The marketing team - Essay Example

To achieve these goals and objectives, Ed Transformers has three main business functions. These are Human Resources (HR), Finance and Marketing functions. It will also be mentioned how IT supports these functions. The HR function is designated to each project in the organization and is accountable for anything related to the staff and other workers on a project and it guarantees that correct measures are prepared for the staff and volunteers of Ed Transformers. It is responsible for the employment and retrenchment of new affiliates of staff, and monitors and controls large groups of volunteers within the entity. Even though these are outsourced, salaries and wages, remuneration and other related matters are also controlled by this function. HR can also be responsible for the training of these volunteers and employees.

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This is where IT can help improve the value of the organizations human recourses. For the staff training, Ed Transformers can use on-line staff training programs to enable them to train at any time, improving their efficiency. On-line staff monitoring system can also be used so that employees and volunteers can examine their wages, leave etc, so that they do not waist their work time checking these basic items. With the internet in mind, the organization can also use employment websites to publicize job positions that are available to an open amount of viewers; having more advocates for a position means having a greater chance of acquiring an individual most suitable to perform the job.

Marketing is too a primary function required for Ed Transformers. It is used to induce customer awareness of the services offered by their organization. The marketing team have “successfully made Ed Transformers the charity of choice with graduates.” The Donations project on television for instance has been largely considered in attracting donations and even volunteers to the entity as well.

IT, together with marketing staff in the Donations team, is also responsible for the businesses website which forms a very large part in the marketing of the organization to the general public. The site explains the key projects of the company, and enables the visitors to view student testimonials and make donations. At present, the website is not very effective as it is often unavailable due to technical problems, and together with its slowness, the users become very frustrated which means that they can lose many donations due to this inconvenience.

There are many other problems within the marketing system, but if corrected the website can give an accurate amount of donors and visitors. There too can be various categories for different things people want to do like viewing testimonials, donating various items from money to laptops, and becoming a volunteer, etc. Ed Transformers can also set questionnaires to get the visitors opinions and improve their efficiency in specific problem areas. The company can also use the acquired information to then focus promotion and advertising operations in key points in their marketing functions. Further information about the website will be mentioned later in the report.

Finally – linked to marketing – Ed Transformers Finance function plays an important role in the operations of the company. All of the every-day accounting of the individual projects in the organization are administered by the finance staff. It also handles the assets, liabilities and equity of the entity and is also used for budgeting, paying the wages of the employees and helping make decisions in a project through the analysis of financial information. At the end of every month, Project Managers prepare financial reports for the CEO to illustrate the financial health of these projects, and then planned financial issues are dealt with, providing recommendations so that a “strategic direction of the organization can be planned.

IT can help in various instances. If the organization was using a manual accounting system, swapping to a computerised one (like MYOB, etc) will be more time efficient, so that time can be used on other important matters and decisions can be made far quicker than before. Decisional Support Systems (DSS) and Executive Information Systems (EIS) can also be used to aid in making decisions (Baltzan, Phillips, & Haag, 2008, pp. 119-122). The employee’s payroll can also be managed by specialized software which can be very quick and accurate.