Marketing Manager Job Discription - Essay Example

To oversees all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities. JOB DESCRIPTION: * Responsible for the marketing of company products and services to the right market whether BOB or BBC. * Demonstrate technical marketing skills and company product knowledge.

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Develop an annual marketing plan in conjunction with the sales department. This should detail the year’s activity to meet agreed company objectives. * Budget management. To deliver all marketing activity within the agreed budget. * To direct marketing staff where budgets are devolved. * To manage all aspects of print production, receipt and distribution. * To achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media. * To managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.

To conduct market research in order to identify market requirements for current and future products. To develop and implement a company-wide plan to push product, working with all departments for its execution * To analyses potential strategic partner relationships for product lines. * To demonstrate the ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees. * To build trust, value others, communicate effectively, drive execution, foster innovation, focus on delivery to customers, collaborate with others, solve problems creatively and demonstrate gig integrity. Maintain professional internal and external relationships that meet company core values. * Proactively establish and maintain effective working team relationships with all support departments. Job Specifications: Approximately 4-6 years of sales experience in the marketing industry. Experience with a company in a related company sector. * Extensive experience of developing, maintaining and delivering on marketing strategies to meet company objectives. * A strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.