategies and start organizing the branch in Koala Lump. VI’. Evaluation and Control A. Performance Standard and Financial Control A comparison of financial expenditures with the plan goals will be included in the project report. The following performance standards and financial controls are suggested: The mission and vision statement should be compiled from various ideas and opinions from the upper management and board of directors.

These ideas should be evaluated at no fewer than three meetings before an outline is put in place. The final outcome must be approved by a majority rule. The budget allocated for implementing the marketing plan will be 40% of the total promotional budget. This will include all costs for plan implementation, plan revisions, and the evaluation of the marketing plan results. The following percentages of the budget will be spent on the specified marketing activities: 50% for plan implementation, 20% for revisions in the marketing plan, and 30% for the follow-up analysis.

The marketing director is responsible for reporting all expenditures related to the marketing plan implementation. They will also be responsible for meeting the timeline requirements for each task. Team members working with the marketing director will be responsible for keeping the director informed in a timely manner. They will also be responsible for reporting their expenditures, personal and in any other way, related to the marketing plan implementation. B.

Monitoring Procedure To analyze the effectiveness of Smart G’s marketing plan, it is necessary to compare its actual performance with plan objectives. To facilitate this analysis, monitoring procedures should be developed for the various activities required to bring the marketing plan to succeed. These procedures include, but are not limited to, the allowing: The project management concept will be used to evaluate the implementation of marketing plan by establishing time requirement, human resource needs and financial or budgetary expenditure.

A perpetual comparison of actual and planed activities will be conducted on a monthly basis for the first year and on a quarterly basis after the initial implementation phase. The business analysis teams, including directly to the company president. Each group of the company is responsible for determining what changes must be made in procedures, product focus, or operations as a result of the study conducted in its area.