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A Report on the Technology Uses in Hr - Essay Example

Tasmania Aziza Course Instructor Human Resource Management (HARM-201) Institute of Business Administration Gangrening university Subject: Submission of the report Madam, It is our pleasure to submit the report on “The Technology uses in HER” that you asked us to prepare as part of the Human Resource Management Course (HARMER) requirement. The general purpose of the report Is to determine the uses of technology in HARM. Through extensive research we have tried to cover the areas where technology is used in HER. We are pleased to be granted this vital opportunity and grateful for your versatile assistance.

Tracking information concerning an applicant’s or an employee’s qualifications and demographics, recruitment, professional development, performance evaluation, payroll, retention, and attrition are essential for success at the HER functional level. The development of technologies has enabled organizations to facilitate performing its tasks and obtain a better market advantage by simplifying handling and integrating different organizational processes and revealing alternative options for conducting business. Among these advances in technology is the use of information systems in different departments of organizations.

One of the major information systems in any large organization and medium organizations is HEIR. To increase the effectiveness of HARM, organizations are becoming more and more dependent on HEIR. At the functional level, HEIR can keep track of employees’, applicants’, and contingent workers’ qualifications, demographics, performance evaluation, professional development, payroll, recruitment, and retention. Besides HEIR, there is also E-HARM which is the application of information technology for both networking and supporting at least two individual or collective actors in their shared performing of HER activities.

E-HARM is not the same as HEIR which refers to CIT systems used within HER departments. E-HARM is in essence the devolution of HER functions to management and employees. As a consequence of the advancement of information technologies and velveteen of e-HER, organizations have become more competitive by reducing costs and improving productivity, quality and profitability in HARM area. Page | 5 1. 0 Introduction: 1. 1 About the Topic The success of dynamic banking institution depends largely on the quality of services accomplishment of Human Resource Division of the bank on the quality of both executive and officers.

The goals and objectives of a banking organization will be attained if all the functional departments are able to meet their individual goals and objectives. In this regard, managers of other functional departments are heavily depending on HER related information of their own employees. They have to ensure whether their employees are performing in a way keeping alignment with the organizational goals and objectives. For the blessing of technological advancement HER professional are leveraging technology to get HER related information in an accurate and efficient way.

Using technology, HER departments have installed various HEIR system depending on the needs of the organization. Earlier, HER department was the only custodian of all sorts of HER related data and information. Other functional managers used to get the HER related information through a time consuming and cumbersome process. But now-days, modern technologies are being used in HEIR to disseminate customize information to the managers in an efficient way. E-HER is another outcome of using technology in HER department. Using E-HER; organization is shortening their recruitment cycle to a great extent.

Electronic databases and various web based technologies have made HER accessible to the managers and employees. No doubt, HER technology is now a competitive edge for every organization. 1. 2 Objective of the report: The main objective of the report is to analyze the HER technology used in the banking industry in Bangladesh. Banks are using various technologies in their HER activities. As technologies uses directly affects the performance of the organization, another objective of the report is to determine how effective the technology uses are.