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Occupational Safety And Health Administration - Essay Example

The Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970 to make working conditions better for employees ND to help prevent harm or on the Job fatalities. Due to the Occupational Safety and Health Act employees are now able to partake in safety training as well as gain valuable information pertaining to work safety. Employees who are not covered under the SSH Act include people who are “self-employed, immediate family members of farm employers, and workplace hazards regulated by another federal agency. ” (Workers’ Rights under the SSH Act, 2014).

If you feel that your workers’ rights under OSHA have been violated you should always take steps to file a complaint. First speak with your employer or designated supervisor that might handle all OSHA related or workplace safety regulations (Reap, n. D. ). When filing a complaint with your employer it is best to have multiple people who have had the same issue. That way your complaint will be taken more seriously and hopefully will be handled in a timely manner. If the complaint is still not dealt with, it would be best to make a formal complaint with an OSHA office located in your state or region.

Filing a complaint can be confidential so the employee’s filing the complaint won’t have to worry about repercussions from their employer. For minor issues someone from an OSHA office may call your employer about the issue, but for more serious issues an OSHA representative will perform an on-site inspection. It is the employers’ duty to provide their employees with the necessary safety equipment, keep records of any incidents that have occurred and make sure that all employees have access to that information, and train all employees about OSHA feet and safety requirements Dodson & Harrison, 2013).

OSHA regulations and compliance is extremely important to all personnel working in a medical facility due to all of the hazardous waste materials such as chemicals used in lab tests and bloody or other body fluids. All medical offices must keep a manual or binder containing up to date material safety data sheets (MASS) for every single hazardous material in the workplace. These MASS are to be read, initialed, dated and are to be readily available to all employees. Every hazardous product must also have a label fixed to it which contains a shortened version of the full MASS for that particular product or hazard.