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As a student with a passion for excellence, however it is vital that we get the necessary information from your Human Resource Department to make our Project a complete success. I thank you for the time taken to acknowledge my letter of request, therefore I can be annotated on this telephone number 345- 6743 or via email at [email protected] Com. Yours truly D smith METHODOLOGY The sample for study will be selected from one organization in Promote area. Individuals will be randomly selected from the age, groups 20 to 30 years both male and female.

They will also be drawn from individuals who have worked with the organization for a number of year and also new workers. They will be visiting the organization at the school for two weeks in the month of October until the necessary information is collected. The instruments that will be utilized are interviews. The interview will be conduct to fifteen workers in the Human Resource department. They will be given ways in which to complete. The reason for selecting this instrument is that less time to be completed also it provides the responders that their identities would be unknown.

Individuals from different age groups will be selected in order to get feedback from a wider cross section of person based on their experiences. QUESTIONS 1 . How does the Human Resource Department contribute to the growth and satisfaction of the employee? 2. What are some of the Medium the Human Resource Department communicate through to its employees? 3. What you believe is the role of the Human Resource Department in relation to the mission, vision and strategies of the business? 4. How does communication impact the Human Resource Department? 5. How does the Human Resource Department affect your organization?

The growth and development of companies is dependent on attracting the best and brightest Job candidates. Major Findings: Several types of communication exist within human resource department, including oral, written and nonverbal. Samples of positions within human resources that require advanced communication skills include generalist, human resources director, imposition managers, employment placement managers and recruitment specialists. Each position requires hiring, recruiting and explaining benefits.

Human resource department need excellent oral communication skills to interview applicants, follow up and make an offer. Arbitrators or mediators require exceptional oral communication skills to mediate between employer and employee or employee and employee. The more effective the communication, the more respected and honored employees feel. This leads to a positive culture which motivates people to work harder and look forward to coming to work. Effective communication in the unman resource department is significant because without it productivity will decrease and leave the company or organization in chaos.

When there is a lack of effective communication in the human resource department people will lead themselves. When this happens there isn’t one vision, but multiple ideas and plans that don’t work together to reach the same goal. Len order to interact with and evaluate job applicants, human resources department must demonstrate outstanding oral and written communication skills and the ability to listen and empathic. Nonverbal skills, like a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact and a smile, when appropriate, envoy confidence and warmth when done effectively.