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Zara – Marketing Research - Essay Example

Ezra marketing research Ezra Is a Spanish chain store In Entitled group, one of the worlds biggest retail store In the world who are also owners of Ezra home. Ezra is a fast industry bet its unique business model is based on innovation and flexibility. They design and distribute a garment to the market in Just 15 days. They always have new products but in limited supply. The customer feels there is an ‘exclusivity’, since only a few items are on display even though stores are planned spacious; they feel they have to buy it because they wont find It again.

Sara’s designer create approximately 40,000 new design annually In which 10,000 are produced. These design resemble latest couture creations of classic pieces. Marketing aims and objectives Ezra mainly operates their business on objectives which range from being short term and long term. The company base their key strategy on every single customer who has a satisfied experience by purchasing fashion online and who wants to repeat online shopping. Furthermore considering Sara’s alms, the company believes that Its not all about Increasing economical profit; moreover to create an added value of

Sara’s brand as a tangible asset and the magnitude of the company’s growth. This is one of Sara’s aims which they try to keep consistent throughout and in their brand positioning without loosing it’s value or compromising it. Other aims and objectives consist of: ; keeping consistent at providing high quality at reasonable prices – manufacturing has been relocated to the emerging markets (Bangladesh, turkey and Vietnam) Glenn them opportunities to produce higher quality Items at lower pricing through economies of scale. Ezra has a competitive pricing model ensuring that Tyler racing is in line with their closet rivals.

Affordability is vital to their success. ; to raise brand awareness and favorable attitudes among customers – Ezra implement new ideas and techniques to promote the brand through many promotional events and launches. Sara’s position in the affordable fashion industry clearly states that its not a luxury brand. The target customers are eager to purchase fashion while still sensitive to prices. The most Important thing Is that Ezra takes Itself to many online platforms to show this by considering mainly faceable, twitter and a new addition, Mainstream. His is Sara’s long term objective to change attitudes of fashion and pricing by continuously relying on the social media. ; improve market share objective from global ranking position 1,498 to 1,000 – the selection of traffic as a market share objective insists the fact that Sara’s ranked positioning has an impact on brand value and which can be measured as an Indicator of the global market share. The company targets Its customers purchasing and browsing growth to be reliable for Its ; to continue business growth into Asia Pacific region in particular positioning.

Australia and New Zealand – Ezra relies more on location of a store that they do advertising to attract customers. Ezra has a strategy of placing their flag stores in the key shopping areas in each major city. The company is more concerned about finding the right retail store location that suits the company rancher than spending money on attracting customer to the store. This growth and expansion will always remain In customers and whether the area is correct for the type of fashion chain that Ezra is and provides. discontinue to improve profitability through implementing and CEO- roundly management model in the shops in order to reduce energy consumption by 20% – through its business model Ezra wants to help the sustainable developments of the society in which the interact in. This new strategy for a sustainable business will be to create a product line for charity purposes flagrance by sales turnover. As a side effect this will generate an additional brand awareness and rapidly raise favorable attitudes and support for the company. His marketing objective and strategy is ongoing until they achieve their aim of becoming the worlds leading assign retailers. Strive to achieve the long term aim of being the leading fashion clothing chain in the world and continue expansion globally adding another 520 stores in the next 3 years By the accomplishment of these objectives Ezra is looking to form a enduring profitable growth. Market segmentation and competitors segmentation is a vital aspect for Ezra to complete and accomplish an efficient marketing strategy. By splitting its globally diverse market into smaller groups, Ezra can select the most appropriate strategy. N order for this to happen Ezra must understand their customer base and its changing behavior and attitude towards fashion tastes and style. One of the target markets will be china from which Ezra currently have 3. 2% visitors by country for Ezra. Com and based on the GAP (gross domestic product) growth in Asia, it will increase. The market target defined by the visitors from china has to achieve 8% end of 2013. Sara’s segmentation of customers who are most appreciated is on a demographic point of view for example a women up to the age of 35 who prioritize fashion as lifestyle.

Conversely the common target racket for Ezra is aged between O and 40 years, located within working in urban areas, pursuing of have gained high levels of education, mid-range incomes and regular users of the internet shopping sites. Sara’s target market is young, price- conscious, and highly sensitive to the latest fashion trends. They have an advantage over traditional retailers because they do not define their target by segmenting ages and lifestyles giving them a much broader market. They segment their product line by women’s (60%), men’s (25%) and the fast growing children’s (15%) department.

Right now Ezra is well positioned in the market globally. They are giving the customer quick choices regarding fashion. Comparing quality against price, Ezra sell a good quality for its value, plus current fashion trends. Sara’s differentiation and competitive advantage is dominated by cost-prize leadership, fast rollover of new products and strong branding. Due to the advantage of Sara’s strong brand its is immutable to define a life style spirit by generating Sara’s world on social media. In terms of revenues and growth Sara’s main competitor is the Swedish firm H&M.