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Marketing and Oral Presentation - Essay Example

Oral Presentation TAMA Continuous Assessment Score Contribution to Continuous Assessment Score 25% 100% The contribution of continuous assessment score to the total course score is on below. To pass this course, students must pass both the overall course score and the examination. Assessment Components Written Examination Total Course Score Contribution to Course Score THE ASSIGNMENTS Four to five students will form groups to work on both the assignments. TAMA is a written report.

There are two components to TAMA; a written report and a group oral presentation during tutorial class in WEAK or WEAK. Each group will be assigned (at random) a product that is not currently available in a target country. Once the product/target country is determined, the group will choose a firm to work on. On behalf of the chosen firm, the group is to conduct an environmental analysis and develop a marketing plan for the product in the target country. The aim is for the said firm to secure a substantial market presence for the product over a reasonable period of time.

For example, a group will be assigned to market an automobile from the United States into a foreign country. Then the group will pick a firm for this project. The selection of the product and the target foreign country will be finalized and confirmed by your tutor in WOK, latest by 4 October 2013 (Friday). Your assignment must draw explicitly on a range of relevant models, concepts and theories from the course. In particular, you are required to demonstrate that your group has appropriately applied these to support your analysis and findings.

Your work should clearly show your understanding of the topics. We will look for clear and logical ideas. Tutors will impose marking penalties for failure to make explicit use of course material, or lack of rigor in referencing. Your group is expected to cover the following issues as outlined on below for each of the assignments; references to the text chapters are included. We have also included some suggested approaches / issues to consider, which of course, are not exhaustive and will vary from case to case.

A description of the product and the profile of the firm (maximum 500 words to be included in the Appendix, and will not be included in your word count) 2 Overview of the external environments in the target country 3 When addressing the environmental factors (economic, political/legal, and cultural), Leary assess the pros and cons (challenges) of entering the proposed market. This section should cover Chapters 2-5. Remember to relate your findings to the pros and cons of this target market and then back them up with evidence.

Avoid stating information that does not help make a point. Suggested issues to consider (may vary from case to case) Economic environment (Chapter 2) o Membership in economic integration organizations o Foreign exchange (Chapter 3) Political/Legal environment: (Chapter 5) o Regulatory constraints o Intellectual Property Rights Protection o Country risks Cultural environment: (Chapter 4) o Are there any cultural issues that are applicable to your chosen product in the chosen market? O What are the implications of cultural difference that might affect your marketing strategies?

Rationale for expansion outside the home country and the selection of the chosen foreign country (refer to relevant sections in Chapter 7 and 9) 4 Market Positioning Segmentation and Positioning Refer to Chapter 7 and select one or two frameworks that are applicable to your project o Identify which specific segments of the population you want to target. Is there a universal segment? O Considering the competition, what is your positioning strategy? Is there a universal positioning that is applicable to your product/market?