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Advantages of technology - Essay Example

Topic : what are the advantages that technology provides in field on education ? 1-) Financial Aspect a-campus life b-university’s fees 2-)Development of skills a-literacy b-innumeracy In tandem with development of technology the copious differences were observed In people’s life and technology affected a lots fields of humans life. One of these fields is education. There is no doubt that in today’s world technology has an undeniable importance in education. In education, innovations such as correspondent education ND reinforcement of skills such as literacy can be associated with changing technology.

Therefore, it’s possible to claim that technology provides a highly vital advantages especially due to several crucial aspects such as financial and development of skills for students. Initially, correspondent education which emerges from Improvement of technology as a necessity in education positively contributes to budget In terms of financial. The first observable fiscal advantage that Is worth mentioned Is decreasing expenditure In campus life. The expenditures In campus consist of fundamental necessities such as dormitory, transportation and food-beverage.

Total cost of these Is substantial amount of money. Nonetheless, on the contrary, using computer and having Internet are sufficient for correspondent education. Therefore, It provides Inexpensive education for students. To Illustrate, outcome of a survey conducted among various student groups Indicates that more student prefer correspondent education why It’s Inexpensive and beneficial. Another benefit of why correspondent education has a utmost significance In terms of fiscal Is related to university’s fees.

Some students want to receive mall education for their own alms In life such as getting a Job. Having a certificate Is adequate to get a Job. Therefore, they trade-off between correspondence education and high education. Expectedly they prefer correspondent education owing to their own basic alms because annual fees of universities Is very expansive. In conclusion, technology provides a basis for correspondent education and thus It plays a crucial role In personal budget In terms of financial.