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Advances in Technology - Essay Example

Acts were implemented technology made it easy for companies to retrieve information such as addresses and phon numbers of consumers for marketing purposes. ANN. (automatic number identification) is a database that identifies and stores a consumers number when he or she dials 900,888 or 800 numbers and matches it with other online numbers associated with the consumer. Another way marketers can retrieve a consumer number is by the Internet.

When a person accept certain terms and agreements in the small print it says that a persons information may be shared with other companies and or that company is not responsible if the consumer is contacted by other companies through passing along the user contact information. In today’s time many fraudulent companies have been able to simply purchase this information or tap into a buyer’s online account as for the cause to contact a consumer to solicit sales. With the Do Not Call and Telephone Consumer

Protection Act legitimate companies only have the right to call consumers that are not on the do not call list. Companies also have strict guidelines that are to be followed or a large fine and lawsuit will be the result of breaking the law. Motto mention that In an event that a phone call is made to a consumer that is on the do not call list, than the company has to provide evidence that it was an error. Therefore this protects citizens from unwanted solicitation as well as fraudulent companies looking to scam unsuspecting buyers Conclusion

Through today’s advance technology companies are able to retrieve Just about anyone records such as purchases, how much spent on certain purchases, addresses and contact Information. Even though the two Acts were put Into place to protect consumers; through technology It allows other avenues of marketing such as email, radio, television and more. As more technology advance the easier It Is to reach out and gain Information for whatever purpose whether marketing, scams, or stalking.