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Is a Finnish corporation which manufactures and services power sources ND other equipment in the marine and energy markets. The core products of WartsГ Include large combustion engines. As of 2013 the company employed 18,663 workers In more than 70 countries and It Is headquartered In Helsinki. Warts Is committed to carrying out Its business In a sustainable way. Warts Is company with strong Internal branding. To support connection with customer, the employees should be awareness with their brand strategy and mission.

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Due to website, videos and programs that offered, workers of Warts is well-informed. A brand strategy mostly direct on target positioning and brand image. The main mission of this company to understand and to hear their target group. Based on dialogues, they make the solutions to create the value of costumers. They also open for a new opportunities and solution. Company tries to follow the innovations and conquering a new vertices. Know plays a big role in providing certain decisions. The reason why a strong contractors select the company is a good recommendations in the market.

It guarantee higher vessel availability, worldwide presence, environmental upgrade of the fleet, technical know, continuous development. The latest agreement with advantageous and mutually contractor only improve it. Van Odor will bring the Warts only new opportunities and development. Warts also offer their customers safety, reliability and quality, support when needed, future proof technology. So the consumers are feel protect, caring and confident in quality of providing services. One more reason why Warts so strong in market, it was mounded in 1834.

Thus the company has a long history, it overcomes all environmental modifications, both technical and market changes. Because of experience and customer loyalty the company can pretend on the leadership In area of shipbuilding. One more reason of advantages of Wartime’s concept, that they are ethical and environmental-friendly. This qualities dispose people to them. And be environmental response is extremely Important nowadays. Many clients and partners attentively tracing for especially the Industrial companies.

Nowadays have a website where customers can find a full Information about company and offer services Is one of the most Important part to company’s Interaction with consumer. Warts lease with their customer through to update the Information about events, new technologies and concepts on the website. In my pollen Warts have a good position on the market. They carry about their programs, solutions and consumers. But suggest to devote more attention to their employees. Because In this case they have a power impact on developing of the company.