Swallow Marketing Corporation: the Long Winding Road - Essay Example

Costello was hired by Swallow Marketing Corporation as a counter salesperson for San Fernando branch six months ago. His official working hours begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday. It Is almost that he serves customers till 6:00 PM. He does not complain and he feels happy that his unit Is performing. An evaluation of the numbers of units sold by Rowdy’s unit Indicated a 50 percent Increase for the past six months. That period coldness with the period that Rudy had en working for the company.

There were four salesperson In the branch who were able to sell 80 units of the company’s products during the six months prior to Rowdy’s hiring. When Rudy came in, he sold 40 units and the other four duplicated their previous six months’ output. This rough the total sales of the unit to 120. The four salesperson have been working for the company for over two years and each receives a monthly salary of P20000. As a new recruit, Ruddy salary is pegged at Pl 1000 per month.

Rudy can only hope for an increase after salary reviews which are made by top management every two years. After six month stint, Rudy has become entitled to the only benefit, the 13th month pay. He has to earn his vacation and sick leave benefit. Rowdy’s supervisor is happy that his unit was able to sell more with Ruddy help. His concern owe is to keep Rudy fully motivated and to keep the competitors away from hiring him. QUESTION: I f you were Rowdy’s supervisor, what will you do? Prepare an incremental salary plan for Rudy Costello.