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Marketing strategy - Essay Example

As we can see, Vietnam has a deep culture. Many people in international countries, or even in Vietnam always want to get more understanding about handicraft products and souvenir of Vietnam. Therefore, we want to provide them Battrang products online, which make them get the products only after a click. – Another reason we choose e-commerce is the fact that Bat Trang has a very good products, but it is located very far from the centre of Hanoi. There are many shops in the center selling those products; however, it is very difficult to identify which is authentic.

If customers want to get a products without doubting about the origin, they have to go very far, 2 buses from the center of Hanoi. If the customers are from foreign countries, they find it more difficult. Therefore, we want to provide the online services, so that the customers can choose the products online (or even order the unique shapes by providing enclosing pictures). 2. Mission Our mission is to offer unique products in the fast and convenient way to customers. 3. Business goals – Build the efficient website with the fast speed, no delay. The design of the website has to be elegant with many pictures of Bat Trang products. (9 weeks)

Create the chain of simple process, using just-in-time inventory (based on order of customers). (hiring process, contacting Bat Trang makers in around 2 months) – Implement marketing strategy in many methods of communication (website: quehuongonline. vn and some forum of students studying abroad; newspaper; television: VTV4 etc) (regularly but pay attention within two months before the actual operation) 4. Project’s objectives – Website has to be opened for customers 1 week before the official opening day) – There are at least 1000 customers’ accesses each day. – The speed of the website is kept stable. 5. Online business model

Our business uses B2C model. This is totally online. Customers using the website will have an account. After that, they can choose the favorite style of ceramics, enter the size number and place an order. They can choose the paying method, through credit card (for foreign people), bank account (because credit cards use is rare in Vietnam) or payment upon delivery. II. Marketing strategy 1. Market analysis – Potential clients – Our company wants to reach the Vietnamese people living abroad, or Vietnamese people, who really appreciate Vietnam culture and Vietnamese products. – Vietnam culture is getting more famous in all over the world .

There are many TV programs talking about Vietnam; for example: in Arirang, in Discovery etc. When people have better economic conditions, they not only care about the traditional rule “enough food, enough wear” but also “spiritual value”. Therefore, the trend for finding something different and unique is growing so fast. 2. Products – Our products is ceramics made in Bat Trang, Vietnam. This has the certain or unique shapes and styles based on customers’ orders. 3. Price strategy – Our price is our strong point. Although we use the “delivery to door” system with a cost of transportation, we still have the acceptable price compared to others.

We have no stores, therefore the cost of open a shop can be avoided. Our targeted customers are foreigners and well-to-do families, so if our price is little higher than others, they will still buy our products. – However, we use floating price determination. It depends on the demand of industry and also tourism season – At first, we use the skimming price strategy, high price at the beginning and lower price after that. This is because of our unique service, when the customers can choose their products with the unique styles from a far distance.

At first, an order over 1,000,000 VND can get additional accessories. (for ex: mini Vietnamese flat etc) – Use the website: ttvnol. com, nguoivietxaxu. com to make our name visible to customers. 5. Distribution strategy – We use the direct sales. The website is our means of making profits. – We have contract with manufacturing locations in providing the authentic products on which there is the signature of makers. Therefore, we will place an order of common sized outfit. The just-in-time inventory is just used for the inregular sizes (too big, too small etc). This is manufactured only when there is an order.

– Our main competitors are other websites for handicrafts and souvenir products: http://www. webhangdoc. com/hang-doc/hang-thu-cong-my-nghe. html http://www. chucson. com. vn http://www. lavanto. net – Strength of competitors: They have brandname before us. We must have an efficient marketing strategy if we want to make people know more about us. – Weakness: They do not have a belief from customers. People do not have information about their website. They also concentrate on many products, which can reduce the cultural values. In their website, customers can not choose their own shapes and styles, by enclosing the pictures.

IV. Plan of implementation 1. Place We have one office in Hoang Mai District. We choose this because the cost of renting in this area is lower than in others’. Every transaction is done through Internet; therefore, we do not need a shop to show our products. 2. Office equipment and material facilities – 3 hi-tech computers – 1 truck to transport the products from manufacturing companies (secondhand trucks only) – 5 motorbikes with uniformed drivers (to deliver goods to customers) (they have to wear uniform with logo in that). Our company name is “Vietnam in your heart”. – Our logo: 3. Buiding website.

– We want to get the stable host for our business. We will order www. annetco. com (Annet Information Technology Company) to build a website for us. Choose: Register through http://www. internic. net Strong point: Low cost, fast registration Our website will be www. vietnaminyourheart. com V. Some financial data – Capital: 500 millions – Renting cost: 4 millions/ month x 12 = 48 millions/year – Office equipment, decoration: 20 millions – 3 hi-tech computers: 21 millions – Salary: 3 milions/ person/ month x 5 employees = 15 millions x 12 = 180,000,000/year. – 1 secondhand truck: 110,000,000.