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Service marketing - Essay Example

They have evaluated the experience attributes and faced some Issues; therefore they have contacted a costumer service representative to report their complaints. Place & Time: the four costumers complaints are based In en area in Toronto at Willow Street in the middle-class suburb of the city, and they were all able to contact a costumer agent through the phone and all had problems at almost the same time between 1 week to several weeks.

Product & Price: the four costumers, each have a different level of usage for Bell Telecommunication Company, discussing each case 1- Winston Chem.: he Is considered a heavy user (as he is in the top 2% of all households of high valued phone bills In Ontario) since he has multiuse of bell’s services including home telephone (International calls and local calls to efferent areas) and the Internet 2- Marie Portfolio: she is considered a medium user (at which 50% of all bills are higher and 50% are lower) where most of her calls are local and long distance calls are made occasionally 3- Eleanor Vanderbilt: she is considered low users (where she is considered one of the bottom 10% of all household subscribers) and most her calls are local. 4- Richard Robbins: he is considered average user (since Is bills In the 75th* for a household subscriber) where most of his call are local, however he has International call to US. 2; As a costumer service rep. , how would you address each of the problems and the implants reported? Those four costumers have reached the service encounter stage and had a core experience with the services provided by the firm.

Their complaints required a high-contact service through the interaction between the costumer and the service employee People: this kind of firm requires direct Interaction between service employees and costumers, the costumer retention Is In their hands as their good interpersonal skills and positive attitude will welcome any complaints and enhance the reputation and performance of the firm, as mentioned in the case, they have taken all the complaints made towards the firm and try to solve their issue Process: this part of process where the complaints are passed on for solution to the problems. It required procedures to help costumers understand and find solutions to their problems. In each case, the process Is predicted as follows: 5- Winston Chem.: we can process his complaint, and provide him with a detailed bill to have a described look at the calls he had made. ; Marie Portfolio: suggest and convince her with an attractive package that includes a call wait or a voice message while she is on a line. So she wont miss any more calls and have an idea about her missed calls while she is on the phone. – Eleanor Vanderbilt: trace the obscene telephone calls she has been receiving and report it to an authority to terminate this one is the best solution to this problem. 3- As a marketing manager, do you see any marketing opportunities for the telephone company in any of these complaints? Definitely, marketing opportunities arise from complaints so that the firm can upgrade or enhance and improve its product and services to meet costumers’ value and have satisfied customers and that’s done through the post-counter stage.

Those complaints should be rewarded because they play an important role in the service covers process. Promotions: the marketing manager can identify the different segmented costumers according to their usage rate and their needs and provide them with packages that will satisfy their needs. Costumers need to be educated on how the products and services are being used, and what meets their needs and satisfaction. Physical evidence: provide more locations and high technological branches for easy access to the firm’s costumer service employees and products and services provided by the firm. A place that is accessible at most times for people who prefer face-to- face contact with a firm’s representative.

Free Sample: Service marketing paper example for writing essay

Service marketing - Essay Example

As a student you are in one of the largest service industry sectors, namely education. Similar trends in employment have been noted in most developed economies. Despite this trend to serviceable employment, it is all too common that we hear of poor standards of service. Until relatively recently the marketing literature offered very little concrete guidance to services marketers. Over the past decade or so a growing awareness of the service sector’s economic contribution has prompted research into new ways of managing and marketing the service firm.

Increasingly this type of research has concluded that in many respects the service firm is different from its manufacturing counterpart and that new skills, new concepts and different techniques are required for effective services marketing and management. Services marketing is a specialization within the discipline of marketing. Although any marketing principles apply equally to services and products, there is widespread consensus among academics and practitioners that the issues that confront services marketers require different strategies.

In essence, this unit is an advanced unit in marketing since it builds on basic principles in a service context. As with all marketing practice, services marketing is concerned with customers’ needs enter service systems and are active participants in service production and delivery. During this interactive process customers form impressions about the organization and make Judgments about service quality. Various technologies, and information technology in particular, may affect the development of these impressions.

It is the need to manage the customer’s role in production and consumption that presents one of the greatest challenges to services marketers. Pre-Requisite/Co-Requisite Unit(s) Enrolment in the Unit Unless there are exceptional circumstances, students should not enroll in BAM units after the end of week two of semester, as the School of Management cannot guarantee that: 0 any extra assistance will be provided by the teaching team in respect of work covered in the period prior to enrolment; and analyses will not be applied for late submission of any piece or pieces of assessment that were due during this period. Enrolment in Tutorials and Workshops Students will be able to enroll in tutorials electronically through Amyl. Tutorial enrolments will be open until the end of the first week of semester (Friday 1st March 2013). Students who have not enrolled in a tutorial by this time will be allocated a tutorial by the unit coordinator. Variations in tutorial enrolments will not be permitted after this time. Depending on enrolments the course may be run as a three-hour workshop rather Han a lecture and number of tutorials. You will be notified of this at our first meeting. Intended Learning Outcomes and Generic Graduate Attributes Intended Learning Outcomes Online test Individual Essay and Consultancy Report The assessments and teaching activities in this unit have been designed to develop the following graduate attributes Discuss how the differences between goods and services impact on a customer’s experience of service. Knowledge: Explain the gaps that can occur in efforts to manage service quality. The differences between goods and services and the implications for marketing n service industries: Graduate Attribute Outcomes Identify the differences between the marketing of goods and services.

In this unit you will learn: Assessment Methods In assessing this unit I will be looking at your ability to: Identify how the marketing mix differs in service industries. To manage the marketing mix in service industries: Research and analyses a service context. Order to close identified gaps in service quality. Strategies for enhanced service performance: Manage the process of service recovery and complaint handling. Discuss the issues associated with demand and capacity management in service industries. Specific knowledge about the complexity of services marketing, and apply this knowledge to a range of service industries.

Life-long learning skills in the pursuit of professional development as a marketer in service industries. Communication: Identify and discuss the different strategic options for building customer lifetime value. Written communication skills of the quality expected of a professional marketer, with a clearly demonstrated ability to communicate complex Problem Solving Skills: Effective problem solving skills including the ability o apply marketing theory, models and methods and logical thinking to a range of multidimensional service industry problems.

An awareness of when additional information is needed and the capacity to locate, analyses and use it. 6 Learning Expectations and Teaching Strategies/Approach Expectations The University is committed to a high standard of professional conduct in all activities, and holds its commitment and responsibilities to its students as being of paramount importance. Likewise, it holds expectations about the responsibilities students have as they pursue their studies within the special environment the University offers.

The University’s Code of Conduct for Teaching and Learning states: Students are expected to participate actively and positively in the teaching/learning environment. They must attend classes when and as required, strive to maintain steady progress within the subject or unit framework, comply with workload expectations, and submit required work on time. Occupational Health and Safety (OH) The University is committed to providing a safe and secure teaching and learning environment. In addition to specific requirements of this unit you should refer to the University’s policy at: http://www. Min. Etas. Deed. AU/hrs/Ochs/poll_prop/Ochs. PDF. Learning Resources Prescribed Text Chatham, VA, Bitter, MS & Greener, AD 2013, Services marketing: integrating customer focus across the firm, 6th den, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Sydney. Recommended Texts Baron, S, Harris, K & Hilton, K 2009, Services marketing: texts and cases, 3rd den, Palaver, Babysitting. Battery, R 2004, Leading through relationship marketing: how winning organizations leverage stakeholder relationships to improve business performance, McGraw-Hill, Sydney.

Bruin, M & George, D 2006, Services marketing: managing the service value racketing: exploring relational strategies in marketing, Prentice Hallucinate Times, Harrow, Essex. Fiske, RPR, Grove, S], & Job,J 2008, Interactive services marketing, Houghton Muffling, Boston. 7 Fiske, RPR, Counts, S, Hums, M, Counts, J, Grove, S & John, J 2007, Services marketing: first Capacities edition, John Wiley & Son, Milton, Queensland. Gigabit, M & Hog, G 1997, Contemporary services marketing management-?a reader, Dryden, London.

Gilmore, A 2003, Services marketing and management, Sage, London. Glenn, W] & Barnes, JAG (deeds) 1995, Understanding services management: integrating marketing, organizational behavior, operations, and human resource management, Wiley, Chester, NY. Garömorons, C 2000, Service management and marketing: a customer relationship management approach, 2nd den, Wiley, Chester. Guppy, S & Lehman, DRY 2005, Managing customers as investments: the strategic value of customers in the long run, Wharton School Publishing, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

Hoffman, KID & Battens, JEW 2011, Services marketing: concepts, strategies and cases, 4th den, South Western Coinage, Mason, Ohio. Gasper, H, van Hellenizing, P & De Varies, W 2006, Services marketing management: a strategic perspective, Wiley, Chester. Lovelace, CHI, Patterson, PEE & Walker, RE 2007, Services marketing: an Asia-Pacific perspective, 4th den, Prentice Hall, Melbourne. Lovelace, C & Write, J 2007, Services marketing; people, technology, strategy, 6th den, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

McCollum-Kennedy, J R (deed. ) 2003, Services marketing: a managerial approach, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Queensland. Muddied, P 2012, Services marketing management, Taylor & Francis, Hoboken. (e-book) Palmer, A 2011 Principles of services marketing, McGraw-Hill Educational, Maidenhead. Sherry, JP (deed. ) 1998, Serviceable: the concept of place in contemporary markets, NET, Chicago. Tang, PEP, Chain, ARK, ATA, SSH & Tat, S 2002, Asian dimension of services marketing, Hawthorn Press, Singapore.

Van Alloy, B, Gemmed, P & Van Eiderdown, R (deed) 2003, Services marketing: an integrated approach, 2nd den, Prentice Hall-Financial Times, Harrow, Essex. Journals and Periodicals Apart from books, you will find it valuable to get into the practice of reading relevant articles from Journals and periodicals (including newspapers and magazines). Australian Marketing Journal (Prosiest) 8 European Journal of Marketing (Prosiest) International Journal of Service Industry Management (Prosiest) Journal of the

It is available to download as a word document from the School of Management website at http://www. Etas. Deed. AU/MGM/student. Tm. 9 Privacy Policy and Notice The School of Management takes the utmost care to protect the privacy and security of your personal information and to ensure its accuracy. If you have any concerns about your privacy in AMYL please contact the coordinator of this unit or view the University of Tasmania AMYL Privacy Policy Statement available from the university website at http://www. Etas. Deed. AU/courtliness/privacy. Tm. Details of Teaching Arrangements Lectures There will be a one-hour lecture each week as well as a two-hour face-to-face workshops held on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The purpose of the workshop series is to associated with the management of service firms. The workshop series will be supported by a range of additional reading drawn from the prescribed text, other racketing textbooks, and academic Journals. These readings are intended to add depth to the knowledge and understanding you have gained from the lectures. Tutorials Tutorials will be embedded in the workshops. Communication, Consultation and Appointments In addition to the unit outline, we will communicate important information to you through Lectures and the Announcements section of Amyl. Therefore, it is important that you check the AMYL site for this unit regularly.

If you would like to talk to the unit coordinator, Dry Rob Hacker, then you can either send an email or make an appointment during consultation times. To email, you should use the mail function in Amyl. This will enable one source for all student queries. AMYL mail will be regularly checked and you should receive a response within two working days. If you would like to see Dry Hacker in person, then you can come and see us in our consultation times or by appointment. Finally, all requests for extension must be made in writing to the Unit Coordinator (Dry Rob Hacker). 10 Assessment Schedule In order to pass this unit you must achieve an overall mark of at least 50 per cent of the total available marks. Details of each assessment item are outlined below.