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Marketing Mix Report - Essay Example

Kraft Tiger Energy Choc Biscuits (Kraft Tiger) are the biscuits that design for everyone, this biscuits contains a lot of vitamins and nutrition that are used for human’s growth (Kraft Foods. n.d). This biscuits also will give some extraordinary energy for people that they needed for their daily activities and suitable for vegetarian due to the ingredients of this biscuit does not contains animal source. The packaging and labeling of Kraft Tiger is very interesting with charming design.

People will easily to get this product because the products have a special word “ENERMAXX” that mean the biscuits contains of 9 vitamins and 6 minerals that give some extra energy which is needed for daily activities. Then, behind the package it has train picture that explain the vitamin and minerals that is contained in Kraft Tiger biscuits. This product has some attributes such as red color labeling in their product, expiry date to inform their consumers about the longest time to consume Kraft Biscuit, also the ingredients that printed in two languages and the product’s manufacturing due to labeling laws (Kotler et al 2009, 296). Consumers also can get website link that refer to the details of Kraft’s products after they purchase this item. The consumers will be given redress if they accept Kraft Tiger that do not fit in their expectation.

This product generally used by personal consumption (Kotler et al 2009, 271), a lot of people like to purchase this biscuit, due to the ingredients are suitable for human’s growth. This product is included in convenience products (Kotler et al 2009, 272) which distribute widely, because of that consumers will purchase this item moderately and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort. There is a shortage of every goods that called scare (Hubbard et al 2010, 140), it probably will be happened in this product that can impact the production of Kraft Tiger are out of stock, to prevent this situation, consumers can try the other tastes of this products or get the other products that similar with this biscuit.

This biscuit have a lot of varieties such as 42g and 75g that specifically produced for individual consumption and 240g produced for family consumptions. Kraft tiger is produced more than one tastes such as susu and original because chocolate tastes can make their consumers feel tired and cough. There are some unique features in Kraft Tiger Energy Choc Biscuits, such as this product has Tiger’s design called “Tigo” in their package is the special trademark of this product. Kraft Tiger has a unique carved object in their biscuits, written “TIGER” that placed in the top of their biscuits. Brand Elements is often used next to each other to identify the brand (Ronald2009). Kraft is a special Manufacture’s brand name that can help consumers to identify and boost the purchase of Kraft Tiger.

1. Current Pricing

The sales of Kraft Tiger are developing in monopolistic competition (Hyman et al. 2004) that are consist of many buyers and sellers, this situation can give a freedom for sellers exercise market power, due to a monopolistic competition they will get easy way to set their price. Kraft Tiger is recognized in elastic product which make consumers to appraise the responsiveness of one economic variable that changes to another economic variable (Hubbard et al 2010, 109) because of that, when the price of Kraft Tiger is increased, it will decrease the quantity of Kraft Tiger’s demanded due to the price of compatible products which can make the consumers buy the others products.

Kraft Tiger is very carefully to decide their price which can impact the company’s strength to face their competitor’s price (Kotler et al. 2009, 365), then they will make balancing-price between their price and the quantity demanded, because of that the producer will not make the price of Kraft Tiger over priced and look similar with their competitors. Most of the consumers will spend their money to purchase Kraft Tiger when they are interested with the quality, features, and product image that the product offered, such as the brand name of the product which is well-known, so people has already known the quality of the product which kraft’s produced..The interested features that kraft’s have can make their consumers more comfortable with this product and increase their loyalty for this product.

The business will determine the price of this product very carefully, because they do not want to make the price is not suitable with the market’s condition. Kraft Tiger Energy which are included in elasticity products that the cross-price elasticity of demand will be negative or positive it depends on whether the two products are complements or substitutes (Hubbard et al 2010, 109). The determined of the price is very important because, if consumers feel that the price is greater than the product’s value, they will not buy the product (Kotler et al 2009, 349). The Producer of Kraft products must carefully to set their price, if they set the products overpriced, the quantity of demand for their product will decrease, because of that they must make an equilibrium price to prevent this situation.

1. Current Distribution

The distribution of Kraft Tiger in the market is spread widely, almost all supermarkets in Singapore sell Kraft Tiger. Kraft Tiger is able to reach a lot of consumers because they have a high scope distribution. There are a lot of locations that consumers can find this product because this product is distribute all parts of Singapore, such as in Market Place, Carrefour, Giant Hypermarket, Fair Price, NTUC and Cold Storage.

The distribution of this product is an indirect channel, in this case Kraft Tiger uses intermediaries to distribute their products which give opportunity to the consumers to get Kraft Tiger from wholesaler or retailers that acting as a unified network (Kotler et al 2009, 396). Kraft Tiger distribute their product to consumers by use of wholesalers and retailers which act as their intermediaries to reach an extensive distribution (Michael J. Baker, 2002). The consumers cannot buy this product directly from the producer and they only get this product from supermarkets due to the limited connection between consumers and producer, supermarket is the related intermediary between producer and consumers (Michael J. Baker, 2002).

Kraft Tiger is included in convenience product (Kotler et al 2009, 272), which are sold in a low-price and wide distribution, this thing will not make the consumers get difficulty to find this product. Kraft Tiger is a product which is purchased in a frequent time, because of that the consumers will purchase this item without planning and they will purchase this item frequently. The Consumers will buy it because they have already known that Kraft Tiger have a high standard quality and the products will available everywhere due to the wide distribution of this product (Kotler et al 2009, 272). Kraft Tiger also will satisfy their consumer’s needs, because of that they use channel decision (Kotler et al. 2009, 393) to control their products and try to have a greater efficiency of selling their products in market. Moment of consumers are purchased this item frequently, it will make the quantity of demanded will stable, which will help the producer to distribute Kraft Tiger.