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Amish technology - Essay Example

What are difference b/ w Amiss people and Non-Malls people? What are technology did Amiss people used for cultivation? Is Amiss community against to technology? Difference between Amiss People and Non- Amiss. Amiss community and their values honest work, living a simple and trusting In god has shaped the Amiss way of life. They give Importance to the values like humility, equality, simplicity and community. Amiss community is against to technology.

The technologies they have become a crucial part of their identity and they use this link between technology and identity to strength their community. No Amiss community are not against to technology they promote the development of immunity through technologies they believe are directly opposed to their values and choose those they believe will reinforce and strength their values. They believe that social change is tied with technological change.

The Amiss people work together in their community. Amiss control which technologies are to be used when to use, how they are to be used, why they are to be used. The Modern People using the technology and their interaction decrease between the children and parents Technological difference in cultivation Amiss people use the Animal for the cultivation for their farms. They are not against the machines and methods invented in the past but take caution while dealing these technologies.

They are more cautious because they want to preserve their culture. Whereas, the modern people use the machines to culture their farm and also save their time and energy. Orotund Orotund dictate almost every aspect of one’s lifestyle, from dress and hair length to buggy style and farming technique. The Orotund varies from community to community and order-to-order, which explains why you will e some Amiss riding in automobiles, while others don’t even accept the use of battery-powered lights.