Marketing & Environmental Trends - Essay Example

The Aqua Park Centre will be a full-service swimming pool, which is situated in Newcastle (Australia). Newcastle is a very good place for such business because of the number of young people living there. The capital for the Aqua Park is approximately around $1100000, the Aqua Park is conservatively projecting a $23,507 net profit in third year of operation with this number increasing to over $170,125 by the end of year five. Our swimming pool will target mainly Adults from age 18 + but young kids are also welcome and there are lots of facilities for them.

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The pool is divided into three lanes – to accommodate all levels of swimmer – slow, medium and fast. Please note the direction you should follow depending on which lane you are swimming. Recreational swimming is available on Saturday and Sunday where no lanes are provided. These are popular family sessions Occasionally parts of the pool are used for aquatic based Active Life classes. Life saving, swimming lessons for all standards of swimmers from the complete beginner to the advanced, aqua-aerobics and synchronised swimming.

The keys to success for The Aqua Park are our ability to market effectively, creating an unmatched “cool” atmosphere where people will like to be, and hiring qualified/certified and knowledgeable staff to aid in the running of our programs and leagues such as training and teaching people and young kids how to swim. The Aqua Park is a water sport and fitness complex designed to be used by the residents of Newcastle and the surrounding areas. It is our mission to provide the best programs, staff, and equipment, to fully meet the various sports and fitness needs of our members, while generating a profit for the owners and investors.

Besides providing an excellent value to our customers, The Aqua Park is determined to create an unmatched sporting atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every member and employee of the facility. Dedicated to the community, The Aqua Park strives to support and sponsor community events, as well as host them whenever possible. Our hope is that through the use of our facility, members’ enjoyment and appreciation for sports, fitness, and for life will be enhanced. The conclusion reached from the environmental analysis is that there are opportunities for business, which will support the growth in profit forecast.

These environmental trends will influence the selection of marketing strategies for the Business. Industry Conditions ABS statistics show that population of Australia increases because of immigration and nowadays people are more interested in having healthy life. That\’s why more and more people attend fitness clubs or swimming pools. There is demand higher than supply in that area, where our swimming pool situated. It means that number of customers will be increasing in the future and our company will be able to pay loan with interest for five years.

We will get enough profit to reach our goals. Service The business will offer different kinds of services. There are brand new swimming pool for people of all ages, gym and spa facilities. Also there are cafe and small shop with swimming equipment. We will try differentiating our services to get more customers with different wants. This swimming pool provides better service then all others simply because it is the newest one and was built on the higher standards. This service business satisfied all different kinds of customer’s needs despite of their age, sex and social status.

This business provides swimming, spa and gym service not because customers want those service but because it helps satisfy customer’s needs in this sphere. According to the number of people coming to the pool and gym, which is higher than in all other pools at that area, it can be said that customers are happy with this service. It also can be admitted that new and modern building with better facilities can satisfy their needs more then before. Another important thing, which plays a huge role as well in client’s satisfaction, is the location.

The pool is situated a bit far from the main highway, at the open area without any buildings around, that can make the customers enjoy the silence, nature and more freedom when they are coming to that area. The last feather, which is playing a big role as well is that there are more opportunities for the children in the pool, where they can find two special small pools for themselves and water slides where they can have a lot of fun. This attribute makes pool more popular among the children that can automatically bring the parents as well to use all the pool facilities.

In this pool customers are always meet a pleasant greetings and nice treatment simply because all the working staff happy to satisfy the clients and provide them only the best service. There are no any doubts that the customers will meet only attentive and polite people there. Of course after such a nice and comprehensive service customers would like to come back again and again because they are always remember a good service. What is more, they can attract some more other people, telling them how good and pleasant it was to spend couple hours during the weekend at the pool with their children.

The pool is opened every day which also good for the people who have free time during the working week. Another new thing at that area is that pool provides the cafi?? service with cold and hot drinks and some kind of fast food, which is really important for the children who are always hungry after swimming. Security level in the pool is high and there are special lifeguards in the pool who are mostly looking after children during their swimming, which is good for the parents who can just relax and enjoy their spa or swim.