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Marketing report - Essay Example

I use secondary data from the assessment and ideas of some newspapers, Vifon official website, and another related report. Survey method In my report, I choose Questionnaire method for my all part of the market survey. I design a questionnaire including 17 multiple-choice questions. Besides, I also required people to provide some mandatory information such as gender, age, and occupation. They have to answer a compulsory question that whether they had used Vifon’s instant noodle or not. If they answer yes, I will continue my survey.

Target population Vifon has been engaged in Vietnam noodle market for a long time. It also built a strong image in the consumers. Therefore, the name Vifon has been familiar with any status of society. They may have heard Vifon reputation or used its product. In my report, I choose people who are at all level of age or gender, occupation However, they are required to use Vifon’s instant noodle at least one time so that I can get the information from them.

Sampling procedure Because the instant noodle is a popular foodstuff in our life and the only way to do a survey is asking people who used Vifon’s instant noodle. Therefore, I chose a specific population thanks to the non-random sampling. In this method, I applied Quota sampling. I chose 40 people who had been using Vifon’s noodle foodstuff. This way is cheap and administratively easy. It is also pointless to worry too much about sampling error.

Vietnam is a high competitive market for instant noodle foodstuff. Moreover, when Vietnam has been a member of WTO, the competition is higher. The more competitors in the market, the less market share that each company has. Therefore, it is a challenge and an opportunity for Vifon to expand its instant noodle brand. In general, Vifon has run well its business. The company has been buit a stable position in instant noodle market in Vietnam. What is the strength of Vifon Company?

The company receives the fair support from the consumers. It is demonstrated by the satisfaction in price, quality, service and advertisement. Vifon is also successful in rural area market share. What is the weekness of Vifon Company? However, there are still weaknesses in several products. Spaghetti Roma and Children noodle are not received much support from the customers. The consumers also want to promotion in model and ingredient bags in instant noodle packet.In the future, Vifon Company should improve the technology and promotion to meet the satisfaction of the consumers better.


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