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Marketing Strategy - Essay Example

I express my gratitude Indian Institute of Planning Management, New Delhi for providing me an opportunity to work on this thesis as a part of the curriculum. I am very thankful to my guide Mr.. Ukase Small, Regional Sales Manager, Mamma tort his excellent guidance and kind cooperation throughout this internship work. Content executive summary 4 Introduction 5 research objective methodology 8 literature review 9 company profile 49 penman,’ tingling and analysis 59 recommendation 69 conclusion implications 71 Bibliography 73 copy of questionnaire 74 executive summary Mamma is a unique company.

It is defined by the fundamental philosophy of helping people help themselves. Mamma has helped millions of people run their own independent business around the world. Today. Mamma continues to grin;v by offering new products and business opportunities to people from all cultures and walks of life. Whether they are employees. Distributors. Or citizens in the community, Mamma touches their lives for better. India with its rich reseller of will. Talent and enterprise is perhaps the most fertile ground for the Mamma Corporation.

I have finally concluded my research by providing a summarized conclusion and also suggested recommendations on the basis of the marketing mix. Direct selling is a remarkable business model, which brings the market to the customer and offers a unique business opportunity to anyone eager adopt the spirit of enterprise. Direct Selling can best be described as the selling of products and services directly to nonusers in a face-to-face manner, through demonstration to usage, by an Independent direct salesperson.

Direct Selling benefits consumer because it sells high quality products at the consumers convenience, often at his/her home or workplace. Customers value the advantages of convenience. Personalized attention, demonstration of usage. And a wide choice of products backed by Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Free Sample: Marketing strategy paper example for writing essay

Marketing strategy - Essay Example

Also, with amount population of 610,000,000 people, SE Asian is a great market for assisting of SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic. Primary research Primary research methods on marketing research project are divided into qualitative research and quantitative research. Additionally, when using Internet for the main research method on secondary research, focus group, in – depth interview and survey are great ideas for primary research in identifying consumer’ s attitudes and opinions. Firstly, focus group includes unstructured or semi – structured discussions between toreador and a group of clients.

Also, leaders of SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic should arrange a group from 6 to 12 people to discuss about problems from customers sides such as ” Which advantages SSW or Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic bring for you ? ” or ” The price is suitable for SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic “. For instance, SSW must invite PIP customers from many Sony Shops to its head office and design question guide about Design, Performance, Hardware or Price to gain consumer’s attitudes and opinions. In the small meeting, customers will give their own points of view about SSW with freedom discussions.

Besides that, leaders of SSW can solve those important questions immediately through face – to – face with their customer. Secondly, in – depth interview is one of major methods of primary research that companies should use on their marketing research. Moreover, it consists of interviewing of clients individually for one or two hours about a topic. For instance, SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic will organize small meetings between leaders and a group of consumers to discuss about any topic.

Next, questionnaire is designed to complete by customers to get their attitudes and opinions. Thirdly, both SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic should choose face – to face interview to get consumer. For instance, both companies will invite PIP guests to their head office and gain information through their customers’ s satisfaction. In particularly, questionnaire is designed as below: Customer Satisfaction Survey for SSW Please circle the number that corresponds with your level of argument Strongly disagree: 1 Disagree: 5 Strongly agree: 10 1.

Overall, I am satisfied with with service of SSW. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2. The design of SSW is suitable for customers. 3. Using SSW bringing many convenient and helpful. 4. The price of SSW is appropriate for each class in society 1 8 9 10 5. I would recommended SSW for others Comment 2 3 4 5 6 7 Additionally, sampling process is divided into three major methods such as simple random sampling, stratified random sampling and quota sampling through population.

In other words, with using focus group or in – depth interview, SSW and Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic choose stratified random sampling because amount of guests is approximate 8 – 10 people, broken down into company size and a random sample is drawn for each group. Advantages and Disadvantages of methods: Besides that, using reliable websites to provide consumer’ s attitudes and opinions gets both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, with advantages, researching information on website is faster than most research methods because of wider range of media such as books, articles or essays.

In addition, website allows to entire libraries online reliably and access to articles & databases from multiple libraries easier search terms. However, the research method brings some disadvantages such as paying fee by credit card for getting full information, discouraging use of website nice plagiarism increases if posting on turning. Likewise, information on Wisped can be made up again without checking carefully. In addition, focus group has also both advantages and disadvantages.

Likewise, one of its advantages is providing deep insights of consumer motivations and behavior that group members can ” feed – off” each other and show ideas easily. Another major advantage of focus group is low costs because of requiring little to no technology and carried out in Just a few hours on one day. Similarly, focus group has chance to get interactive feedback as moderators can acknowledge the content from exponents and they can pick up on emotional responses with a variety of feelings easily that do not occur through a structured questionnaire.

On the contrary, the weaknesses of the focus group are that moderators have to get good skills so as to give accuracy of the results, sample size is small and sometimes the conversation can be swayed into one – dimensional feedback through the moderators and consumers with strong influence. Also, populations is so vital in focus group because it is difficult to make generalization Additionally, advantages and disadvantages are revealed clearly on in-depth interview. In particularly, advantages are that leaders of both companies can gain honest answer and viewpoints because the topic requires individual treatment.

Also, with face – to – face interview, leaders will control of customers who complete questionnaire. However, interview time is one of drawbacks of in – depth interview when it draws from important duties as they are more expensive than other methods. Sometimes, the presence of an interviewer can cause bias and lead to the misreporting of sensitive information. As a result, face – to – face interview brings many benefits such as high of using open – ended questions, ability to probe and use f visual aids.

However, it gets some drawbacks like wasting time of customers since they have to spend their working time to visit to the head office and fill in questionnaire. 2. Formulate and evaluate an integrated marketing mix for the Sony Schismatic 2 product. This must include consideration of product, place, price and promotion. Your response to this question should contain reference to appropriate marketing concepts and models. A) Segmentation: Market segmentation is defined as ” the identification of individuals or organizations with similar characteristics that have significant implications for the determination of racketing strategy “.

Furthermore, with SSW product, segmentation is divided clearly on table below: Variable Examples Behavioral Benefits sought Convenience Price Design: small Quality Purchase occasion Special occasions ( New Year, Christmas,… ) Gift Self – purchases. Purchase behavior Innovators ( young and middle class ) Brand – switch ( customers can choose Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic ) Usage Light Perceptions, beliefs and values Favorable Unfavorable Cryptographic Lifestyle Trendsetters Personality Extroverts Adventurous Technological Profile Age 18 – 25,26 Gender Female Life – cycle 35 and 35 – 40 years old.

Young single Young couples Middle – aged empty nesters Social class Middle Young Terminal education age 18,21 years Income Average income Geographic US – specific Asian countries: Japan or China Indian market Stereographic US regions, Indian regions with basing on income, age profile, language and location. Perceptual Mapping The next step in improving an effective marketing strategy is to clearly position a good and service offering in the marketplace. In addition, major competitor of SSW in the market is Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic. Therefore, SSW must create preferential advantages to get many customers’ s needs.

For instance, SAWS quality of battery is better than Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic. In other words, time for battery of Gear is only 25 hours while SSW is still 7 days. Therefore, in this comparison, SSW brings many benefits for saving electricity fee of clients. Moreover, price is one of important factors having influence on consumers’ s wants. Whereas price of SSW is $220 in US – market and 14. 000 INNER in Indian – market, Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic is sold in US – market with $299 and Indian – market with 21. 000 INNER. Thus, SSW is giving the target customer better than the competitor is offering. ) Evaluate The marketing mix is defined by ” a business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals. The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand’s offer, and is often synonymous with the four AS: product, price, promotion, and place. ” Product Branding and corporate identity management First and foremost, product is the first element creating for marketing mix. Also, brand is so important because it gives a product distinctive identity through the creation of a name and design. Moreover, Tokyo-based Sony Corporation is owner of SSW.

It is a leading global innovator about communications, audio and information technology products for both the client and professional markets with products such as phones, tablets, Expire and SSW. Therefore, in the market, Sony is uniquely positioned for leading electronics and entertainment company in the world. Secondly, co – branding has two major forms like product – based co – branding and communications – based co – branding. In other words, advantages of SSW when using co – branding are reducing costs and risk of purchase will be lower for both nonusers and distributors.

However, limitations are poor performance, centralization of core brand and loss of credibility of brand name if stretched too Services marketing Additionally, leaders of SSW have to acknowledge important characteristics of service such as intangibility, inseparability, variability and permissibility to meet customers’ s needs and wants. For example, with intangibility, service of SSW must be maintained in the best way through post – purchase service. Likewise, after buying SSW in store, guarantee for it is clearly and fast. Thus, clients will get satisfied for this product.

Moreover, for inseparability, production and consumption takes place at the same time and to improve inseparability, SSW must select, training and reward of staffs well to avoid conflicts between customers and staffs. Also, service quality must be varied since to support for SSW. For instance, SSW should create a website to soups new application and software for updating rather than going to the store directly. Finally, services marketing mix includes 7-As like Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical evidence and Process.

Managing products: product life – cycle, portfolio planning and product growth treatises Definition of product life – cycle: ” A four – stage cycle in the life of a product illustrated as sales and profit curves, the four stages being introduction, growth, maturity and decline. ” In addition, with SSW, product life – cycle is described as below: Introduction Growth Maturity Decline New product 0 sale growth is low Product adoption is monitored through speed Price: high -Faster sales -Profit growth – Profits: decline 0 latter stages of growth. Price: lower – Sales: peak – Product is differentiated – Price: lowest – Sales : fall -Profits: decreases Reducing demand for the product. Price: rising. Retrieved from http://www. Barbarians. Com/Barbarians/2012/9/12/how-to-bring-your- product-launches-to-new-heights. HTML Besides that, some advantages of product life – cycle are developing new products in the market, warns against the danger of growth, reducing time to market and increasing full price sales. On the contrary, disadvantages of product life – cycle are fads, classics and unpredictable through duration of the stage.

Also, it provides misleading objective and strategy prescriptions. Pricing strategy Fishily, demand curve below shows the relationship between the quantity demanded and price levels. In other words, if price of SSW increases, amount of purchasing from customers will lower since they tend to find substitute products such as Samsung Galaxy Gear Schismatic rather than continuing to buy. Therefore, if price is decreasing, demand will increase. For instance, if price of SSW is lower than $220, customers will purchase products for using.

Also, the demand for SSW in this case is price elastic. PA> Pl and Q < QI 0 Price increases while Quantity decreases. Retrieved from http://www. staffs. ac. uk/sgcl 'faculty/market-for mans/week7. html Pricing methods: Pricing methods consist of cost, competition and marketing. Cost Competition Marketing - Strong internal orientation. - Cost: low 0 price for product decreases. - Competitor activities - F. e: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is competitor of SW2 0 price fo competed with Samsung 0 customers purchase more. - Concentrating customers place on a product in the marketplace. F. e: value customer quality of goods and services, post purchase. New product launch strategies Retrieved from http://www. staffs. ac. uk/sgcl 'faculty/market-for mans/w According to new product launch strategies above, SW2's leaders tend skimming for those product because of increasing price and promotion s well. In particularly, high price in SW2 make more profits and easy t investment and the heavy promotion creates awareness and knowledg For instance, when SONY introduces new range of product such as SW customers, SONY will hire a raipd skimming strategy.

Promotion Promotion has advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct ma publicity in promotion mix. Moreover, leaders must advertise SSW into through media. Advertising is the first choice for leaders since it provide widespread and convenient. Additionally, SONY also advertises its prod targeting many programs such as sports and it has its own channel an Handel. Secondly, SSW uses direct marketing for promotion to encounter to respond through providing feedback by telephone or direct email.

T promotion is a marketing discipline that incentives provide a quick boo sales levels generating a specific, high response rate for a product or s Advertising Direct marketing Sales promotion Advantages – Television: strong communications in society Reaching wide range of Close interaction – Targeted populations – Good repertoire – Quick boost to sales -Driving customers decision making -Increasing world of mouth Disadvantages – Expensive – Time consuming – Impersonal Response rate: slow – Limited reach to audiences – over promotion. People can be put off because of hearing too much. Place Distribution Producer 0 Agent 0 Wholesaler 0 Retailer 0 Consumer SONY is global company in the world; thus, it must enter foreign markets such as US, Asian or Europe. In addition, producer of SSW sell the products to agents from other countries. Afterwards, the agents will sell for wholesalers and gain commission on sales. Moreover, SONY uses multiple channels to distribute SSW consisting of SONY centers, electrical goods chain stores, catalogue shops and online retailers such as Amazon.

Free Sample: Marketing strategy paper example for writing essay

Marketing strategy - Essay Example

With Nikkei occupying around 45% of global market share in footwear and apparels and moving further ahead, much of the organizational success can be credited to its marketing strategy that have helped the organization achieve revenue worth billions every fiscal year ($18 billion being in 2008). Nikkei Inc. UK has a major market in the I-J for fitness trainers and shoes provided for health and fitness purpose benefits to the consumers. Nikkei understand the importance of market analysis and marketing strategy based upon those analytical processes.

Considerable amount of research and analysis have been carried on in understanding consumer needs, Auk’s environment and potential opportunities. This report consists of situational analysis SOOT of Nikkei in I-J and also presents situational analysis suggestion of ways in which competitive edge can be gained against its rivals with segmentation, targeting and positioning of the products. The importance of marketing objectives has also been highlighted in the report and thus provides Nikkei with a glimpse of marketing environment in I-J and the expectations with role of marketing mix (ups).

Nikkei has predominantly been successful in shoe manufacturing and distribution among the shoe manufacturers with its superior quality, high tech, ultramodern shoes that meet on going demand of the market and its trends. From professional athletics to most common need for fitness trainers, Nikkei has got fitness shoes and trainers in all shape, sizes and colors. Some of the most famous Nikkei trainers and fitness shoes are Nikkei + (spelled as plus), Air Jordan, Nikkei Shoo, Nikkei Lunar glide, Nikkei Air Zoom, Nikkei 360 and many more.

Nikkei is the sole distributor of Nikkei trade mark represented on each of these and many of its fitness trainers sold globally. High quality material, design and cut and technological enhancement of the shoes as per requirement of various activities thus make Nikkei the best choice for fitness trainers ND shoes. Marketing Analysis and strategic evaluation of a company is an important component of any organizational success. Without well-structured marketing strategies and road maps to planning and achieving them, no organization can be at the point where they want to be.

Nikkei in I-J covers a fair amount of market share and revenue for the organization. The huge market diversity, brand awareness in market and consumer base loyal to high quality products therefore help to its cause. On the other hand, UK market is generally health conscious and trendy. Trainers and fitness shoes are Hereford in much demand over last few years within the country itself. Marketing Audit (Nikkei Inc. ASK) Nikkei Inc. I-J follows management strategies that combine with six of the most important external factors that can have an impact on the organization.

PESTLE is a situational analysis tool that can be used by firms to determine their position against possible external influences such as politics, economy, society, technology, environment and law. Nikkei and its positional stand against background of UK market can therefore be analyses in the following way: Political Factors Nikkei Inc. As a considerably stable political environment and an economy welfare provided by the state. Considerable amount of legal requirements were accomplished by Nikkei during its entry in the I-J as an organization completing all political alignments.

Considerable amount of fitness shoes and trainers are imported in UK which is sold all over. However, Nikkei might have to face challenges if government drafts policy or quotas on Nikkei shoes that can be imported from its production sites such as Asia-Pacific. Economic Factors UK economy has been unstable in recent years. The double dip recession few years jack, inflation rate fluctuating abnormally, growing living costs, income tax rate increments and other economic factors directly or indirectly affected Nine’s performance in the I-J with comparatively weak sales figure.

Economic balance, employment rate and PDP all must be stable and firm enough in the economy to help a business sustain. Nikkei therefore needs strategic move that can guarantee its sustainability in such circumstances. Social Factors I-J market comprises of people from multiple culture, religion and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, Nikkei needs to understand the social system and practice of el these people whenever approaching them. Sales and marketing of the fitness shoes should be therefore based upon social acceptance of methods, people’s lifestyle and their way of thinking.

For instance, consumers in UK who purchase fitness trainers are pretty health conscious and the numbers are growing as well. Hence, Nikkei needs to provide more health benefiting shoes and apparel. Similarly, social responsibility image of Nikkei has to be significantly boosted with accusations of running sweatshops in Nikkei factories in Asia which it has tried to improve with facilities, factory improvements and commitment towards further improvement. Technological Factors Technological factors are an important aspect that needs to be considered by Nikkei Inc.

I-J . Technological advancements in fitness shoes need to be updated and research and development of such apparels have to be advanced. With fitness shoes that are designed such for injury prevention, sole strengthening, speed sports, less sweating and many other features the advancement has been unimaginable. I-J customers are updated and spend good time researching on features and quality of the product they want. Nikkei therefore has to be technologically capable of providing customer satisfaction. Environmental Factors

Nikkei needs total understanding of UK market as consumers are concerned about how products they purchase can make an impact upon environment. Production materials, process and sites can be harmful to environment in many ways. This can be a grave concern for environmental activists and hence persuade consumer thoughts. Nikkei has to be able to inform the consumers in UK with their continuous efforts in making Nikkei shoe production environment friendly and use of raw materials and the production process least harmful to nature.

Legal factors Nikkei has to oblige with all the legal regulations and in relevance with companies operating in the I-J. They must consider their business privileges as well as legal responsibility in concern with marketing, promotion and sales in the Kingdom. Some of the legal acts that they need to consider are regarding press, trade acts, acts on sales and supply of goods, adverts and campaigning, television adverts, environmental acts and so on. Without its compliance of local laws and acts Nikkei would suffer a huge blow in gaining consumer trust as they cannot operate with efficiency.

With buyers focusing their mind on cost efficient purchase, Nikkei prices are a thought for many. On the other hand, Nine’s sweatshop factories in Asia which are not owned by Nikkei themselves but subcontracted had arranged Nikkei image among many people. Nikkei has considerably put much effort in improving the working condition and lives of its workers thereby. Opportunity: I-J market has lots of potential opportunities for the Nikkei. With numerous amounts of health conscious people and growing sport enthusiastic generation of youngsters, Nikkei has the opportunity to grab market by launching shoes and trainers as per the consumer needs.

Use of internet is wide and common in the I-J and e-commerce has been developing in a tremendous pace. Nikkei can use this opportunity to promote, inform and cater its consumers with its fitness trainers. Threats: Nikkei has been competing fiercely with rival companies such as Ideas, Puma, Oasis, Umber and others for fitness shoe production and distribution in I-J market. Besides, challenges from competitors, forged Nikkei footwear relatively cheap and of low quality are circulated by counterfeiters in market which has hampered Nines reputation and brand.

On the other hand growing economic uncertainty, government cuts and rising inflation have been challenging Nikkei sales. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Competitive advantage can be defined as strategic advantage a company holds against the competitors in the industry. It can be marked as the positional state of company when it is able to create a benchmark in terms of profit in the industry. Nikkei has the competitive advantage over its rivals through wider market coverage, higher gross revenue and customer loyalty as well. Nikkei fitness trainers with their high quality design and attributes have been able to outperform other shoe makers.

Nikkei therefore wants to hold this competitive advantage over its rival sustainable. Competitive advantage can be achieved either by, Cost advantage techniques when production is made in massive quantity and rodents sold in relatively cheaper price or differentiation techniques of producing unique featured products against competitors and providing relative value to the good priced. In 2003, Seven Wholeness provided seven key factors that provide organizations with competitive advantage. Nikkei with all these consideration and seven key factors can boost its performance therefore in market.

The seven factors are: Economy of scale: Economies of scale refers to the term when production cost of a company is relatively lower than its sales revenue and earnings made are from massive sales. These impasses produce goods on regular basis and avoid shortage in the market. Economy of scope: Economies of scope relates to the idea that cost of production can be further reduced by other organizational means such as Joint administrative firms for different products, similar storage for different goods and cost effective methodologies used in production to distribution.

Strategic thinking: The core competence of any business to succeed in modern business world is strategic thinking. With enormous amount of competition and impediments that can affect the business, Nikkei should be able to analyses its internal and external environment, sees operational lapses so as they can provide effective strategy to eradicate arrears and achieve their objectives. Use of local market: Global companies such as Nikkei have ample opportunity to provide their range of products to local market in the I-J.

With well informed and health conscious consumers growing on daily basis, Nikkei can exploit the opportunity to provide its trainers in all parts of the country. Nine’s product range and standards are well accepted and with more quality products coming in it can boost with learning of local market and advantages it can take from. Ability to provide global services: Nikkei has been able to provide its product and service throughout the globe. With communication, transportation and various technological developments that have made international trade reliable, company such as Nikkei have been able to market and cater their business worldwide.

Use if information technology in global service is an essential tool which has been used by Nikkei to deliver its goods and services. Competitive advantage (Company specific): Every organization should have a distinct and unique feature which provides a competitive edge over its rival companies. Nikkei has been providing high quality outwear from their founding days. Superior technology, design and features of Nikkei footwear are second to none.

This very reason has made Nikkei achieve higher market share globally than its competitors by building excellent customer relationship. Human resource (competitive advantage): Nikkei and its success can be credited on high level to the employees of Nikkei who with their commitment, skills and attitude have made tremendous development and market coverage for them. Human workforce is an essential element of any business where firm should be able to provide the employees with business specific skills. This helps organization achieve cost out of the available workforce.

SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING (STEP) The marketing strategy of a company starts from mission and vision statement to selection of market and then positioning of the plans and objectives of the product in the market. Philip Kettle (1994) provided segmentation, targeting and positioning as the essence of strategic management for any organization. Here, in terms of Nikkei Inc. I-J, we can suggest following steps to be followed for strategic move: Segmentation: Research on existing market, types of customers and distribution of similar market should be carried out.

Targeting: A target market (generally mass and more productive) which has to be served has to be analyses. Positioning: The plans are carried out to be performed in the target market and all the activities positioned. Nikkei Inc. UK should be able to research and develop the segments within I-J market where consumers with similar characteristics can be served. The three approaches of market segmentation such as differentiated, undifferentiated and concentrated can be used to determine segments and plan accordingly by Nikkei.

Nikkei can distinguish its market with several features and variables which determine the general concept bout products that Nikkei offer, fitness shoes in this case. Socio-demographic variables such as age, gender, occupation, income and family etc. Can be considered. It may also be based on geographic information such as area, area density, household and neighborhood, market size and more. Behavioral data can be assessed to determine customer loyalty, buying trends, user choice and others. Cryptographic studies would help Nikkei understand consumer lifestyle, fashion choices and many more.

Nikkei and its segment targeting approach in the UK Socio demography: Nikkei Inc. UK provides fitness shoe and trainers in wide range and signs to offer different kind of customers. Trainers and shoes come in all shape, size, specification and quality. Trainers in multiple ranges for men, women and kids are available in the I-J market. Sizes are marked effectively for fit in purpose and available readily in all the sales stores. Fitness trainers for men range from EYE least for Nikkei Zoom to IEEE highest for Nikkei Trainer 1 . Women have wide range of choice as well from Nikkei Air Cardiac designs costing mere EYE to IEEE for Nikkei Air Max+ 2011 id.

Kid products range from EYE to OHIO. Geography: Nikkei has made its presence felt n all the major towns and cities in the I-J. The points those are most likely to be consumer targeted have been covered as market by Nikkei. However, reaching the country sides would be a challenge and point of thought if Nikkei wants to expand its business all over the nation. Nikkei provides point of sale services in London, Birmingham city, Glasgow, Manchester city, Edinburgh and many other cities. However, internet usage is the only medium for other geographic parts to purchase Nikkei trainers.

Customer Behavior: It can be important for Nikkei to realize the importance of customer behavior in I-J. To learn more about consumer preferences and expectation, it is important to communicate with them and share their experiences. Customer loyalty can be earned by providing customers with benefits and services such as after sales, exchange facilities, warranty and making them feel cared for. Nikkei has to develop such credentials to learn more about customer status and capacity. Consumer cacography: Nikkei has so far been successful in providing trainers and fitness shoes to varying demands of consumers that are available in the I-J.

Prices of the trainers range from EYE to IEEE which shows that Nikkei has its focus n all sets of customer status. Some exclusive products are also sold in the market that focuses on trendy, fashionable and youthful nature of trainers and fitness shoes for the consumers. POSITIONING OF MARKET Nikkei Inc. Has been very successful in positioning itself as a global leader in athletic footwear market. Even in I-J, Nikkei has been really successful in covering huge market, enormous amount of consumer trust and therefore considerable amount of revenue for the company itself.

Technological advancement, high quality materials, innovation and design in Nikkei footwear are what even the competitors try to imitate. Even though several European brands provide Nikkei with stiff competition in the I-J, Nikkei has been efficacious in fending off challenges and come up with even better trainers and footwear as per the demand of demanding health conscious population. With a very competitive pricing strategy that is in concern with market expectations, Nikkei provides footwear of different sizes, design and price for different market segments.

Nikkei has invested considerable amount of time and money on research of I-J market since years which has made it one of the most trusted and loved brand in the I-J. Such strong position and market share therefore is a positive sign for Nikkei in days to come. NIKKEI AND ITS MARKETING OBJECTIVES AND GOALS IN THE UK Nikkei has been established as a reputed business enterprise in the I-J for years n Their capability and product effectiveness are reflected in choice of people in using Nikkei fitness trainers before any available option.

SMART based goals and objectives which relate to features of objective setting such as specification, measurement, attainment, realization and time are necessary for Nikkei to implement in their strategies. Here, we analyses how Nine’s objectives can be related to the SMART approach. SPECIFIC: Nikkei is the leading women fitness provider in I-J with revenue grossing worth 200 million dollars in 2010. Nikkei Inc. Wants to double the gross amount by the fiscal year of 2014. MEASURABLE: Nikkei targets revenue of $27 billion by the end of 2015 as well as cumulative cash flow increment to $12 billion.

ACHIEVABLE: Nikkei wants to provide I-J consumers with 100% cotton used fitness trainers based upon consumer survey in coming years. Nikkei Inc. Has plans to endorse its own athletics footwear during the 2012 summer Olympics in London by sponsoring all the American athletes participating in the games. REALISTIC: Nikkei Inc. UK wants to increase its market coverage in the I-J which is 18% now to 25% within 2013 as Nick footwear have had tremendously appreciated response and promotional endorsements are to be boosted during Olympic games. TIME BOUND: All afore mentioned plans and objectives of Nikkei Inc.

I-J are to be completed in certain time allocated for each objective completion. MARKETING STRATEGIES AND PROGRAMS NIKKEI INC. UK Nikkei Inc. UK would have to define its objectives and the process of determining the achievement of those goals. Out of various strategic plans available, Nikkei Inc. UK ca SE growth strategies using both product and market. Figure source: http://high. Me/nations-matrix-planning-for-growth/ Nikkei Inc. UK ca develop its strategies by using various methods of strategic moves such as Market Penetration: by providing competitive prices against others, promotional campaigns enhancing customer support and care etc.

Market Development: by getting into newer geographic area, building newer distribution channels, creating new produce dimension, creating new market segment etc. Product Development: by producing exclusive products, creating a new trend, using technological advancements in reduce, diversifying product ranges etc. Diversification: by producing new merchandises than usual for instance sweat free socks for Nikkei trainers, or other products to match Nikkei footwear and apparels such as caps, Jogging scarf etc. THE MARKETING MIX (UPS) FOR NIKKEI INC.

UK Nikkei Inc. I-J and their marketing strategies may be subject to changes from external forces of environment such as politics, economy, society, technology, environment and law. The company however has no control on these factors and have to make adjustments on several occasions. The 4 up’s are variables that the organization can intro within its own marketing strategy and is generally known as 4 up’s of markets mix. Here, we analyses Nikkei Inc. And its marketing mix. Product: Nikkei should be able to provide product variety to the consumers in I-J.

With people interested in different sports, Nikkei can make an impact on market here. The quality and features of the new trainers have to be of highest quality, design and durability. Latest trends and technology used in performance enhancement, accident prevention and safety of athletes should be made available in Nikkei trainers. Sizes and shapes have to come out in all different ways and the products need to be attractively packaged as well. Price: Nikkei needs to focus on all kinds of customer and research on the customer behavior or purchasing pattern in the I-J.

Though Nikkei already provides trainers from as cheap as EYE to IEEE and more, the prices need to be Justified. List of the prices and their features marked with products can be helpful. Price discounts on times can be helpful for boosting business. Place: Nikkei should focus on locations where footwear can be retailed, distributed or sold more efficiently. Study of market is necessary to determine where Nikkei can make best out f its sales. Placement in this case may be stores around sport clubs, distribution to other sellers and others.

Information technology has covered almost the whole part of I-J which can be utilized by Nikkei to exploit the market and attract the customers. Promotion: Nikkei Inc. Has used several of global athletes as brand ambassadors for the company. Their very link with the company and attachment has provided lime light to the Nikkei trainers as well. The company can advertise its trainers through media; create sales promotion from time to time and even sponsor future sport vents to promote their products as well.

Conclusion/Recommendation: Marketing Strategy is an important aspect in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Only with considerable investment in analyzing Nikkei Inc. ‘s strength, weakness, opportunity and threats can the organization implement marketing strategies. Nikkei enjoys good market presence and customer loyalty in the kingdom and thus can improve further. From the report, we can recommend some of the following aspects for Nikkei; The emerging youth culture and trend is an opportunity for Nikkei to market its products.

Free Sample: Marketing strategy paper example for writing essay

Marketing strategy - Essay Example

They hired big faces like Karen Captor,Fad Khan, Inman All, Taft Slam, Sonoma Captor and Ditty Roy Captor for their advertisement. People actually got themselves Noir phones Just because Karen Captor or Fad Khan was endorsing it. This celebrity endorsement promoted the brand name in a very positive way and Gumboil succeeded in achieving a huge customer base in Pakistan along with a strong brand name. This celebrity endorsement also helped in gaining resale value for Gumboil devices.

By hiring international celebrities to endorse their products Gumboil ended up making a name in the international market and if rumors are to be believed Angelina Joliet is going to be the next brand ambassador of Gumboil. Now imagine Angelina Joliet saying “l Noir. Do you? ” A celebrity like Angelina Joliet endorsing for a Pakistan made product is for sure going to be a proud moment for the nation. Gumboil used the concept of product placement in their marketing strategy. For example the TV serial Bulla was promoting Gumboil products.

There is no cost involved in such kind of advertising but it creates awareness among the people. People with a strong fan following tried convincing the fans to try Gumboil products as the company is Pakistani. Gumboil gave free gift hampers too large number of people at different occasions. The Emir Alicia and the Jungian Gumshoed show during he month of Ramadan is an example. The tagging ” Ye Gumboil pack huh” became famous due to these shows. All these factors helped Gumboil distinguish them from the Chinese market. They worked hard to build a good image in the market.

They placed their products in the minds of the customers as good quality and technologically sophisticated products at low prices. They have come a long way to be compared with big brands like Apple, ETC and Samsung. A heavy marketing campaign has also helped the company build a strong brand name. “Gumboil is a success story, especially in terms of branding,” a telecoms consultant said. Its advertising budget is higher than even that of market leader Monika, an official revealed. The company has even used product placement as an advertising technique to promote its products.

Take, for example, Bulla: a primetimes sitcom, which often promotes Gumboil products, one source pointed out. “This kind of advertising does not cost much, and earns the company valuable marketing: that too in prime time hours,” he said. Moreover, Gumboil has always used Pakistanis hottest celebrities in advertising its products. Pop singers Taft Slam and Barbara Has have promoted Gumboil phones in the past. Inman All has modeled for them. Hugely popular television celebrity Fatwa Khan is now promoting their top-tier Noir smartness.

All these factors have helped Gumboil make a name for itself as being in a league apart from the cheap Chinese copies of popular handsets currently circulating in the market. It has achieved a measure of respect as a legitimate name in the cellular phone industry. But as I said that marketing is one part of the CEO system, the other strategies which are in line with marketing to give proper support to our claim include technologically advanced mobile sets with excellent service, customer care, and attractive prices that re comparable to world renowned foreign brands.

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Marketing Strategy - Essay Example

In contrast, they are facing threats of bustiest products of competitive rivals like Milliner, Johnson and Johnson and so forth. The personal care industry in I-J is very much competitive as market is developed and matured rivals want to attract the customers of others to sustain in the competitive industry. The overall profitability is decreasing slightly measured by the ROAR and ROE but sales trends are increasing every year. To keep up the market leader P&G should more invest in innovative products as well as male oriented products.

Every organization needs to have clear marketing objectives and the major routes for achieving those goals depend on marketing strategy. In this report, Procter & Gamble Company, a global colossus in the consumer products business, has selected to find UT their present and prospective marketing strategies in United Kingdom. P & G was established minion and it has long been one of the world’s most international companies with nearly annual sales $ 68 billion and nearly 56% of which are generated outside the United States.

It provides more than 300 brands including Ivory Soap, Tide, Pamper, ‘AIMS, and Pet food, Gillette, Crisis and Folders to consumers in more than 180 countries. It has 138,000 people globally who produce the products in eighty countries (Pug. Com). Here the writer has tried to find out what marketing strategies do P & G use only in UK. This report looks at various marketing strategies used by Procter & Gamble to become one of the best known brands in the world. Situational analysis Success of any business does not only depend on productivity of the employees and efficiency of the management rather there are some other internal and external factors which affect the performance of any business organization (Kettle and Armstrong). Strategic management experts stated that to achieve a competitive advantage, a company needs to follow strategies that develop existing resources, capabilities and formulate strategies that develop extra capabilities and resources Hill & Jones, 2010).

In case of Procter & Gamble, SOOT and PEST analysis would help to understand the internal and external situation of the company. 1. 1 SOOT Analysis The goal of a SOOT analysis is to create and affirm a company specific business model that will best align or match a company’s resources and capabilities to the demands of the environment in which it operates (Marketing Donuts). Managers think and develop alternative strategies and compare strategies with each other and then identify the strategies that that will create sustainable advantage. SOOT analysis includes strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. . 1. 1 Strengths Procter & Gamble has strong brand to its name. It boasts 24 billion dollar brands and it has 50 strong leadership brands which bring nearly 90% of sales and profit in I-J. The company is in the dominant position in case of detergents, diapers and care products since it has acquired a numbers of beauty and care companies in the United Kingdom. The company has strong distribution channels, large scale in operation, lean production system, and heavy investment in research and development and higher profit margin than industry average.

It has wide global exposure with mass production in eighty countries, selling in 180 countries and efficient distribution channel. 1. 1. 2 Weakness In I-J, the consumer market for P & G is matured and there is very little possibility to expand the market. In contrast, the emerging market outperforms the mature markets like I-J over the forecast period putting P & G in a valuable position. In case of the market of I-J the company is eroded the market shares in a number of categories like bath and shower where Milliner is doing well now a days.

P & G produce health care and beauty care products mainly for women which cannot attract the most of the male customers. 1. 1. 3 Opportunities Procter & Gamble is well positioned to take advantage of growth in hair and skin care where it has strong position to grab the opportunity of absolute growth. The company mainly focuses on the research and development which brings innovation resulting making new products that explore the opportunity in different mature market like United Kingdom (Fastidiousness’s. Co. UK).

In mature and developed markets, absolute product differentiation and broad differentiation are the ways to survive and attract the new customers and P & G follows the strategy. There is a great opportunity in hair and conditioner market in I-J where the company can gain more profit by producing the health and beauty product for men. 1. 1. 4 Threats In United Kingdom, the main competitors for the P & G Company are Milliner, Johnson and Johnson and Kimberly Corporation. Many local companies provide personal care products in cheaper prices due to location advantage and cheap factors of production.

Government and international politics in home and foreign countries creates threats for the chosen company. Recession has reduced customers spending globally as price of raw materials hike, price of products are also forced to increase. 1. 2 PEST Analysis Many major companies have failed, lost their market shares or gone out from the business because of their failure to recognize and adapt to change in their external environment. The key point is that the organization needs to be tune with its often turbulent external environment and there must be a strategic fit between what external organization needs and what the organization offers.

Free Sample: Marketing Strategy paper example for writing essay

Marketing Strategy - Essay Example

In entrant, tablets come in a range of sizes but some of the more popular ones such as the I-Pad can have 10-ache screens. Another key differentiator is the software in each product; the ‘-Pad runs on the sis, which has extensive online stores that have thousands of APS. They allow for a lot of options when you can have the option to download a second web browser outside of the one pre-installed. The Kindle Fire runs a special proprietary version of Android owned by Amazon with fewer features and available APS.

In my opinion, the Kindle Fire lies somewhere in-between an e- reader and tablet. It has the look and feel and an e-reader and caters to their once dominant customer segment. However, with its innovated features including Amazon Silk (a cloud-based web browser), the Kindle Fire steps closer to the functionalities of a tablet. Although competing tablets such as the ‘-Pad are deemed ‘high-end’ in terms of operating system and technical capabilities, the Kindle Fire has made steps closer to being classified a tablet.

Q. Amazon has faced numerous competitions since introducing the new Kindle Fire. CEO Jeff Bozos hopes to capitalize on a risky pricing model for his new product. By understanding the external environment, Bozos will provide himself with the best chance in succeeding with his ambitious leap of faith into his consumers. A) To position the Kindle Fire against the ‘-Pad and other tablets in the market, CEO Jeff Bozos must clearly understand the similarities and differences between the products and companies.

One key difference that must be addressed is that the Kindle Fire was innovated from an e-reader while the pad and other competing tablets were innovated from a computer or mobile device. Although the Kindle Fire as innovated to have more we-surfing capabilities, Amazon needs to position itself differently then their competitors by focusing on its functionality and providing an all-in-one product that leverages all their new differentiators such as Amazon Silk.

Based on their pricing model to offer the Kindle Fire as a loss leader, the management is hugely dependent on attracting consumer to their online retail store and generates sales through content and commerce revenue. I do not believe the company needs to position itself directly against the ‘-Pad as the significant preference in price will make it an attractive option for lower to middle-income consumers over the pad. Furthermore, the B&N Nook tablet proves to be more of a concern in terms of positioning as the two products have evolved along side each other in the same market of selling hardcover books.

Although they both have similar specs and functionalities, Bozos needs to position the Kindle Fire to satisfy their own content and services while the Nook will continue to outsource their innovation and product design. The unique product develop capabilities of Amazon make it a lot easier to differentiate themselves from a similar competitor with similar positions in the mind of consumers. B) The traditional Kindle e-reader still holds strong within the minds of avid readers and bookworms for its ability to wirelessly purchase books and magazines.

When positioning the Kindle Fire against e-readers, the company needs to be careful to not promote centralization among its existing products. Like any new product launch, the company needs to differentiate the Fire as revolutionary Amazon product that caters to a larger target market. The move toward a web- enabled tablet caters toward those tech-savvy student customers who are reading more and more online. C) Based on facts from the case, I believe that Amazon will need to position itself with a focus on e-readers instead of directly competing with high-quality tablet products.

It is obvious that the company has made a move toward tapping into tablet market by creating an affordable option with more web-based capabilities. Leveraging the cloud-based resources and unique features such as Amazon Silk, the Kindle Fire has potential to indirectly steal market share from Apple by being a cheaper and more affordable option. Furthermore, the convenience of consolidating many of Amazon’s different products into one (Amazon Prime, SAWS and the app store), will make the Kindle Fire an attractive option against other e-readers such as the Nook.

Q. The initial Kindle Fire launch had broad aims in entering the market in order to learn, which customer segments would respond most favorably to the new pr several target segments the company can consider include: media Junkie mobile gamers and higher education. Without a doubt, there are pros a each market segment and deciding the best option can be quite difficult analyzing these segments and the product offerings of the Kindle Fire, t education target market seems to be the most attractive.

Given the origin primarily a product to facilitate convenient and accessible reading, attar education market would lead to the more consistent and profitable grog long run. The investment in establishing business-to-business partners colleges, universities and their bookstores will be complex given the nee strategic management and punctuality in distributing and updating e-t students will always need textbooks and are always looking for convene eve money and stress regarding their academics.

The opportunity to c school material into one device seems to be a meaningful option, not to students being tech-saws where adoption has a likely chance gaining t Kindle Fire has already positioned itself as a more attractive option for c terms of saving money on their tablet purchase; the opportunity to steal of the e-textbook market from B would be possible. Other students a at the B product can be quick to assume the product is a copycat to t (or Kindle in general) and that the innovation by the company was not g nature. Amazon has a history of being a leader with innovation.

The nee existing file formats to make this all possible will make students will feel more value with their Kindle Fire (both in short/long term) by having the successful Amazon products at their disposal when using the product. A) The Kindle Fire has demonstrated that despite a risky strategy of bee leader in hardware revenue, Amazon is able to make up for this with sis revenue in content, commerce and advertising. Through a financial anal considering all revenue streams, Amazon was able to generate $ revenue and $822,544,608 in profit.

Digital content and incremental co contributed to the majority of the growth over the three-year span and importance of Amazon sticking to their roots and encouraging sales that Amazon ecosystem. B) Without a doubt the Kindle Fire is a success bas three-year financial analysis I have created. The company proved that t – involved in making the product is not what makes the Kindle so attracts availability and accessibility of purchasing online content and the convene sub-products (such as Amazon Prime) are contributing to the overall pr company. It is obvious that the cheaper price relative to competitors us

Pad, lured enough people in to either invest or re-invest in the new Kin Besides price, functionality of the product was innovated to include feat made it similar to how consumers use the ‘-Pad (web browsing and moor related functions) whilst still encouraging online content, commerce an sales. The Kindle Fire was a success in that it achieved the overall mark generating positive numbers, despite their risky pricing model. The pro great Job of innovating to satisfy its current e-reader consumers as well as putting up a fight in winning over consumers as a new player in the tablet market.

Q. ) Given the financial created for this case, the numbers and profit predict that over the three-year period suggest that making money on hardware sales is not crucial to the prosperity of the company. At a price of $199, Amazon was able to push hardware sales to sky rocketing levels by being a loss leader. The ultimate strategy was that the device was being sold to customers with the express purpose of linking them to the Kindle reader and Kindle store. In essence, the ones who buy the device are doing so with the intent of using it with Amazon services.

They will be freer to integrate their revises into the end product without customers complaining that they can’t remove the APS. The question is will a subsidy of $99 be enough for the hardware to be justified. I believe that by offering the Kindle at an even lower price that what it currently is, the company will be able to push out even more devices into the hands of consumers. Given the expected return for other revenue streams, I think the price $99 for a Kindle will lead to significantly more sales in hardware which in turn cascade to further increase sales in content, commerce and application sales.

The assumptions and calculations made on a three-year kindle life suggest that this strategy has great opportunity to be successful. B) The number of customers needed to make the subsidy worthwhile can be hard to approximate. The success of the move would be dependent on the amount of customers who will be drawn in to a two-year contract. I want to predict that it will be a quite popular given the immediate success in Q. Consumers who invest in a Kindle or related tablet will have the product for more than two years and be viewed as a longer time purchase.

The fact that so many consumers were already willing to pay at $199 (for a longer than two year purchase) tells me that this opportunity can grow even more than the current aggressive pricing model. Q. If I were Apple’s CEO, I would definitely be concerned with future market share in the tablet industry given its significantly lower price. To combat this, Apple should come out with a new product at a reduced price from the pad 2. Amazon will ship an estimated 3. 9 million units of the device in the 4th quarter of this year, which would put them in about second place in terms of market share of units shipped.

Apple has a commanding share of the market in the fourth quarter. While the industry awaits apples response, the overall tablet market is set to explode in the coming years. Publishers should note that the trend of readers moving to digital formats is accelerating and for competitors not prevalent in this market, they will need to get there in a hurry to catch a piece of the pie. This is how consumers are going to be reading for the most part in the future and it will be critical for Apple to launch a smaller more affordable version of the pad that caters toward a more e-reader nationality.

It is clear that Apple and Amazon are working in opposite direction; Kindle innovating to become closer to a tablet and Apple needing to come up with a similar version of an e-reader. Although Kindle does not pose a threat in terms of losing majority market share for tablets, the history for innovation within Amazon poses a big threat to Apple in the long run. As people (particularly students) move towards e-textbooks, Apple will need to ensure they are right on track with Amazon in developing a compatible product to fit these needs.

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Marketing Strategy - Essay Example

Successful implementation creates discernment among customers that illustrates marketing has successfully reached its target markets. The team of marketers believes in developing a group of expert resources and maintains a team of specialists rather than generalists. Among the areas of responsibilities for marketing of Public organizations, the activities include: market and consumer research, product and brand marketing, advertising through market communications, events and sponsorships, graphic designs, package and label design and corporate identity or environmental design.

The marketing group is divided into a group of diversified individuals with different backgrounds and experiences to stimulate new ideas and gain perspectives and a highly collaborative working environment. Target Markets- Basic strategies to satisfy target markets: Mass Marketing, Differentiated Marketing Strategy, Concentrated Marketing of Niche Marketing, and Direct Marketing Geographical Public supermarkets are widely know throughout the nation, especially for its slogan, “Where shopping is a pleasure”.

Throughout each of the organizations locations, each area has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of each and every type of customer. Public chooses to make sure the customers are able to shop in their grocery stores and find exactly what they need. This is made possible through market segmentation. Segmentations allow food distributors to align themselves with the local consumers to serve the audiences more efficiently (Marketing At Public, 2014). In this case, Public takes into account that more regions will be more reductive than others so they distribute accordingly and set up locations tactically.

Based on location, for example, Public will change its name to fit into the community it distributes around. Recently, Public has expanded into the Hispanic community in the Southeast where many Hispanics tend to migrate. Some of the locations near these Hispanic orientated communities named their locations to Public Sabot, showing that the location emphasizes more Hispanic food products (Marketing At Public, 2014). Demographics Many areas where young individuals tend to reside, often times there will be Super Wall-Mart shopping centers or Win Dixie grocery stores near by.

The idea behind setting up these stores in a younger community is that these individuals usually look for lower prices and don’t care so much for the customer experience. Wall-Mart’s slogan, which is posted close to its brand name reads: “Always low prices”. Young individuals, especially students or young middle class adults will choose these shopping centers for the reliable lower prices on different products distributed wrought the organization. On the contrary, Public locations will be seen in newer areas of developments, near newly built shopping plazas or newly built communities (Marketing At Public, 2014).

Public strategically positions their locations where consumers will prefer to shop there for the customer service experience and quality time each of Publics members spends assisting each customer. Public also is notorious, among no others, to assist the older individuals to their vehicles to when they are unable. This goes back to meet their infamous slogan. Currently, Public is irking on building a 20,000 square foot prototype to serve seaside communities and college towns.

Positioning Brand positioning can be an important strategy that Public faces because many customers choose to shop elsewhere because of the prices being too high. Customers know about the products offered are high and some choose to question them and some don’t. Public organizations know that their prices are high but the idea isn’t about the notoriety, but more about the audience it attracts. Customers will tend to shop with Public not for the prices but because they are loyal and Public is loyal to its customers (The Economist, 2007).

Public has been a constant competitor with Wall-Mart and Whole Foods and recently, a competitor of Target. The general strategy has been to expand its grocery stores throughout the United States effectively, spreading their brand value. On the higher end, Whole Foods will be the most competitive with Public product brands value and Wall-Mart on the lower end of brand value. Many of Publics competitors are excelling into a different, more competitive market in which more organizations strive for customer satisfaction.