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Marketing strategy RG Brands Company - Essay Example

From what we begin our day, certainly with a cup of tea. Tea not only cheers up, but also gives a charge of vivacity on all day. The first Chinese have revolen secret of a black sheet. Now tea – is an integral part of life of everyone. The market of tea in each country is so various that even the most capricious consumer can find the taste, which he likes the most. If to consider the market of tea in Kazakhstan, the results of last interrogation which has been lead by company TNS Gallup Media Asia in eleven largest cities of Kazakhstan in September ‘ 2003, have shown, that consumers of tea in Kazakhstan are 99 % of respondents.

Among them the active consumers of the given drink is 91 %, i. e. the given respondents drink tea some times a day. Looking at this I decided to research tea market in Kazakhstan in the name of Tea “Piala” of the RG Brands Company. I’ve chosen “Piala” brand because it is producing not by specialized tea-manufacturing company, but by large company, which specializes on juices. For me it is very interesting why this company (RG Brands) specialized on juices decided to produce tea not being afraid of huge competitors-companies directly specializing on tea and how RG Brands makes its tea to be succeed.

History Company RG Brands has been created in June 1998 with the purpose of the organization that will replace import manufactures of juices and drinks in the territory of Kazakhstan Republic. Within 1999 there were opened two factories on manufacturing of soft drinks: a factory ” Pepsi Cola Bottlers “, making aerated production of company ” Pepsi “, and a factory ” RG Brands “, making juices and drinks with juice additives. In the same year RG Brands began co-operation with the distributor of the company ” UNI Commerce ” Ltd.

In November 2000 the tea-hanging-out factory of Joint Stock Company ” Tealand ” was open. It presents two tea brands “Piala” tea and “Riza” tea. “Piala” tea The assortment of tea “Piala” is presented by granulated, sheet and packaged tea. In manufacturing of the granulated tea there is a sheet that has been brought up in northeast of India in a province Assam where make the most qualitative granulated tea in the world. Sheet is delivered from island Ceylon where grows the best in the world sheet tea. Tea ” Piala Gold ” grows in Kenya. Also it is recognized as the best tea in all Europe.

The tea delivering by the company on the market passes the multistage control, over quality check by the state bodies on certification of India, China, Kenya and Ceylon, and finishes own laboratory accredited in the state bodies of standardization and certification. “Piala” brand under its producer has received the certificate of conformity to standard ISO 9001. 2000 (certificate SGS, Switzerland) “Piala” tea and other products of RG Brands Company are exported in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and now Company is not going to stop on achieved that is why they plan to begin expansion of production on Chinese market.

Charitable actions Joint-stock company RG Brands from October 2003 till April 2004 under the brand “Piala” lead the action “everyone should have happy childhood” on rendering assistance to children’s houses. For the specified period the Company had been delivered in eight children’s houses of the cities Semey, Karaganda, Aktobe, Kyzyl Orda, Kokshetau and Taldykorgan – children’s clothes, footwear, bed complete sets, school accessories, furniture and other necessary things for a total sum – more than 8 million tenge.