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Chicago GSB application - Essay Example

The experience of working for four years in consulting, and six years in two major national banks, enables me to cope with the most important strategic operational organizing and commercial aspects of sales networking and achieve good managerial results. Now I think it’s the right time to make a move up and improve my technical and managerial abilities as well as relationship and global networking, in order to acquire more complete competences. I am aware of the fact that now I should tackle new challenges.

This is very important in the present market, where changes are very complex and rapid and a continuous updating is necessary. In fact, changes in products and in the processes of manufacturing are essential conditions for companies to survive. From experience we know it is not the biggest enterprises that prevail, but the ones that are most efficient and able to use the most advanced techniques as well as more suitable and updated management.

I have been monitoring E-MBA programmes and I must say that Chicago GBS is the one closest to what I am looking for:- a European campus (it is headquartered in London, the most advanced European city which I appreciate a lot for its international character), – the Nobel tradition of the world famous University of Chicago GBS, – the modernity and future of Asia in Singapore. 1. b. What do you hope to experience and contribute? I believe that such an involving and proving experience as the Chicago GBS E-MBA will surely grow me professionally richer and humanly stronger.

Developing my own abilities by having the opportunity to interact with international business executives of various economic sectors means growing in global professionalism, but moreover it will be useful in developing life experiences and cultural exchanges. With my especially brilliant banking career, I have had the opportunity to put new ideas into practice above all in a period of great M&A movements in the world banking sector, which in the short term may become even better for business opportunities.

As far as my contribution to Chicago’s EMBA is concerned, I believe I can take a rich store of working and personal knowledge as well as my great enthusiasm and a very good aptitude for social relations. In my consulting experience I have carried out a lot of projects concerning different business sectors. It is like changing jobs every 4-6 months within a variety of enterprises. Besides, with me, I bring the experience of the bank, where I am now working, which is one of the most developed in Italy for services and meeting clients’ requirements.

With a brainstorming effort we have been imagining, and then putting into practice, those services the clients can appreciate in their bank branches such as extending working hours at lunch time and Saturdays, and giving particular assistance such as pension, financial, fiscal and real estate consulting, training courses, public certificates, Chamber of Commerce surveys, concerts and sports events tickets, along with information about specialized health treatment centres all over Italy.