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Advances in medical technology - Essay Example

Advances in medical technology continue to transform the healthcare delivery system. And although the benefits resulting from new technological innovations profoundly enhance our lives, the cost to acquire, provide and maintain the new technologies Increasingly place a strain on the health care system. These rolling costs are an Important reason why the number of uninsured has soared. So what factors influence the growth of new medical technology? One factor Is the demand on citizens for top quality care. In other words consumer demand is a major influence.

Another is hospitals via for newer “top of the line” innovations to entice physicians and patients, bringing in an increase of revenue. This in turn forces the closure of many smaller hospitals that cannot afford these newer products. Geographically,this causes many in rural areas to seek alternate care and are not able to access these newer advances in technology. In comparison to other countries, the United States spends more money on technology than any other country. Many countries wait until the U. S. Develops new technology and then Implement the new technology Into their own system.

As a result of this practice, European and other economies get a free ride on U. S. Biomedical R& D and obtain nearly all of the benefits of U. S. Medical technology at much lower health care costs. If technology development was slowed by a modest amount in the united States, it would likely have serious health consequences globally. ” Patients demand these newer innovative services. And knowing that insurance will cover the cost, many physicians will not hesitate in delivering these services. Ultimately insurance premiums continue to rise and the rate of uninsured citizens as ell.