Marketing Research - Essay Example

Marketing Research BY gaga696969 Chapter I Executive Summary This chapter, Executive summary, will outline the whole Marketing Plan. It will give the brief overview of the different chapters and their contents within the research paper. The Second Chapter, Corporate connection, we will be showing the different commissaries of Bruno and Diego, from where they get their shipments of meat, drinks and vegetables that they serve within their establishments. The Third Chapter, Environmental Analysis and Forecasting, In this chapter we will be discussing the SOOT Analysis of Bruno and Diego grill.

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Their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and their threats. This chapter also Includes the competitor’s analysis in which the researchers will be showing the different competitors from the first level to the fourth level. This chapter will also include the product analysis that will include its Core product, Facilitating product, Supporting product and Augmented product of Bruno and Diego. It will also include the Customer analysis, their demographics and the Environmental analyses.

The Fourth Chapter, Segmentation and Targeting, will Include the different segments of the market in which the researchers would identify their current market and target racket based on the results of the survey. The Fifth Chapter, Next Year’s Objectives and Quotas, will include the establishments long term goals, short term goals, marketing objectives as well as the sales objectives and quotas for Bruno and Diego grill after five to ten years. The Sixth Chapter, Action Plans: Strategies and Tactics will Include the different plans that the researchers would Like to recommend In order to Improve the sales of Bruno and Diego.

The Seventh Chapter, Resources Needed to Support Strategies and Meet Objectives, this chapter will mention the different resources needed to support he plans that was discussed at the previous chapter, Action Plans. The Eighth Chapter, Marketing Control, will mention the reserve or backup plan for Bruno and Diego If the original Action Plan failed. Corrective action for plans that have experienced certain difficulty will also be found here. The Ninth Chapter, Presenting and selling the Plan, this chapter contain the predicted income statement of Bruno and Diego from 2012-2014.

The Tenth Chapter, Preparing for the Future, this chapter contains the summary of the results of the whole paper. CORPORATE CONNECTION Most of the main raw products of Bruno and Diego grill are bought in Pompano racket such as meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, while the drinks from major companies in Pangaea. The owners of each shop, store, and stand of the raw products are well knew and trusted by the owner of this establishment. ; The meat that is used in this establishment came from Pompano market. They only buy the freshest meat and they are inspecting the meat properly before buying it.

After buying the meat they are storing it right away in the freezer to prevent the spoilage of the meat products. ; The fish and other seafood that is used in this establishment came from Pompano market. Before buying the fish and other seafood they make sure that it is fresh, the fish and seafood are alive, there is no smell, and the appearance of the products are in good condition. ; The vegetables that are used in this establishment came from Pompano market and they always get their vegetables in that store.

Before buying the vegetables they make sure the vegetables are fresh and newly delivered then they will look all of the vegetables to make sure there are no bruises or parts that are already old. After buying the vegetables they will wash the vegetables that needs to be washed and clean the vegetables then they will store t in a proper storerooms some are in the refrigerator and some are in a cool and dry The fruits that are used in this establishment for cocktails came from store area. ; Pompano market.

Before buying the fruits they make sure that it is fresh and no holes or marks of a worms or other insects. After buying the product they will clean the fruits and the fruits that need to be wash are washed properly and storing it into The drinks that are used in this establishment came from a proper store rooms. ; specific plant in Pangaea. Some drinks like beer comes from San Miguel Inc. While soda comes from Pepsi. After the drinks were delivered they store them in a proper storage rooms.

Facilitating Product These are the products that supports the Core product to enhance it and make it more appealing. The Facilitating Product of Bruno and Diego are the gravy, ketchup, fruit for the cocktails, salads, nachos, fries. Supporting Product These are the other product that is being sold apart from the Core product. The supporting product of Bruno and Diego are the pasta, Juliann mussel and their Barbeques Augmented Product These are the products which would make it more enjoyable for the customers to dine in the restorer.

The Augmented product of Bruno and Diego are the chairs and tables, LCD, Bar, stage, WI-FL and the utensils and flatware’s used in the establishment. C. Competitors Analysis First level competitors: These are establishment that have the same or similar product with similar prices and located at the same area. Their first level competitors would be Waggishness, El Photo. Basically all of this establishment are also rests bars and their strongest competition. Each caters the almost the same product, price and market. Second level competitors: These are the establishments that have three marketing mixes same with Bruno and Diego grill.

The Second level competitors of Bruno and Diego is Central, Espresso, Hacienda, Nixon, Addends, Marlin. Third level competitors: These are the establishments that have two marketing mix same with Bruno and Diego grill. The third level competitors which has the same market as Bruno and Diego but to the same product would be Addis Pizza which is the closest to Bruno and Diego. Fourth level competitors: These are the establishments that have at least one marketing mix same withering Academy, New York, Mars, Fortune and Shanghai.

D. Customer Analysis The basis for the customer analysis was derived from the graph who had the largest percentage of monthly income. The Particular target market of Bruno and Diego are the persons that are between the ages of 20-30 years old, mostly male, single and lives around Angels City with a monthly income of 11,000-20,000 pesos. E. Environmental Analysis Technological environment Include new innovations, the frequency of technological change and new platforms or software used by companies and consumers.

When most people think about technology, they tend to think about new high-tech products such as wireless telephones, broadband internet access, or interactive television. Bruno and Diego has their own LCD projector, sound system, computers which control the whole stage and different kind of stage lights. They even have there own backbone account on Bruno and Diego taking advantage of the online social media. Natural Environment Include the items that affect the common living area around the business and its nonusers.

Energy consumption, maintaining a livable environment, waste disposal and other items can all affect the natural environment around a business. Companies must be mindful of changes to these laws that can change how they interact with the environment. The macro environment analysis should focus on this as consumers become more aware of the effects of business on environment. Competitive Environment The establishment Bruno and Diego as a rests bar has a lot of competitors especially in their current location that they are in.

Bruno and Diego, to maintain a nominative advantage should know how to follow the current trend of today’s market. As of now the establishment has already renovated to accommodate the generation of this time after already 6 years. They should also be aware of the kinds of competitor showing up to be able to plan accordingly without it disrupting the current business. Political Environment Although the importance will vary from firm to firm, most organizations should attempt to maintain good relations with elected political officials.

Organizations that do business with government entities, such as defense contractors, must be especially attuned to political trends. Elected officials who have negative attitudes toward a firm or its industry are more likely to create or enforce regulations unfavorable for the firm. Bruno and Diego always make sure the products they use are approved by the law and the acquiring process is all legal. Cultural Environment This refers to the religion, beliefs, values and perception of the market. In regard to culture most people think when they hear the word bar they immediately think of the vices that goes on in there.

Bruno and Diego however want to change this perception of the market to attract more customers especially the conservative ones. They are trying to give the place a friendly environment that welcomes and caters to all people of different cultures. That their place is not Just a regular bar but also an establishment meant for the enjoyment of all people whether in terms of service or The graph was derived from the results of the survey questionnaire located at the appendix. The survey was divided in two parts 50 for the current and another 50 for the potential customers for Bruno and Diego.

The Current was taken from the people already patronizing the establishment while the Potential was taken outside of the Bruno and Diego itself. This graph shows that most of the people going to Bruno and Diego are most likely in cars this information is relevant because Bruno and Diego is one of the few who has a parking space and as of now it can accommodate at least 26 cars but there are also 14% who are going on motorcycles and counting that that’s a total of 60% of people needing parking space so the researchers suggest expanding the parking lot further and giving a space for cars and one for motorcycles.

This show how much spending money the customer has in a week and the result of this is relevant because it tell whether or not the market has enough extra money to Penn and whether or not to adjust prices accordingly. According to this has a average spending of 300-1500 whenever they go to a restaurant. This graph shows how many times a customer would most likely eat in Bruno and Diego, it shows that 40% go at least once a month and 34% once a week. Knowing how many customers would come to the establishment at a given time helps in planning the right amount of supplies needed in the Rests bar and help prevent any waste.

With the current location of Bruno and Diego although big is at a disadvantageous position because it is hidden and most people only find out about it through the rods of previous customers. The researchers suggest in more physical advertisement because although word of mouth is less costly sometimes it is not that accurate which might in turn lead too misunderstanding. The graph shows that people would like a family friendly atmosphere. Bruno and Diego is working hard in achieving this because they are trying to expand their market.

The general consensus of this graph shows that customers are enjoying the taste of their food with no complaints. This is important because it shows whether or not customers like what you offer them. The researchers themselves know that the Restaurant is clean and this graph shows this graph will show the researchers whether or not the establishment is actually clean to the customers satisfaction or may need more attention in the cleaning department especially with its open space.

This graph is relevant because the researchers can use this information to determine what kinds of promos to use to promote the restaurant and how to cater to them accordingly and the result shows that majority eat with friends and so the establishment acts accordingly and provides goods and services fitted for them. This graph is relevant because it shows that some people are not satisfied with how the food is presented to them and because of this we are aware that there is a problem with some food appeal and Bruno and Diego can act accordingly by trying to improve its food presentation more.

This shows that most of the customers would like to recommend Bruno and Diego to other people. This is relevant because its shows that a lot of people were satisfied with the establishment as a whole and is willing to advertise it for free to the rest of the market. The graph shows that the customers are satisfied with the current speed of the revering in Bruno and Diego and only needs a few more improvement with the server’s efficiency. It is relevant because this graph will determine whether the service staff would need more training or not.

With the current location of Bruno and Diego at Bilabial with other rest bars there is always the chance of its food being the same taste as the others. The researchers suggest in serving something unique that would make customers patronize Bruno and Diego if not in taste then in a different serving style or food presentation. This graph is relevant because not only does it show whether the server needs more improvement it also shows whether the time it takes to make the food is fast enough or if there is a need for improvement in the recipe itself to prepare it faster and such.

This graph shows that the food presentation of Bruno and Diego is good for the customers. This graph is relevant because it shows whether or not the food is presentable when served to the guest because in the food industry the guest would always eat first with their eyes. Although Bruno and Diego has a huge plot of land the spacing of the tables is actually narrow and the customers usually end up bumping into chairs, tables and there customers when the place is full.

The researchers suggest maximizing the space by putting more tables with umbrellas in the open area because the clustered tables is located in the main structure of the place. According to this graph most people think that the portion of the food being served to them is too small especially with its price but according to the previous graph the customers like the taste. The researchers think that either the management sacrifice the taste for more portion, keep the taste but the same portion or make the customers understand that the quality of the food is Justifies its current price.

This graph shows that the servers are attentive enough to take the orders of guest training them to be more attentive to the guest and respond accordingly and swiftly without much prompting. Age is relevant to the researchers because this shows how the different age group means different taste in food young ones can eat almost anything but those in their old age can only eat certain things. The researchers would be able to use this information to determine whether the current menu is applicable to the age brackets.

Gender is relevant in this market research because there are certain qualities that re only theirs and females, when going out tend to eat at restaurants while males tend to go out to bars but although it shows more of the male going to rests bars the female also consist of a large portion of the customers that cannot be ignored. So the researchers think that Bruno and Diego should not only concentrate on one gender but all of them instead. The status of marriage is relevant to this research because it shows the researchers that most of the people are married and most likely these people tend to choose to eat out in restaurants.

This graph is relevant because it shows the scope or range of the places that people now what Bruno and Diego is and according to this graph it shows that most of the people are from angels city and the rest from San Fernando, Imbalance, Opera, Manila. This info can be used as one of the factors when considering expanding to a new location where people already know and is receptacle to the establishment. Monthly income is relevant to the researchers because this graph shows how much the respondents can earn and a large percentage of this has a monthly income of 11,000-20,000.

This graph can show if the market has enough cash apart from the daily expenses to waste. Most people actually prefer Filipino food rather than the others and surprisingly Thai food ranked higher than Korean Food but still according to this graph most Filipino prefer to eat Filipino food. This is relevant to the researchers because it shows how much a person will be comfortable within the establishment and part of our industry is to provide those comforts and according to this graph most people would like a classy atmosphere. Certain location and according to this graph most people would choose to eat at a place most likely for convenience sake. This is relevant because it shows that most people when eating out would like live entertainment and some prefer things like television or games and such while only a little prefer the pre-recorded music. This information can be used to greatly accommodate the comfort of the customer adding to the whole satisfaction of the experience.

This is relevant because the cleanliness of the whole establishment is a part of its atmosphere and also its image and this graph shows that most people like a certain establishment to be very clean but there are some who are content with Just moderately clean or clean enough. This is relevant because it shows whether the restaurant is capable of accommodating the size of the customers when going to the restaurant and this graph shows that most people dine out with at least one to three other people.

This is relevant because its shows that those respondents who are married do really prefer to eat with family member and that the restaurant could use this data to make sure that it is more family friendly. This is relevant because add-ones can certainly attract more customers to the establishment and this graph shows that the respondents would likely go for free desserts or entertainment. This is important because according to the results which how equal amounts of favor for entertainment, desserts, giveaways.

Bruno and Diego could find a way to attract more people by offering more days for band music, giving freebies such as complimentary umbrellas, sweets and such. This is relevant because this data can affect the menu list and this graph shows that most of the respondents like sweet tasting food. This is relevant because this shows how many time the respondent is willing to dine out and this graph shows that they most likely dine out one to three times a week.

This is relevant because it shows on what day the respondents would most likely hose to eat and according to this graph there is more people eating out on weekends and only a moderate amount on weekends so this information should be used to regulate how much the establishment is going to use in terms of cost with the ingredients and such. This is relevant because it show the most used way in conveying the information of the restaurant itself and according to this it is by word of mouth.