Target audience - Essay Example

The purpose of this essay is to identify why the introductory sequence attracts a certain type of target audience. By viewing the opening sequence you gain an immediate feeling or understanding that the movie is aimed at people aged between 20 and 30. At this age violence is the norm thing to see on television and is not that shocking to the age group in comparison of an age group of 50-60. The events that take place in the opening sequence are the conversation about Martin Blank the professional killer’s ten year High School Reunion Party with his secretary/business partner Marcella.

Whilst the conversation is happening Blank spots the cyclist assassin and then takes aim and shoots him before the cyclist reaches his intended target, which Blank has to protect. Then when the cyclist is shot he hits a car and comes off his bike. Whilst Blank is packing his equipment away, out comes his rival Grosse who then kills the man and his bodyguards which the cyclist was meant to kill. The opening credit sequence opens with a black background perhaps signalling death, and the song ‘I can see clearly now’ is played over both the opening credit sequence and opening assassination sequence.

This song gives off an air of black humour in the mood of the film. This seems very hypocritical because the song is uplifting and the sequence is very violent and serious. This opening credit sequence is significant because it is very plain, the text is white and the background is black. When the name of the film is displayed there is a red line underlining the title, this either signals death or passion even both. There is a story of love in the film which takes the passionate red colour and also there is the story of constant death which could signal blood or death could be signalled by the black background.

In the opening assassination sequence I noticed their was red paint painted onto the curb and also a red carpet coming out from the hotel. Throughout this sequence the song ‘I can see clearly now’ is still played, other sounds that could be noted are gunfire and car brakes. The cyclist rides down the road on a black bicycle with a black helmet but is wearing a green jacket the fact that he is wearing black is understandable because the cyclist would not want to stand out from the crowd. The green jacket has to be something to do with fashion.

The cinematography used is wide-spread and diverse. There is a camera shot sequence showing what Blank sees through the sniper-view on his gun. Other cinematography used is following the actions of the bodyguards but not seeing what is happening when the bullets are fired from their guns leaves the viewers guessing. There is a number of violent actions filmed in the opening sequence like the death of the cyclist and the multiple shots fired into the already dead body of the man the cyclist was hired to kill.

When Blank is speaking to his secretary she tells him that Grosse is on the line and Blank tells Marcella to patch Grosse through. They begin talking to each other on the phone and they are sarcastic to each other, Sarcasm maybe the lowest form of wit but it makes for good humour. Then Grosse drives up to where Blank is standing overlooking the city and asks him how his life is going. Martin replies and then Grosse drops a bombshell on him by asking if he would like to join his institution of assassins.

Martin is sarcastic with him and Grosse thinks he’s got him but Martin says ‘Not me. ‘ Then Martin is even more sarcastic by telling Grosse to drive carefully. After Grosse and Martin finish there conversation and Grosse leaves Marcella, Martins secretary, Marcella jokes with Martin about his reunion and then tells him not to hang up and patches through his latest job offer. The job is aimed at Green Peace and Martin says no immediately and says that he has scruples.

This moral reform of Martins shows the audience that there is another side to this man. This helps to set up other issues which happen later on in the film like him rejoining his childhood sweetheart. This will appeal to the softer side of the audience because he is a two-sided man, one side is nice and the other is cold-blooded. The significant points of the film which I have already stated are in most cases violent and humorous this backs up the idea of the age-group because violence and humour are what seems to make 20- 30 year olds tick.