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Marketing Research - Essay Example

In terms of Kindle, Amazon introduced a new product within an laryngitis’s niche market, but made it small and innovative and advertised it through its laryngitis’s large customer base giving it the competitive advantage ND attractiveness it required shift units in bulk. Kindle, a very recent innovation, has propelled Amazon to new heights within the e-commerce business.

Despite the innovative Kindle receiving the Reader’s Choice award for the best e-book reader 3 years in a row (Statesman, 201 3), Amazon has kept the cost of disservice affordable, hence sticking to their core emphasis of providing low-cost products toothier customers in trying to achieve customer satisfaction. Apart from Kindle, Amniocenteses in other ways such as One-click Ordering system, Vouchers and Amazon Premiership Includes one day delivery. Regardless of Cost leadership and

Differentiation strategies, wealth business circles, believed be not going hand In hand, Amazon has always found Itself dealing with products Hellenic markets and being sold at reasonable prices through sellers with huge access testimonies of scale. Amazon has discovered ways to reduce cost not only without Herrington differentiation but by actually raising it, by using practices that are both efficient indifference or by employing a deferent technology (Porter, 2004, p. 18).

For example, Beats 4 market buttonhole-sale sellers can be found on Amazon selling them at much lower price compared to tactual MR.. Amazon, along with keeping the cost-down for the customers, also bases its warehouses anural areas where the land is much cheaper than industrial estates or urban areas where land prices can be inflated. ‘ Amazon has tried to stress how many Jobs it is creating across discounter y at a time of economic malaise’ through these warehouses, with one of them situated in Ruggedly, Staffordshire. (Roberts, 2013)Therefore, Amazon. Mom prides itself to be one of the major players in the world in providentially y products through good service. Good service in Amazon’s case is the competitive advantage for selling products. Amazon. Mom has built a four pillar strategy to guide and reach Bozos’ vision. These pillars are Selection comprising of VA SST selection of retail products;Price which is consistent and continuously offers products with no sacrifice to quality with guaranteed on-time delivery; Convenience, for example offering customers review antecedence forms on all products (Stockpot, 2010, p. 75) and finally; Technologicalcapabilities in terms of logistics of delivering goods according to customers preference,innovation within the e-reader and tablet market, SAWS (Amazon Web Services) whichever Cloud Computing and Digital content such as Amazon MPH Music store (Stockpot,2010, up. 577-578). 2. 2 Corporate Level Strategy The above three customers: Consumers, Sellers Developers (& Enterprises according to threaten Annual reports) are all focused around division of Growth, that the Founder/CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bozos yearned from the beginning.

This strategy to grow through mainly focusing customer experience can be seen in Figure 2 2 :The customer focus is mainly based around E-commerce. It is this E-commerce industry thatched Bozos visualized through Amazon in chichi will grow over the coming years. Despite ‘ he online channel still accounts for Just 8% of total retail sales in the U. S. , the future growth’s going to be healthy with Amazon leading the way U. S. Growth outlook certainly looks promising, international markets can offer even higher potential in the long term ‘. Forbes ,2013). Anions Matrix is used to analyses this growth that Amazon entails its main focus on. Anions Matrix explicitly considers growth options. Growth is rarely a good end in itself. Publications organizations are often accused of growing out-of- control bureaucracies; similarly,some private sector managers are accused of empire alluding at the expense of shareholders. Therefore, within the Anions Matrix, Consolidation acts as a fifth option which involves 2 Source:http://www. Delete. Et/blob/images/Tells 2_NSINSkMakeorum_presentation_lolonghornmAmazongure 2: Amazon’s strategy 5 protecting existing products and existing markets as we can see in Figure 3 Products Existing New Markets Consolidation Market Penetration (e. g. IGDBAMIDveLovelierdible. com,Comts. com,Comric. com,Comppcaposm Comarket Development New segments New territories New uses With new capabilities Beyond current expectations(E. g. xGanExpansioncountries mainly India. Plans of expansion in Sweden and PolaPlanneroing) Product Development With existing Capabilities Beyond current expeexpectations(Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD )HADiversification With existing capabilities Beyond current expectations(E. g. AGazon Web Services which inclinconsiderationardian, NetfNettlingc) Figure 3: AnsoAnionsrix Out of the 4 strategies in Figure 3, Amazon has managed to adopt all four strategies inliunlimitedthin the last 4 years, Product Development has been a major part of Amazon’s strategy in the form of the e-book reader Kindle, along with the tablet, Kindle Fire, desidesignedufactured by Amazon itself to rival other tablets in the markets, mainly the iPadpadApple.

Free Sample: Marketing Research paper example for writing essay

Marketing Research - Essay Example

Do people know Jim Mitchell Intentions/goals for running? Who are the other candidates running for governor? How many registered voters are In the state? On a scale from 1-10, what is your intention on voting? 2. The purpose of the research project should assess whether the company should change the product line and focus more toward the young buyer generation. What is the buying power for the young generation? 3. A. The research purpose of this study should show why Crystal-Clear Lens has not been able to obtain breakable sales after being in the market for more than 5 years.

B. The research purpose comprises an understanding between the manager and the researcher of Identifying problems or opportunities that need to be studied, decision alternatives that need to be evaluated, and users of the research results. The research objective Is a statement of what Information Is needed. In this case, the purpose of the research is to show why the reasons why the company has not been able to meet sales/breakable. The research objective will provide a solution/ opportunity to the problem. C. Are people aware of Crystal-Clear Lens? Is there any coupons being offered for first time customers?

Does Crystal-Clear Lens have any partnerships with opticians? Is Crystal-Clear Lens offering express mail? What customers are you targeting? D. Hypothesis: If people are not aware of Crystal-Clear Lens, advertising to customers will be a good Idea to create awareness. Hypothesis: Coupons are a great Incentive to get people to go to your store. Customers love the Idea of getting a good deal. Chapter 4 4. Moving forward with the exploratory study, I would use qualitative research to show how the new, automatic inventory control procedure will be beneficial for the company.

I would ask the following questions: How can our service be improved? What are some ways we can manage production effectively? 10. I think the descriptive design would be the most appropriate for this case. Research purpose: The purpose of the study is to show if the new flavored ice cream will be a successful product. Research questions: What kind of ice cream does the premium market buy and who buys our brand? What is our current Image? Where do people buy our products? Hypothesis: Older people buy our brand, whereas the younger generation buy from competitors. Marketing Research

By chunkymunky726 1. Are people aware who Jim Mitchell is? Do people know Jim Mitchell intentions/goals for running? Who are the other How many registered voters are in the state? Researcher of identifying problems or opportunities that need to be studied, decision research objective is a statement of what information is needed. In this case, the will be a good idea to create awareness. Hypothesis: Coupons are a great incentive to get people to go to your store. Customers love the idea of getting a good deal. Market buy and who buys our brand? What is our current image?

Free Sample: Marketing Research paper example for writing essay

Marketing Research - Essay Example

They should also consider filming the interviews or using audio recording because recording comments verbatim is very difficult and often results in error. Question 10 should be moved up behind the other basic Identification questions 1 4. For questions 1 4 It should be explained why the researcher Is asking for this Information In order to overcome respondents’ inability or unwillingness to answer. It should also In clued the education level of the respondent. Question 7 should be moved behind the identification questions to introduce the topic of calling cards for adequate question structure.

This will allow the respondent to communicate their beliefs, motives and attitudes without bias. It should not included the brand AT because the respondent might not be informed about this brand’s calling g card. The researcher either needs to inform them about It or Just use it as a general quests on for all calling cards. This question Is also likely to gain answers such as, “l Like them” or “They’re good” which does not help the researcher. I would suggest rephrasing the question to be more specific. Maybe something like, “What do you think about the quo lit of the calling card you have used personally during the past month? To overcome the respondents unwillingness or inability to answer. This would also require the research her to provide a way for the respondent to indicate that they havens used a calling card in t he last month. Question 6 should be more specific. The words infrequently and very frequently do n to give enough Information.

Free Sample: Marketing Research paper example for writing essay

Marketing Research - Essay Example

The final project will be submitted by May 2013. 2. Background Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the Introduction of the BlackBerry solution in 1999. The blackberry phone came In market during the 1999, but It nowhere looked like the current models and was a fast-growing trend. In 2003, blackberry released their first smartened (us. Blackberry, 2012). BlackBerry also expanded from smartness to the growing field of Tablets, by Introducing the BlackBerry PlayBook and also various support business software and accessories (Absence. M 2003) mobile industry, with the US (bag. Com 2012). And also stood the 4th in the Best Canadian Brands (Rangefinder’s, 2012) The reported profit for the current financial year is of 1. 2 billion USED reported by the BBC news. (absence, 2012) In the past five years Blackberry made a drastic change in the way people communicate, specifically targeting the younger generation. Blackberry main aim is to develop socializing. In the past 5 years since the blackberry messenger became popular, it changed the scenario. People could easily stay in touch and text unlimited from different parts of the world (us. Cyber, 2012). In the I-JAKE blackberry was launched by the telecommunication server distillates in May 2006. They started internet and social networking packages in February 2007. This is when blackberry smartness became popular among the youth group in I-JAKE because of the socializing package for blackberry messenger. (Selfness,2013) In the recent scenario blackberry has many competitors and strong competition like Apple ‘phone, Samsung, Sony and Monika as it small place and all these companies are competing for the largest market share.

Blackberry market share in the AAU is large. The RIM says that blackberry will have a larger market share in AJAX than apple due to the widespread popularity of the blackberry messenger. ” Blackberry has a very strong presence in the market as it offers highly competitive price packages when compared to android and apple phones. (Selfness,2013) 3. Problem Definition and Research Objectives Problem background: Blackberry has been losing its market, which is the key problem.

The purpose of research is that we are trying to identify the consumer preference and reason of decline in sales. Nevertheless, the features of the mobile phone that attracts a nonuser to make a purchase need to be ascertained and the price influence on purchase. Along with this several actions are been taken from through which the sales of blackberry can be increased. The information required in order to successfully complete the research would be factors such as: the Market research Problem, Management decision problem, and the advantage that competitors have over blackberry.

The Marketing Decision Problem (MAD): What key factors of consumer preferences should be considered and further implemented in order to experience an increase in sales for BlackBerry mobile In order to combat the falling sales, it is important to: Determining the target market BlackBerry must focus on. Analyzing the most liked functions and features. Determining Blackberry current market position. The Research Objectives: This research aims to precisely gather data to the following questions, to relate to the stated MAD: 1 .

What is the demographic and cryptographic profile of consumers who prefer a BlackBerry? 2. What are the features and functions most preferred 3. What criteria do consumers use while selecting a mobile phone? 4. How do consumers evaluate BlackBerry based on identified choice criteria . Research Design The research design for BlackBerry is designed to understand and find reasons about why market share for blackberry in I-JAKE is declining. We carried out a detailed study by doing an extrinsic research on the current users; previous users and people who never used BlackBerry.

Our research has been designed in order to measure the market share of BlackBerry users in AJAX; understand the purchasing decisions of consumers and also what technological improvements can be implemented to engulf the needs of the consumers. The approaches we have chosen for this the researches on BlackBerry are: Under exploratory research we have chosen the quantitative approach. The quantitative research was done by reading different articles on the internet based on the market share of different mobile phones also the official website had potential secondary information that has helped us in the report.

There was a large pool of information, however we selected the most reliable sources to analyze the secondary research. More information on the quantitative information has been already discussed in the background of the company. The nest approach used was conclusive research. Under which we chose the method of collecting surveys. This helped us, as we were able to gain the insight of the opinion many potential customers And also, this helped us to analyze data and formulate recommendations to serve the Marketing Decision Problem.

The target market we chose to conduct this research are respondents between the age of 18 – 25 years old, as they are the largest group of blackberry users which is the youth group, who is very much keen on social networking technologies. Through targeting this particular age group, we had a clear idea about were the problems Steps for sampling process: . The population size we chose is respondents aged between the ages 18-25 years who are mainly the younger group of population who use blackberry more. . Our sampling frame consists of 3 divisions, which is the current users, previous users and respondents who never used blackberry phones. C. Our sample design is Strategic random sampling. D. The sample size we choose is 60 respondents who have used or never used a blackberry or who are previous users of blackberry. The sampling method we choose to conduct this research is the stratified random sampling method, as we can divide r stratify the population in different consumption patterns. 5.

Data analysis and reporting The sample has a size of 63 individuals of which 52% are females and 48% are males (refer to Chart 1). The occupation of the sample is dominated by students (85%) followed by working individuals, working full time (7%), self-employed (7%) and lastly Also, around 47% of the individuals are between the age groups of 18-19 year olds, 41% being 20-21 years, 7% being 22-23 years and lastly 2% being 24- 25 years (Chart 3). The data analysis has been divided into three categories: 1 . Current BlackBerry Consumers. . Previous BlackBerry Consumers 3. Never-used BlackBerry 1 .

Analysis of Current BlackBerry Consumers: From the total sample of 63 individuals, the majority of 39 (Chart 4) respondents are Current BlackBerry Consumers. With the majority of the current users ranging between the age groups of 18-20 year olds, the dictating occupation is (Chart 6). The analysis unfolds their views on affordability of mobile brands with Apple and Samsung being perceived as more expensive as compared to BlackBerry and Monika (Chart 7). Purchase decisions are mainly affected by the importance of right functions and eaters, user-friendly features, brand image and budget (Chart 8).

Operating System (Chart 9). To conclude, current users seem to be inclined towards BlackBerry because of IBM, but are unsatisfied with other functions such as applications, operating system and feat and are most likely to shift, if not offered better options. 2. Analysis of Previous BlackBerry Consumers: As seen in Chart 4, respondents who have previously used but now switched to another brand are about 30% of the sample. The majority shifting to the phone, followed by Samsung (Chart 10) is mainly due to operational problems by BlackBerry ouch as getting stuck, slow processing etc. Chart 11). Also, these particular respondents, while selecting purchase decision factors have rated the operating system as an extremely important function they require in a mobile phone (Chart 11). Moreover, previous BlackBerry users are largely not impressed with the newly launched ZOO and QUO models and consider that it still lacks features and functions and thus are very less likely to re-purchase a BlackBerry (Table 12) While the majority of respondents declining to repurchase a BlackBerry, certain consumers considered it as best suited for them.

Out of the current users, 17% considered continuing with BlackBerry (Table 13). Significantly, these users do not heavily rely on IBM (Chart 14) and do not believe in their mobile acting as a status symbol (Chart 15). Also, considering the rankings of features considered important, it could be said that these users prefer BlackBerry because of its battery life, operating system, keyboard more as compared to camera, touch screen and applications (Chart 16). HO: There is NO association between age and preference for built-in messenger in mobile phones.

HI: There is some association between age and preference for built- n messenger in mobile phones. After the analysis, we found that there is no association between age and preference for built-in messenger and we do not reject the null. One Sample t-Test HO: HI: p 3 After the analysis, it can be concluded that there is no association between Gender of the respondent and considering their mobile as a status symbol. Independent Samples t-Test HO: pm = if HI: pm The mean for ‘Male is equal to the mean for females, hence there is no association between gender and considering a mobile as a status symbol.

Recommendations: commendations are made: Blackberry strengths include the unique built-in messenger- IBM, user-friendliness, affordability and physical durability. BlackBerry can continue to develop IBM with regular version updates, to fix minor bugs and must maintain their price strategy as compared to Apple and Samsung. The weaknesses BlackBerry needs to work on are largely the operating system and lack of applications. The organization has to tackle problems or unresponsive operating system getting stuck and slow. Developing a new SO and allowing updates for the same, even on the previous models may help retain customers.

As for the applications, with Android mobiles working with Google to form Google Play (Outstretch, 2011) BlackBerry too can consider mergers or encourage developers to have applications by offering incentives such as larger share in cost of application, in its current store. In terms of consumer preferences on features, the most preferred features include the QWERTY keypad (a feature lacking in the phone and latest Samsung phones) because of which QUO seems like a better option. An improved camera, battery life and options in physical looks should help BlackBerry regain its ales and compete in the fierce mobile phone industry. . Data Collection Instruments The data that we collected was sufficiently reliable however certain respondents did face confusions when answering certain questions as they were unsure of what was expected however we had the researchers present in case of any questions by the respondents we were overcome this scenario. One of the questions from the questionnaire like family income did not state the value of being per month or per year. In the questionnaire each question that was asked to the respondents had a efferent significance in the questionnaire.

The below are what the reasons to ask the following questions are: Gender is asked in order to divide the number of males and females who use blackberry. The age is asked to categorize respondents in different groups. Such as what age group prefers blackberry the most. Occupation is asked to determine that at what level or class people prefer blackberry, such as the working class, or students etc. Family income is asked because through this we can have a basic idea about what their income is like and if they can afford a blackberry phone.

Free Sample: Marketing research paper example for writing essay

Marketing research - Essay Example

Motive-A need, want, drive, wish, desire, impulse, or any inner state that energies, activates, or moves and that directs behavior toward goals. 6. Communication Collection- 7. Observation Collection Section #2 Answer the following questions: 1 . List the seven kinds of primary data about Individuals that Interest marketers. (1) Behavior (2) Demographic;socioeconomic (3) Personality/Lifestyle (4) Attitudes (5) Awareness/Knowledge (6) Intentions (7) Motivation 2. Describe the two basic means of obtaining primary data.

Observation and Communication Observation: on Involves scrutinizing the situation of Interest and recording the relevant facts , action ,or behaviors . Communication: Involve questioning respondents to secure the desired information using a data collection instrument allied a questionnaire. 3. State the specific advantages of each method of data collection. In general, the communication method of data collection has the advantages of versatility speed ,and cost ,whereas observation data are typically more objective and accurate. 4.

List the Important considerations In the use of Observational methods of data collection. Observational data may be gathered using structured or unstructured methods that are either disguised or undisguised . The observations may be made in a contrived or a natural setting and may be a 5. Cite the main reason researchers may choose to disguise the presence of an observer in a study. Most often, an observer presence is disguised in order to control the tendency of people to behave different when they know their actions are being watched. 6.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of conducting an observational experiment in a laboratory setting. The advantage of a laboratory environment is that researchers are better able to control outside influences that might affect the observed behavior. The disadvantage of the laboratory setting is that the contrived setting itself may cause differences in behavior. A contrived setting ,however ,usually feeds the data collection process ,results in lower cost research ,and allows the use of more objective measurements. Chapter #6 1 . Fixed alternative question (closed ended) 2.

Open ended questions 3. Personal Interview 4. Mall intercept 5. Telephone interview 6. Mail questionnaire 7. Internet based questionnaire 1 . Explain the concept of structure as it relates to questionnaires. The degree of structure in a questionnaire is the degree of standardization imposed on it. In a highly structure questionnaire to be asked and the reposes permitted by the subjects are completely predetermined . In a questionnaire with less structure , the espouse categories are not provided ; sometimes even the questions can vary. 2.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a highly structured questionnaire? 3. What are the four main methods of collecting data using a questionnaire? 4. Use exhibit 6. 5 to help you create a chart to show the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the four methods. (1) Personal Interviews Advantage: Ability to secure correct respondent Response rate Ability to probe for detailed answers Ability to handle complex information Ability to clarify questions Flexibility of questions sequencing Ability to show visual displays

Disadvantage: Protection from interviewer bias Ability to obtain personal information Ability to offer anonymity Time requirements Quality control requirements (2) Telephone Interviews Advantage: Ability to secure list of population members Ability to secure correct respondent Computer cursors Amount of information obtained Cost requirements (3) Mail Questionnaires (4)lenient-based Questionnaires Computer support 5. What are the strongest reasons for a researcher to choose to use an Internet- based questionnaire? Internet-based Questionnaires: Is a questionnaire that relies on the Internet for completion.

Free Sample: Marketing research paper example for writing essay

Marketing research - Essay Example

Findings from the marketing research should be utilized to develop the marketing plan. L Prior to beginning marketing research, the nurse entrepreneur should outline his or her specific marketing goals and objectives. The marketing objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time specific. There are various strategies to engage in marketing research. Such strategies can be classified as either primary or secondary data sources. Primary data sources Include such strategies as on-line research using surveys or questionnaires; attending nursing ND trade association meetings, or conducting interviews and focus groups.

Data collected from these primary data sources are gathered through direct observation or interviewing consumers. 2 Secondary data sources include such strategies as accessing trade magazines, libraries, or reviewing newspaper articles. 2 Both primary and secondary sources of data are essential when conducting marketing research. This column will present a few research strategies to conducing marketing research. Nursing and Trade Association Meetings Nurse entrepreneurs should attend nursing association meetings to market their services but also to explore the competitors present.

In addition to nursing discipline-specific association meetings, the nurse entrepreneur must attend and explore trade association meetings that are specific to their service or product industry. Focus Interviews or Groups Focus interviews are one-on-one interviews that typically explore the consumer’s opinion regarding the service or product. Focus groups are a mechanism to generate similar information to the focus interviews but achieve an economy of scale by aiming data from multiple individuals at one time.

A focus group typically consist of 8 to 10 persons In which a facilitator focuses and probes In an Interview format regarding a particular service or product. Sophisticated focus groups can utilize one- way mirrors, closed-circuit videotaping, and audio recording to capture the full context of the information exchange between the participants and facilitator-3 In addition, online focus groups and panels can be utilized successfully in marketing research. Focus groups can also be a relatively inexpensive strategy to use. Mystery Consumers generation strategy for marketing research.

A mystery consumer assumes the role of a consumer to gather evaluative information regarding various aspects of a service or product from the consumer’s perspective. Mystery consumers have been identified as an essential data collection strategy to generate information regarding the type and level of customer service provided at various aspects along a service or product line. 4 Geographic Industry Maps An neutralized marketing research strategy is the utilization of geographic maps to explore the demographic population and service or product utilization within an industry.

The nurse entrepreneur can plot the presence of businesses, service or product data, and essential customer demographic data onto a map to visualize the marketplace dynamics of an industry. Field Interview (Research) Through networking with experts in the field, valuable information can be obtained about a particular market. In addition, the field interview provides primary data from the customer or competitors within the industry.

Free Sample: Marketing Research paper example for writing essay

Marketing Research - Essay Example

Bars are sometimes attached to restaurants and hotels. Sometimes bars may function Just by themselves. Bar is a term used for the special counter on which drinks are served. The entire concept of serving drinks and the ambiance everything put together is termed a Bar. The place where the bottles and glasses are stored is known as a gantry or back bar. In some bars the gantry is done up very beautifully with wooden finish or stained glass finish or lights. In some places It Is very simply done up.

A bar Is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic drinks -? beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails -? for consumption on the premises. [l] Bars provide stools or hairs that are placed at tables or counters for their patrons. Some bars have entertainment on a stage, such as a live band, comedians, go-go dancers, or stripers. Bars which offer entertainment or live music are often referred to as music bars or nightclubs. Types of bars range from dive bars[2] to elegant places of entertainment for the elite.

Many bars have a happy hour to encourage off-peak patronage. Bars that fill to capacity sometimes implement a cover charge or a minimum purchase requirement during their peak hours. Such bars often feature entertainment, which may be a live band or a disc Jockey playing recorded music. The term “bar” Is derived from the specialized counter on which drinks are served. Patrons may sit or stand at the bar and be served by the bartender, or they may sit at tables and be served by cocktail servers. The “back bar” is a set of shelves of glasses and bottles behind that counter.

In some establishments, the back bar is elaborately decorated with woodwork, etched glass, mirrors, and lights. Legal restrictions Laws in many Jurisdictions prohibit minors from entering a bar. Cities and towns usually have legal restrictions on where bars may be located and on the types of alcohol they may serve to their customers. Some Muslim countries, prohibit bars for religious reasons, while others, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, do allow bars In some specific areas but only permit non-Muslims to drink In them.

Types of bars A bar’s owners and managers choose the bar’s name, dcord, drink menu, lighting, and other elements which they think will attract a certain kind of patron. However, originally intended for one demographic profile can become popular with another. For example, a gay bar with a dance floor might, over time, attract an increasingly draught clientele. Or a blues bar may become a biker bar if most its patrons are bikers. A cocktail lounge is an upscale bar that is typically located within a hotel, restaurant, or airport. A full bar serves liquor, cocktails, wine, and beer. 3] A wine bar is an elegant bar that focuses on wine rather than on beer or liquor. Patrons of these bars may taste wines before deciding to buy them. Some wine bars also serve small plates of food or other snacks. A beer bar focuses on beer, particularly craft beer, rather than on wine or liquor. A brew pub has an on-site brewery and serves craft beers. Fern bar” is an American slang term for an upscale or preppy (or yuppie) bar. A music bar is a bar that presents live music as an attraction. A dive bar is a very informal bar, sometimes referred to simply as a “dive. Kinds of Bars There are different kinds of bars depending on the type of entertainment provided by them and by the type of clientele who frequent the bars. Nightclub or Discotheque When a bar has a large dance floor and there are Id’s to provide music or a live band playing it is called a Discotheque. Sports Bar When there is a large TV screen attached to the bar and clients can relax with a drink n their hands and watch sports channels on the TV it is called a sports bar. Dance Bars Dance floor is not as big as a discotheque but mid-sized where clients dance to recorded music is called dance bar.

Salsa Bars Customers dance to Latin Salsa music in Salsas bars Topless/Strip Bars Topless/Strip bars female dancers go topless or strip themselves and dance and also serve drinks to clients. Some of the other kinds of bars are biker bars where motorcycle enthusiasts frequent the bars, then gay bars wherein the bars are frequented by gays and a singles bar which is frequented by singles of both the enders for socializing purposes. Then are Retro bars which typically have the ambiance of ancient culture and lounge bars.

The ambiance of the bars including the lighting, seating, kind of drinks to be served is chosen very carefully to attract the best of clientele. Entertainment Bars categorized by the kind of entertainment they offer include: * Blues bars, specializing in the live blues style of music. * Comedy Bar specializing in a stand-up comedy entertainment. * Dance bars, which have a dance floor where patrons dance to recorded music. But if a dance bar has a large dance floor and hires well- now professional Des, it is considered to be a nightclub or discotheque. Karaoke bars, with nightly karaoke as entertainment. * Music bars, specializing in live music (I. E. Concerts). * Salsa bars, where patrons dance to Latin salsa music * Sports bars, where sports fans watch games on large-screen televisions * Bars categorized by the kind of patrons who frequent them include: * Biker bars, which are bars frequented by motorcycle enthusiasts and (in some regions) motorcycle club members * College bars, usually located in or near universities, where most of the patrons are students. Cop bars, where off-duty law enforcement agents gather * Gay bars, where gay men or women dance and socialize * Mixed gay/straight bars * Singles bars where (mostly) unmarried people of both sexes can meet and socialize * Straight bars * Women’s bars Bar (counter) A row of liquor bottles behind a bar (I. E. , counter) The counter at which drinks are served by a bartender is called “the bar. ” This term is applied, as a synecdoche, to drinking establishments called “bars. This counter typically stores a variety of beers, wines, liquors, and non-alcoholic ingredients, and is organized to facilitate the bartender’s work. The word “bar” in this context was already in use in 1591 when Robert Greene, a dramatist, referred to one in his A Notable Discovery of Cozenage. Counters for serving other types of food and drink may also be called bars. Examples of this usage of the word include snack bars, sushi bars, Juice bars, salad bars, and sundae bars. SELF SERVICE BEER BARS http://www. Sub. Mom/en/SUB/functions/ * Complex system * Fluent and easy beer delivery – complete technology * Watch over your customer’s consumption as in any pub * Grant your customers unique and enjoyable experience * Support and remote assistance Ordering and interaction through panel * No need to call the waiter to order * Meals, drinks – whatever your pub offers * Jukebox – order a song to be played from panel * If you wish so, call the waiter through the panel * SUB Chains * A Chance to be a part of something bigger * Another ways to surprise your customers * Worldwide connections * Up to ten people at every table * Every customer at the table can have his own account to drain beer and order meals * Customers can see their consumption, even its progress in time Customers can see items they ordered and consumption of every beer kind 0 SUB is trademark representing a complete information and control system for self-service beer bars. Based on the positive response from the market, it is registered in major world regions. The whole SUB system consists of: * Installation of SUB Technology (IT and beer delivery) and further development * Customer care, services, hotlist and updates * SUB Champ: * For more enjoyable functions for your customers, trivia’s and pub competitions * We can help you to Join an existing SUB chain * We can help you to start your own SUB chain 0 Advantages of the SUB system: Return on Investment – ROI – The features below grants the return on your investment * Great customer experience – Customers tend to come back, interaction through the displays encourages the customers to try its possibilities, it’s unique and fun! * Increased beer consumption – Customers serve themselves, they can pour their drinks without waiting for a waiter, pour it anytime they want, so they won’t be disturbed from conversation by getting their drinks. * Synergy effect – Ease of use of SUB technology, its features and precision creates effective and reliable unit interesting for the customers *

The SUB system: * comes in many forms and can be shaped according to your wishes * can use both beer tanks and beer kegs * keeps the beer cold all the way to the glass * informs you of your customers consumption, so you are still the one in control * brings many functions and features to make a visit to your pub an unforgettable experience SUB Features and Functions * SUB is a complex information and control system providing the whole beer delivery function – it measures the consumptions, stores them, provides the functions for ordering meals, drinks, songs in a Jukebox, interactions with a waiter, immunization with a cashier system, etc. * Real-time Control System * All the measurements, billing, ordering and other communications in the system are made real-time, providing shorter waiting time for the customers. Customer’s consumption, orders and request can be easily seen in no time on the waiter’s panel, making the whole system more fleeciest. Consumption Measurement * Consumption can be measured for up to 10 people at the table while maintaining a high precision – 0. 011/ 0. FL oz – every one of the people at the table can see his own consumption, even its progress in time. The measurement is done automatically and can be seen checked by a waiter any time. * Flexible Installation * The system can be adjusted to fit the most requirements: * Choice of several types of User Panels * 1 or as kinds of beer can be tapped on every table * Add the functions you want and skip the ones you don’t need at all * Reliability * The core parts of the SUB system are backed up all the time to prevent any data loss, therefore they can’t be affected by sudden power outages or when some of the components break.

Also the system is build with industrial technology to maintain its unction even in a heavy-duty environment. * Easy to Clean * SUB system is designed to simplify the process of cleaning as much as possible. Beer Piping allows easy sanitation and the tables are equipped with drip trays and rinsing water Jets. All parts of the system – from a single glass to the complete piping – can maintain clean. * Complex Beer Delivery * SUB can use KEGS, beer tanks or combination of both, all according to your wishes. In any case, it keeps the beer cool from the KEG/tank all the way to the tap, so even the first customer of the day pours his beer cold and refreshing.

How to start our SUB If you are thinking about starting your own Self Service Beer Bar, improving your pub with Self Serving Mobile Table or simply want more information, send us an email at [email protected] CZ. It is difficult to estimate cost due to the variety of options. SUB and SUMS systems comes in different shapes to adjust to your wishes as much as possible. To present you the best options, please describe what your plans are or at least fill the following information into your free quote email. * 1 – Location and Date * Where and When. These information can help us provide a time plan for the whole project. Location isn’t as crucial as the date when you want your SUB system finished, yet it has its significant influence. Do you have any schedule planned? * 2 – Table Layout * How many Self-Service tables would you like in your Bar?

If it is possible, the dimensions of the room/rooms would be helpful, especially if you are not completely sure how many tables you want or could fit in. We can suggest you the best placement of the tables to serve as many customers as possible while maintaining enough comfort and space per person/groups. * 3- KEGS vs. Beer Tanks * SUB System can use both, yet for us it is important to know which option do you refer, which one of these beer storage kinds have you been using and also where is it placed to devise a beer piping layout to the tables. * 4 – Beer Variety * Not only that the customers can tap their beer themselves, SUB System allows more beer types on the same table!

Do you prefer a SUB Bar with only one beer kind, or would you want to use two different beer kinds on each table? The beers can be completely different (type, brand, cost), but your customers can still enjoy both or mix them if they like. * 5- SUB Chain * Amongst many of the SUB Functions there are some available only for the SUB Haines. These functions provides connectivity of the pubs in chain – competitions and trivia’s, boosts the fun for customers, connects the people, enables some multimedia options, makes in-pub advertising easier and so on. As well as in the other business chains, customers are attracted not only to the pub itself, but to the chains they know as well.

We can help you to Join an existing SUB Chain or even to start your own, but SUB? * If so, can you please tell us where? Did you like the SUB system there? Would you like the same one, different one or do you want to find more about them and their capabilities? Please let us know. With these information we can understand your wishes better and present you the best possible options according to your ideas and dreams. You do not have to stick to these points only, if there is anything else on your mind, any more questions, go ahead and add them to your free quote at [email protected] CZ. BARS GENERAL SANTOS CITY Brood Lieu Bar 14 Bulging Avenue General Santos City, Philippines Tell. 83 301 2751 E Bar Adding North Aegean, Philippines Fire and Ice Bar City Heights 12 Ambassador Provide Village, General Santos City, Philippines Tell. 083 554 4423 Q Bar and Restaurant, General Santos City most happening party place has recently closed shop. This restorer located at Succinct Complex has been the venue for the Tuna Capital’s most talked-about and patronized weekend party events since it opened almost two years ago. I have actually never been to one of their parties. However, Judging from the music blaring from their speakers and the loud shrieks and laughter of their young and hip crowd which you could hear outside and the throngs of party people waiting in the premises of Succinct wanting to go in, one can easily deduce that their events have always been box-office hits!

The good news however is, Veranda Bar (located at the 4th floor of Tandem Building also along the National Highway, about 3 kilometers from Succinct Complex) which lords it over the mostly younger teen crowd will be taking over the place vacated by Q Bar. They will be calling the new place, the V BAR. Hopefully, V Bar will give Gentian’s participles more reason to patronize it this time. I myself would want it to be more than Just a bar and serve really good food even during the day. The city still lacks better restaurants for the lunchtime crowd and V Bar could easily fill the void if its owners want to. This way too, the new V Bar will be attracting more than Just the party people on weekends but also the bodies on weekdays Consider these names: World Club Deejays- International DC Jerry Funk, DC Young Jean. Whoa!

With all these star deejays, only a rock would not be forced to sway to their combined mixing strength! Just got an invitation to the opening of what is being touted as General Santos City newest hangout, Where Else Bar. Formerly an establishment which offered online bingo games but has since closed down late last year, the new Where Else Bar has been transformed by its new owners into a happenings place. As such, it will offer performances from acoustic singers, on weekdays and stand-up comedians and video singing with comic sing-along masters much like the ones in Manila like The Library, Zircon, Clown, Leafing, among others, during weekends.

Here is their weekly line-up: Monday- Bar Music Tuesday – Search for Comedians Competition Wednesday – Acoustic Music/Performers Thursday – Video with Sing-along Masters Friday – Acoustic Music/Performers Saturday – Stand-up Comedians from Aegean and Dave Cover charge is IIOP per person. This new incarnation of Where Else Bar will be unveiled on January 28, 2011 at pm. Located at the 2nd floor of the Building A of East Asia Royals Hotel Arcade, this one promises to be another FAA and eave hangout of Gentian’s fickle-minded night owls and participles! But with its novelty, and hopefully a good mix of talented performers, Where Else Bar will undoubtedly soon develop into one of South Central Madonna’s must-visit landmarks! Tag Bar Tag Bar will offer you a new experience. They cater to all “night crawlers. Its ambiance combines cultural handmade products and modern designs. You can hang out here with friends and have a cozy time. You can also connect to the Internet with its free WI-IF. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Agrarians Bay and the lights of General Santos City. The bar offers cocktails, very affordable Pullmans and flowing drinks, besides cold beers. It is situated on the rooftop of Citrons Lodge, and is open Monday to Thursday from 6:pm to midnight, and during Fridays and Saturdays from 6:pm to 2:00 am. The bar also plays a variety of great music. Cacao’s Grill & Rests Cacao’s Grill and Rests is a rave bar in Aegean.