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Advancement in Technology - Essay Example

The Dangers of internet have been exaggerated Most people of conscience, Is morally confounded by the technology that links Instant, anonymous exchange of uncensored text and Images. Anyone In this virtual metropolis can put anything online, and once It Is there anyone can access It. Like any metropolis, the web has neighborhoods, some safer and some horrific. In today’s world these horrific dangers have been exaggerated other than taking precautions and necessary steps to minimize them.

Some of the exaggerated dangers are the diction to internet, freedom of expressing opinions and questions, and most importantly socializing. One of the exaggerated dangers is the addiction to internet. People have come up with different reasons how internet has involved with the family bondage. The amount of time spent on surfing web is high. Although people argue that humans have addicted to the internet I don’t agree with the situation. It Is the problem Involved the people spent with the families that affect this problem.

Both for adults and children, the most statistically significant risk factor for Internet SE Is weak familial connections. Anything people do to strengthen marriages from spending more time together as husbands and wives, to taking courses In the practice and philosophy of marriage makes us less vulnerable to the Internet. Anything we do to strengthen our relationships with our children from spending more one-on-one time with them, to taking courses in the practice and philosophy of parenting makes them less vulnerable to the Internet.

The children most vulnerable to the Internet ‘s magnetic pull are “from families where nobody is at home to relate o after school when they arrive home from school, being there to send them off again in the morning, and spending quality time with them in between all constitute inoculations against the Internet. Secondly people exaggerate the idea of the freedom of expressing opinions and questionings.

People shout out and say that the world wide web has given the limitless freedom to people to express Ideas on different matter more openly and question on them even though people say that the people use this freedom and it affect peoples’ lives I think it there are so many recitations taken to stop unsafe access on internet. Because of its perceived anonymity, the world of the web offers adults and children alike a place to say and ask what they feel they cannot say and ask in the real world.

The less people feel they can discuss with their teachers and parents, the more likely they are to turn to the Internet for discussion and information. Especially children and adult students ask their questions regarding sexual matters and theological issues. We have to realize that today almost all children and many adults have questions on these topics. If they do not get the opportunity to learn those topics they might take wrong decisions due to lack of awareness. Lastly the colonization has been a much more exaggerated idea that has given out In present day.

People say that these social networks over the Internet has given people the access to get to know more people and has caused In crimes and misleading. Although people argue that social network as a great threat The playground and after-school free play are not only the perfect venues for teaching less popular children how to make friends, share, and lose with a smile; We an teach our children about the cyber-street and about the hucksters and criminals who live there.

This could lessen the Internet’s attractiveness as a forum for meeting criminals and crime activity. An even more significant step in reducing our children’s vulnerability would be to teach children and students to value personal refinement and integrity at least as much as they value physical appearance or money. Even though the dangers of internet are exaggerated in today’s society the harmful effects of the internet could be minimized and use effectively if as human we take the accessibility of our roles.

The challenges and threats posed by the Internet leaves us no option but to strengthen family ties and teacher-student relationships; to stress in our educational approach and behavior the essential greatness of being human Parents and teachers who recognize these challenges can adjust to modernity and raise a heroic generation. Those who fail to see this hairpin turn in the path towards normalcy could lead their children and students over a disastrous precipice. Sources http://www. FBI. Gob/about-us/investigate/counterintelligence/internet-social- networking-risks