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System Analysis and Design - Essay Example

For the community college, you help them to design a wireless network for the financial resources team members in the administration building and you help them determine how to once the administration building to the student services building. For the Tasty Pelican restaurant, you help design a small private wireless network for their restaurant and a public network for their adjoining coffee shop. Case Project 1: Designing a Wireless Network for Roaming Team Members Thomas Jefferson Community College uses a team approach for managing the financial resources of the college.

The team members primarily work in the administration building which houses the president’s office, human resources, payroll, accounting, development, and the mall IT office. Each area uses teams and team members who are often mobile, going between work areas. For example, the payroll supervisor is on both the payroll team and the human resources team. She also often attends meetings in the accounting area and serves as a backup accounting supervisor.

In another example, the IT manager of applications development spends equal amounts of time in the president’s, human resources, payroll, accounting, development, and IT areas. Currently it is difficult for any team How might you design a wireless networking alternative for this environment? Answer: I would suggest a VPN (Virtual private network) server and a VPN client which is one solution for establishing secured network connections, since most of them are not in the vicinity of the office; setting up a VPN would provide them access to their network remotely.

VPN is secured and safe from man in the middle attacks since the tunnel will automatically shut down and choose a different route if it senses an attack. All they need is to go online and log on to their VPN Server using their VPN client and they will be connected to their network as if they are in the office. VPN offers several advantages, particularly benefits for wireless local area networking so it can definitely suffice the satisfaction for this type of case.

Case Project 2: Creating a Network Diagram to Supplement Your Recommendation Case Project 3: Connecting the Administration Building to Student Services The network in the Thomas Jefferson Community College administration building is connected to the network in the student services building only via five old dial-up modem connections in an access server because a river separates the buildings. DSL and cable modem options are not available in this area. What wireless alternatives exist for the college to link these buildings?

Which of the alternatives do you recommend? The alternatives that I would recommend would be using a wireless router and a wireless range expander or a repeater. Another option would be using a terrestrial microwave link; these are satellite like dishes that links the 2 buildings. They could also subscribe to a satellite internet service provider instead of using the dial up connection. Case Project 4: Wireless Options for a Restaurant and Coffee Shop The Tasty Pelican is an upscale restaurant in Monthal that services up to 5 customers per evening.

The management of the Tasty Pelican wants to speed the processing of food orders by equipping its waitperson with handheld devices. Also, the Tasty Pelican has an adjoining coffee shop and they want to offer public wireless Internet access in the coffee shop. What wireless options do you recommend for the restaurant and the coffee shop? I would recommend the restaurant to acquire two wireless routers for them to have two access points that will be divided to the secured private network exclusive only for the staff/employees, and the other access point are for the costumers or for public wireless internet access.

In this way, it will basically avoid the chances of interference and connection problems that are caused by the traffic in network connection compared to Just only one router. Some additional advantages is that it can now support more devices, it can extend the reach/range of your network enough to accommodate all the costumers without problems connecting to the network wirelessly . Security Measures What security measures are available for wireless solutions that might be applied to the Thomas Jefferson Community College and the Tasty Pelican designs?

WAP or WPAD, but I would suggest WAP since some network cards doesn’t support WPAD that usually have problems in the authentication process. WAP provides a good security type for wireless security but not that well secured compared to WPAD but it still wins in the compatibility issues. On the other hand, WPAD would be a great security measure to really avoid infiltrations most likely recommended to this kind of situation Just simply because of the high level of security but WAP has some preferences that improve the encryption for medium level security that is Just enough for colleges and restaurants.