My Cutbacks Ideas - Essay Example

Social Media One of the earliest adopters of the use of social media for marketing and social commerce, Cutbacks has certainly taken a leadership position. Their social media strategy is built around their company web site and 6 additional social platforms, including Twitter, Faceable, Pinsetters, G+, Youth, and My Cutbacks Ideas. We will review Cutbacks social media strategy in detail below. See this article on the secrets to a winning social media marketing strategy. Adaptation and Innovation Stardust’s business crosscurrents, Vela Its My Cutbacks Idea website. s been a Hugh success. Why you may ask? Because they have combined the concepts of change, experimentation, social media, customer engagement, and market research and made the results key components of both their brand as well as their marketing strategy. Have you given My Cutbacks Idea a try? What did you think? Cutbacks has clearly embraced the digital realm. With a strong presence on multiple social networks, the brand has set a high bar when It comes to being social and engaging Its customers. They are at or near the top of nearly every major brand Nanking in social media.

Cutbacks’ ability to wear so many hats corporate success, “local” favorite, and Internet sensation warrants strategic examination. Related: Marriott Marketing Makes Customer Experience the Difference Makers Why Is Cutbacks such a social media marketing success story? L There are seven key reasons their social media strategy Is a successful deference maker for their marketing campaign: Here is our take on why: Customer relationships Instead of solely focusing efforts on accumulating new customers, It cultivates its rent relationships.

This ensures more fans/followers In the long run, as well as the experiences are highly valued, along with online engagement, emphasizing the importance of customer service. Going to its customers When Cutbacks takes a photo, it shares it on Mainstream, posts it to Faceable, tweets it on Twitter, and pins it on Pinsetters. It clearly goes to where all its customers like to hang out. Cross-promotion is more valuable as the world becomes more digitally focused. Each network provides an opportunity to reach a new audience, and integrating your tragedy on each is crucial to increasing visibility and promoting the brand.

Customer engagement They believe in letting customer engagement and conversation occur as naturally as possible. They listen carefully, observe, and apply new ideas from what they learn. Encourages sharing Happy customers are eager to share good experiences and offers. For example, the Cutbacks frequent promotions like “buy 1 get 1” garner an extraordinary amount of engagement on social media through comments, “likes,” and shares. My Cutbacks Ideas The My Cutbacks Idea website, where Cutbacks does its business scrounging, has been actively engaging customers for over 4 years now.

It encourages customers to submit ideas for better products, improving the customer experience, and defining new community involvement, among other categories. Clearly, Cutbacks has seen and believes what Peter Trucker has to say about business adaptability. Customers can submit, view, and discuss submitted ideas along with employees from various Cutbacks departments ‘Idea Partners’0. The company regularly polls its customers for their favorite products and has a leadership to track which customers are the most active in submitting ideas, comments, and poll participation.

The site is at once a scrounging tool, a market research method that brings customer priorities to light, an on-line community, and an effective internet marketing tool. Experience customization Cutbacks provides its unique experience through programs such as My Cutbacks Rewards, personalized “signatures” drinks, and localized store experiences. Their social sites, in particular Pinsetters and Mainstream, encourage users to share their Cutbacks moments’ whether it be the return of a favorite holiday drink or Just an artsy coffee cup shot.