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Being a Technology Addictive - Essay Example

Do you usually spend more time in front of a screen or do you spend more time outside admirals nature and appreciating what you have around you? For many of us this question Isn’t hard to answer, because we would say that we spend more time in front of a screen. Now, don’t want to focus a lot on the addiction that you might have with technology: but instead I want to emphasize how people in today’s society take for granted everything that we have around us and put more importance to technology.

We don’t take care of nature or our surroundings, otherwise we wouldn’t e having a global warming and many animals wouldn’t be in danger of extinction. There are many consequences due to our lack of appreciation and care to what we have around us, but as a result the only ones getting affected are us and our future generations. We are causing for our future generations to live in a world based on technology and consumerism, instead of a world full of nature and life.

We will be the ones that will cause for our kids and grandchildren to not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, because by then the world will be worse than It already is. We are gradually destroying our own planet with all the pollution, gases, chemicals and a huge part of those causes Involves technology. The problem Is that instead of controlling and trying to fix those problems caused by us, we put more importance to inventing newer and newer technology products. The worst part of this situation is that many people know about this and have been informed, but they Just don’t do anything about it and decide to ignore the situation.

Besides this, kids in today’s society are growing up not spending time outside in the tauter where they can exercise and be healthier. This is because their parents introduced them to their most favorite and addicting thing which can be called “technology’ or In other words “video games”. According to statistics more than 60% of the kids under 10 years old spend most of their time In front of a screen playing video games. Now my questions are: What do the parents think? Do they think about what they’re doing to their own kids when they buy them the video games? Why can’t they see that they are just taking away a huge interest in nature from their kids and revoking them to exercise less, while causing more bad health consequences for them? If many parents know this why do they still buy their kids the video games? Do they not care about their kids? Video games do not only promote violence, but it also kills brain cells. Although the video games may seem like a fun activity for kids, the consequences of them are not completely what the parents expect to get out of them.

Sadly, many adults can’t see how bad this kind of technology is and continue to buy hem for their kids. The reality about how people are not appreciating or taking care of our world because of the Increasing amount of Interest In technology and Its consequences Is disappointing, but the good part of it is that parents and people can still do products that you are currently using little by little and start spending more time doing something more productive that might also include nature. You can Join a club, such as Green Club, or Just go run in the park.

There are many other ways you can actually let go of all of this technology that you have, but at the end it’s all up to you to decide what the best way is and what works best for you. Another goal should also be to take more care of our environment and nature, so we and our future generations can enjoy more what we have around us without taking it for granted. The smallest contribution to making this a better world can make a huge difference and even more if everyone contributes with their own little part. You Just have to have determination, self motivation and the desire to want to have a better life.