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Marketing a Pop Group - Essay Example

Subsequently, we then had to form an essay that discussed and displayed our opinions and recommendations. This was so that we could show why we decided to use preference specific thoughts in the promotion of the band. As this was a group project, we had to delegate different tasks to each member of our group. Between us, I in turn resulted in completing the CD Cover, Magazine Article and Magazine Advert. I also formed an article on tour dates for the British Isles region as well. The aim of this essay is to present reasons and explanation on why I decided to materialise the practical pieces in the way in which they were made.

First, it is essential to talk about the background information of the group. The music group that was chosen by my group was called ‘Biggie G And The Family’ The music genre that was chosen was Rhythm and Bass otherwise known as R&B. We did originally get the idea from a previous group named ‘P.Diddy and the Bad Boy Family’ but thought that if we used this name it would make out band equal to rebels as they would stand out from the crowd and only be interested in the welfare of themselves and people close to them.

We felt that choosing R&B as our preferred genre would be easy as I assured the group that I had enough knowledge in order to fulfil the task of successfully promoting a band. Also we did believe that our group would be related to romance so we opted for Rhythm and Bass due to the fact that we had analysed as a group large varieties This was because in present times there sees to be a greater demand by fans and artists to create songs involving love and affection for the opposite sex. Next the group had to decide the target audience of our group. After long periods of discussions and analysis of present day artists, we therefore decided that it would necessary for the group to appeal to young individuals from the ages of 14 to 21.

Soon after the group had established the main characteristics of the band, we then had to try and attempt to find research on the following things:Andrew and I decided that we would go to the music shops and analyse the layout of the shop. Individually, we all decided that we would bring in music magazines and CDs in order to give other members of the group a further insight into the production methods. Jack and Lewis brought in different genres of press release to give Andrew a better perspective in how to create a press release. With the genre, target audience and name of our band verified, all that was left for us to do individually, was to complete our tasks. That involved the group having to find research on our tasks.

I had to specifically obtain information on R&B CD’s and various examples of magazine articles and adverts. I also had to look for different styles of tour schedules. To do this I looked at magazines such as ‘The Source’, ‘Word-up’, ‘BlackBeat’, and ‘Right on’ From these magazines I was able to see what language was being used in the articles and adapt to my needs within the band interview article. For the magazine article, I decided that it was necessary for me to try and make the reader believe that the advert was from a genuine R&B publication. I tried to do this by using easy, coherent language that would I believed the reader would understand.

I did decide that I thought it would be necessary for this article to be published within NME Music Magazine. Although the group would be trying to attract listeners who liked R&B, I though that it would be good for the group if they appeal to readers who didn’t expect to find an article about the group in a multi-cultural music magazine. For the CD cover, the production of it was a joint performance from Andrew and I. I obtained the promotional photographs and arranged the CD layout. Andrew was responsible for the construction of the CD Cover and in turn we both discussed why we though certain things needed to be added in or taken out at any given stage.

From this we both decided that we would have the artists on a black background. This was because the colour black is symbolic and it connotes mystery and sinister activity. We thought that this would be good for the band’s reputation, as it would give the group a more ominous approach. We then decided that midnight blue would be used for decoration inside the C. As midnight blue is associated with sexual ecstasy, this seemed appropriate as the group were trying to appeal towards the opposite sex.

I produced the magazine advert purely on my own. I had to look at other previously constructed adverts in order to gain a further insight. I saw that from looking at adverts promoting R&B artists, that many of the adverts just showed a picture of the band, details of single and album release and some brief information on the record label. The record label that was chosen by the group was Columbia Records otherwise owned by Sony. We choose this label due to the fact that Sony and Columbia promote many other R&B groups. It wouldn’t have seemed feasible for the group to apply to other labels that didn’t have any knowledge when promoting R&B stars.

The layout of the magazine advert was quite easy to put together. I added quotations from top critics to add the group’s successful climb to fame. These quotes ranged from excerpts from ‘The Source’ to Jonathan Ross. I used the colour purple for some of the decorations because purple connotes royalty. Also bright colours such as orange and red were used to imply that the group were fun individuals. Andrew produced the press release and he used simple words so that it would be easier for the reader to understand what he/she was reading. He didn’t add irrelevant information to the press release because that would easily lead to the reader becoming disinterested with what they were reading.

Within the press release, Andrew spoke of the backgrounds of each of the members of the group. I found this to be very effective, as it would let the reader to feel they knew a lot about each person. Andrew also produced the tabloid newspaper article. He used a letterhead taken from The Sun newspaper. This was effective, as The Sun is widely known for their outrageous newspaper headlines. Andrew used simple language to put across his point even though I wouldn’t have agreed with it!

Lewis and Jack produced the tour dates, publicity schedule and the flyer. The flyer showed the manager and the singers embodied in white clothing. This was to imply that the boys had innocent and reliable personalities. The tour dates showed the exact whereabouts of the band across the globe. The background picture showed an aeroplane, which seemed appropriate to the production due to travel. The other tour dates showed the group upon a descending white to brown background with tours around the British Isles.