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A way of taking good care of the humans health is through eating the proper food, and part of eating proper food is through food sanitation. Because of this, many experts now have implemented any ways to acquire food sanitation, not only in the households but also in restaurants and food stores. Establishments for food should now have measures and standards to be followed to achieve food safety. Cleanliness of the establishment itself attracts customers to keep on coming and purchasing their food.

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Although the cheap products, good customer service, and quality foods are Important factors, cleanliness and sanitation Is soul the first thing to be seen even If the customers are not yet purchasing anything. The researchers of this study will conduct this research o see if the Customer Buying Behavior of the college students in university of Zebu- Vanilla will be affected by the Food Sanitation of ICANN Foodstuff because as observed, the place is not practicing the proper sanitation.

People also have complained that the plates and utensils are not properly washed and It’s not heated. So these are Just some Instances that made the researchers have this study. The researcher’s basis in studying the student’s behavior includes the personal, psychological, and social factors. This is to determine if the students who patronize he food products of ICANN Foodstuff will be affected after they will identify the sanitation management of the store and also the current status of their purchase base on their present knowledge about the store.

Theoretical Background The study Impels with the notion of food sanitation having a direct Influence to the Vanilla, Zebu City According to Maybes (1983), hygiene and sanitation should be a concern and responsibility of all individuals involved in food production and manufacturing from entrepreneurs and managers, to cooks and processors, down to the lowly helps, eluding and ground custodians. To achieve this, every individual must know, and later on, put to practice the appropriate ways of food sanitation management.

Through this, the establishment can attain a convenient, comfortable, and clean eating environment for every consumers, and also great sales they can get from consumers whom they had convinced to purchase and positively affect their buying behavior. When people are engaged in food preparation, there would be possibilities that food will not be cooked well. They will also be left with dirty containers, chopping roads, graters, knives and other types of equipment.

If these items are not cleaned properly, this kind of bad hygiene can be very dangerous for the health and safety of the staff and customers and might affect the way they purchase the food products and behavior. In order to remain sanitary, a food service establishment’s dining environment should be designed and maintained in ways that promote cleanliness. Floors, walls, and ceilings should have adequate ventilation. Food service establishments are required to have restrooms and hand-washing sinks available for customers for more comfortable stay.

According to Maybes (1983), waste treatment and utilization is becoming an important aspect of food sanitation both for environmental and economic reasons. That is why, every food establishment must exercise proper waste disposal. It is not only for the sake of the environment, but also for the workers and customers’ health. Customer buying behavior is one of the factors that every manager and personnel must know. In a food establishment, the study of customer buying behavior gives the owners the idea on what food products o be sold in a particular time, place, and person.

It is not only the food that matters but also the services that they offer in delivering those products. The environment, particularly the cleanliness, is not the product itself but can definitely affect the choice of customers on where to purchase the products that they needed and wanted. If the environment is clean and well sanitized, then the Customer Buying Behavior would obviously be positive because everybody wants a clean, comfortable ambiance when eating. One of the factors that can influence the Customer Buying Behavior is the personal factor.

Personal factors of the consumer often determine buying decisions. People change the goods and services they buy over their lifetime. Tastes in foods are often age related. Buying is also shaped by the stage of the family life cycle. As to being college students, the researchers have encountered different students of different personal factors in buying food. One key factor that includes the psychological aspect of customer buying behavior is the perception arrived at by a consumer after he selects, organizes, and interprets information about a product.

This knowledge greatly influences customer buying behavior. If a person has a new experience, it may change his feelings toward a product. Customer Buying behavior is also influenced by social factors, such as the groups to which the customer belongs and also the social status. The family unit is usually for a marketer is to understand how this might affect demand for products and services of different social groups of different social classes. All these factors can be affected depending on the group of people.

Mostly in terms of food sanitation, customer buying behavior would be affected because every customer prefers to be in a clean place where they can sit and enjoy the ambiance while eating with other people, plus, the service of clean and safe food for one’s health. Review of Related Literature Food sanitation is the practice of following certain rules and procedures to prevent the contamination of food, keeping it safe to eat. Many Jurisdictions around the world have specific food sanitation laws, along with lists of regulations created by public health agencies.

The practice of food sanitation is recommended at every step of the supply chain within the food industry, from workers in crop fields to waiters at saturates. The term “food sanitation” typically refers to rules and procedures within the food industry, whether during production, packaging, transporting or serving. At the consumer level, such as in a home kitchen, practices designed to ensure that food is uncontaminated and safe to eat are often referred to using the term “food hygiene. It is the primary responsibility of an eatery or carrier to serve safe and uncontaminated food to the public. Their primary concern should be the cleanliness and proper hygiene of their food handlers, the food storage and the reparation area. Food sanitation should be applied in every eatery. Proper sanitation of utensils and their kitchen wares should be essential. Having an eatery does not only involve in generating revenue but should also gain and attain customer satisfaction.

Food sanitation results to customer satisfaction which influences the buying behavior of consumers that can be determined by personal factors, psychological factors, and social factors. Consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, ND dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand people’s wants.

It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general. Consumer behavior is influenced by internal conditions such as personal factors (in terms of size, density, location, age, sex, race, occupation, and there statistics), psychological factors (include motives, perception, ability and knowledge, attitudes, personality, and lifestyles), social factors (include social stratification, social class, culture, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, social mobility, religion, colonization, law, and deviance).