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It is internet availability. AAA Know can be used for a resource that can be used in math class at school or home to supplement other components of math. Www. Exile. Mom/math ; This program offers math practices and sets a new standard for learning math, also have algorithmically generated questions, dynamic scoring to encourage mastery. This challenges students to master and offers enjoyment in succeeding! ; Math practices ; Algorithmically Questions ; Challenges ; Aligns to the Common Core in South Carolina math standards.

Providing comprehensive coverage of math concepts and applications ; Unlimited Practices, ; Students Progress ; Controls what you are learning ; Helps and gives feedback ; System glitches it freezes at mimes and you have to logout and start over ; This program for teachers cost from $249. 00 and up. Schools, Districts, and for other prices varies. EXILE can be a little difficulty because it really challenges the students and makes them really think.

Yes, it is a steep learning curve because of the challenges and the progress that the students make within a 2 weeks. This can be available on internet and registration. This is applicable to the classroom because this can helps students practices on the many different math practices that is taught in the classroom to get the students o become successful and reach their milestone. Www. Brainpower. Com ; This is a program that allows you to play games, quizzes, activities, and videos on the science concept that is being taught. You can use this to teach a lesson.

Features are quizzes, activities, and videos Aligned with the Common Core Standards of South Carolina Science Pros-Good Interaction for students then the textbook Cons- The Cost cost- $2,095 Easy to use you can learn this within a day good steep learning curve to help students learn things they discussion for science ; Availability by the internet and estimation ; This can be applicable for the classroom for teach to show videos tutorials when teaching science, the lessons, the activities, and the use of the games and quizzes for students and can be embed to class discussion www. Beach. Com/Matheson ; This is a resource that teaches math, with printable worksheets, interactive, and fun activities from addition to algebra. By the use of practice of these things. ; Videos and written tutorials ; Math Drills ; Math Tools ; Aligned with the Common Core South Carolina Math ; You will never run out of raciest , there are plenty of practices ; Create own templates ; Create problems ; Trying to meet the needs of a global audience ; The program has free websites and there are memberships that you can purchase for individuals, groups, schools, and etc. It is easy to use it will take a few days to learn from this and you will excel because this program offers great math drills and practices for you to progress. ; Available through the internet and registration ; This is applicable to work on in the classroom for math drills and practices.