Free Sample: A study of current technology utilised within Luxury hotels paper example for writing essay

A study of current technology utilised within Luxury hotels - Essay Example

Intranet, email marketing, websites with booking functionality, e- procurement, and online platforms. The core applications installed in most major hotels is MS and cost and accounting systems, which handle front- and back-office operations. The Internet user is increase day by day, most travel arrangements have been recently created on the online to speed up the process. Therefore, many hotels have look upon the internet as a new, fast and efficient marketing environment. O’Connor and Free (2004) propose that one of mall advantages of the online booking system for hotels is the cost reduction.

As hotels use the Internet to sell and advertise their rooms and products, they are unable to enhance their electronic strategies on a cheaper distribution system (O’Connor and Free, 2004). Although that lot benefit of online marketing, hotels are still facing with extensive challenge due to the emergence of huge online travel agents and namely intermediaries (O’Connor and Murphy, 2004). Despite the benefits of online marketing, hotels are still facing with substantial challenge In terms of electronic distribution due to the emergence of huge online travel agents, namely intermediaries (O’Connor and Murphy, 2004).

As the one-stop portal web site with providing widespread useful information and discount rates for travel products, they have been attracting customers to visit and arches the products on their web sites (Morison and Gone, 2008). Carroll and Jigsaw (2003) stated that selling large volume of hotel rooms on Tots’ web sites draw hotels Into a “disadvantageous position” In the travel market. Morison and Gone, to avoid “disadvantageous position”. The purpose of this research is to critical evaluation of technology and it impact on luxury hotel.

This paper will give an advice on what perception of the hotelier and customer base on the front office technology and online booking system in luxury hotel. Recommendation for the hotel employers ill be fully given on how to fully realism and use the technology for future. Methodology Secondary date will be collected for understanding the hotelier and customer perception of the front office technology and online booking system. It to give an overview of the current situation regarding the technology and it impact from existing literature on the topic.

The secondary date will be found on the library and e-library and Journal article found using emerald and hospitality and tourism database. Quantitative and qualitative methods are chosen for positive research and primary research. The quantitative and qualitative are based in the belief that there facts which can be gathered the information and that large numbers and repetition guarantee the reliability of such facts. (Whisker, 2009) The questionnaires SPAS tests will be carried out to identify the hotel employee sample and customer sample.

Interviewed will be carried out to find point of view of the hotel manager in luxury hotel. The interviews will be recorded and be semi- structured. The interview will be take place in at a previously time and location. The survey and the interview will take place in Manchester. Time Frame week 18 w/c 2nd December 2013 Literature review Read all the Journal and book, find information to complete the literature review before continue next chapter. Submit draft of the literature review for review and feedback and to provide the basis for designing the data collection research instrument.

Prepare and done all the question and interview question base on the aim and objective. Submit draft of data collection research instrument e. G. Questionnaire and interview questions to supervisor for review and feedback. Week 24 w/c 13th January 2014 Methodology and Questions Confirm the question and write down the methodology. Submit draft of methodology and questions for review and feedback. Week 27 w/c 3rd February 2014 Data Collection Date, time and location are fixed. All data collection should be completed by the end of this week.